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Transcript of Townsend Skinning Principle - Marel · PDF fileTownsend Skinning Principle Ray Townsend...

  • Townsend Skinning PrincipleRay Townsend invented the first pork skinner and his Townsend Skinning Principles in 1946. Ever since, Townsend Skinners have led the industry. All Marel skinning products are still based on the Townsend Skinning Principles which consist of three components: Pressure applied by the shoe and blade clamp; Pulling Power provided by the tooth roll; a Sharp Blade. The three principles work in unison to assure maximum machine performance and yield earning potential.

    Sharp Blade Townsend No-Load Blades are manufactured to resist nicks and cuts and minimize wear. The reduced wear decreases drag and energy demands from both machine and operator.

    Pulling Power Forward motion produced by the tooth roll grabs and pulls product toward and across the blade. The tooth roll and blade must maintain factory set tolerance and work in conjunction with one another.

    Pressure Precise top pressure on the product will allow the shoe to float during skinning and visibly move away from the tooth roll as product advances across the skinning surface.




    MarelThe leading global provider of advanced equipment

    and systems for meat, poultry, and fish industries.

    Marel, Townsend Further Processing, and Stork Poultry Processing - Our brands are among the most respected in the meat, poultry, and fish processing industries. Together we offer the convenience of a single source to meet our customers every need.

    For further information please visit [email protected] 2425 Hubbell Avenue Des Moines, Iowa 50317 USA 2013 Marel Meat Processing Inc.




  • Marel Product Center Skinning

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    Find the Perfect Fit

    Marel has a multitude of Product Centers (PC) which have deep and profound knowledge in product applications. PC Skinning is focused on specific application needs that can be applied to skinning, trimming and injecting in the beef, pork, fish and poultry industries.

    PC Skinning supplies a wide spectrum of Townsend skinning, trimming and injecting machines and technology. Drawing on over 60 years of Townsend technology, PC Skinning can work with you to conquer any challenges and to reach every goal for your processing line. Whether it is increasing your yields through the skinning process with consistent results, reducing costs in your marinating budget, or decreasing your overall expenses by eliminating manual labor on your trimming lines, PC Skinning is ready to work with you.

    Find the perfect fit for your processing line and let the team at PC Skinning help you meet and surpass your goals.

    * If you dont see your specific product, please contact your Marel Sales Representative to learn of all the options and applications our machines have to offer.

    Skinners Trimmers Injectors





    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    SK 1



    AT 2






    IN 3



    IN 3



    Pork X X X X X X X X X X

    Beef X X X X X X X X

    Poultry X X X

    Fish X X

    Conveyorized X X X X X X X X X X X

    Open Top X X X

    Membrane X X X X

    Derinding X X X X X X X X

    Trimming X X X X X X X


    Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional OptionalSupply 100 psi Consumption:

    1.3 cfm

    Supply 100 psi Consumption:

    1.3 cfm


    Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

    No Water Needed. Optional

    Belt Spray Available



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    Open Top SkinnersOur open-top line of skinners offer a variety of machines designed to remove skin and membrane from a wide variety of meat products without the loss of valuable meat.

    Each of our Townsend skinning machines have been designed to perform at optimal levels to give you the highest yields on the market. Although each skinner is specialized, they all work under the same basic principle invented by Ray Townsend in 1946.

    Conveyorized SkinnersOur Townsend conveyorized skinners are designed to remove skin or membrane from products and provide you the best yields on the market.

    Each machine includes an infeed conveyor that carries product to the skinning mechanism. The infeed conveyor also prevents direct contact by the operator with the skinning mechanism for an extra level of safety. An exit conveyor transfers the skinned product onto receiving conveyors or tables for further processing.

    TrimmersOur Townsend trimmers are designed to remove plates of fat and skin from various cuts of meat, individually matching the thickness of the cut to the thickness of the fat cover on the individual piece of meat product.

    These machines have infeed and exit conveyors to automatically transport the meat product to and from the defatting mechanism, allowing the operator to stay free of any parts that could cause personal injury.

    InjectorsTownsend injectors are designed with a variety of features and benefits that continue the Marel reputation of innovation and reliability for food processing solutions. Whether you are injecting bacon or chicken breasts, our line of injectors will optimize the amount of brine injected and increase the brine retention in your products. This is done with our proven pumping system, needle configuration and needle design.

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    Open Top Skinners

    SK 11-312 Derinding SkinnerThe SK 11-312 is an open top derinding machine with a second adjustable blade holder located above the main skinning blade. The second blade allows you to remove skin and separate a fat layer from a product simultaneously.

    The second blade holder is adjustable on both the right and left ends, allowing for precise control of the thickness of the layer of fat that will be removed.

    The SK 11-312 provides consistent high yield and performance due to its durable construction and market leading technology.* Also available in a 700 mm width SK 11-317

    SK 11-320 Membrane SkinnerThe Townsend SK 11-320 is the market leader in removing membrane from pork and beef muscle. Its flexibility allows it to work great on a variety of special products. It can also make poultry and fish skinning quick and easy for high-yield operations.

    Like all Townsend Skinners, the SK 11-320 will increase yields, is ergonomically designed to maximize operator efficiency and productivity and is designed for ease of sanitation.

    The SK 11-320 can be produced with a single or two piece tray, height adjustable base, can work with air, water or both and has an optional discharge chute.* Also available in a 700 mm width SK 11-325

    SK 11-355 Pork Loin SkinnerThe Townsend SK 11-355 is a specialty skinner designed to work primarily on Pork Loins and other round products that need a thick hide removed. The SK 11-355 uses a specifically designed hood to provide the highest skinning yields on the market. The special design also makes this skinner easy to use and ergonomically comfortable for the operator.

    SK 11-350 Derinding SkinnerThe SK 11-350 is an open top skinner that has a wide range of uses. Not only does it remove heavy skin but it works great in removing fat, membrane and fat, heavy membrane, ligament or tendons in beef and can also be used on large scaled fish. It is designed to increase yield and work on an assortment of specialty products with heavy skin. Its durable design significantly reduces downtime for maintenance and is considerably easier to clean than other machines.

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    Product/Machine Tooth Roll Tray Cleaner Throughput


    SK 11-320

    Tenders 72, 84 Standard Air 150-250/hr

    Veal Membrane 72, 84 Standard Air 180-200/hr

    Teras Major 64, 72 Standard Air 300-400/hr

    Flat Iron 48, 64 Standard Air 300-400/hr

    Loin Tail 48, 64 Standard Air 180-200/hr

    Loin Flap 48, 64 Standard Air 180-200/hr

    Eye of Round 48, 64 Standard Air 300-400/hr

    Beef Liver 64, 72 Standard Water 180-300/hr

    Beef Tongue 64, 48 Multi Standard Water 250-300/hr

    SK 11-350

    Skirts 36X, 48X, 64X Standard Stripper 150-250/hr

    Top 36X, 48X Standard Stripper 180/hr

    Bottom Round 36X, 48X Standard Stripper 180/hr

    Mock Tenders 36X, 48X Standard Stripper 180/hr


    SK 11-320

    Pork Loins 64, 48X Standard Air 180/hr

    Ham Membrane 4D 64, 72, 84 Standard Air 300-400/hr

    Tripe 64 Standard Water 100-150/hr

    SK 11-350

    Bone-in Shoulders 36, 36X, 48X Hi-Low Stripper 300-400/hr

    Ham Shank 36, 36X, 48X Low or Hi-Low Stripper 400-500/hr

    Picnics 36, 36X, 48X TR Deflactor Stripper 400-500/hr

    Bone-in Hams (Step#2 Danish Method) 36X Low Stripper 300-400/hr

    Ham-Collar Line 36X Standard Helix 500-600/hr

    SK 11-312

    Boneless Loins 36X Curved Stripper 300-400/hr

    Bone-in Legs/Hams 36X Low Stripper 300-400/hr

    Bone-in Hams 36X Low Stripper 300-400/hr

    Schincken Speck 36X Curved Stripper 300-400/hr

    SK 11-355

    Bone-in Loins 36X Curved Stripper 300-400/hr


    SK 11-320

    Flounder, Cod Skate Wings, Sole, Catfish, Tilapia

    64, 72 Fish Water 500-600/hr

    Squid 72 Fish Water 500-600/hr

    SK 11-350

    Salmon, Tuna 48X, 64X Fish Water 150-250/hr


    SK 11-320

    Horse Meat, Ostrich 48, 64 Standard Air 100-500/hrdepending on product

    Venison 64 Standard Air 100-150/hr

    SK 11-350

    Horse Neck/Loins 48X Standard Stripper 100