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  • Topics of the DayHuman Capital Index (HCI) releasedFirst Global CEO of AmwayGlobal Hunger Index 2018CEO of AirAsia IndiaInternational Day of Girl Child

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    Question of the DayWhich Article of Indian Constitution provides for appointment of adjudges in the Supreme Court?(a) 126(b) 127(c) 128(d) 129

    भारतीय सं�वधान का कौन सा अनुच्छेद सव�च्च न्यायालय म� अनौपचा�रकन्यायाधीश� क� �नयुिक्त से सम्बं�धत है?(a) 126(b) 127(c) 128(d) 129

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    The Swaran Singh Committee recommended (a) Constitution of State-Level Election Commission(b) Panchayati-Raj reforms(c) Inclusion of Fundamental Duties in the Indian Constitution(d) Interlinking of Himalayan and peninsular rivers

    स्वरन �सहं स�म�त ने �सफा�रश क�:(a) राज्य स्तर�य चुनाव आयोग� का गठन(b) पंचायती-राज सुधार(c) भारतीय सं�वधान म� मौ�लक कतर्व्य� को शा�मल करना(d) �हमालय और प्रायद्वीपीय न�दय� का अतंः�क्रया

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    1. Who was recently appointed as the first global CEO of Amway?(a) Risabh Pant(b) Tushar Mehta(c) Indra Nooyi(d) Milind Pant

    1. हाल ह� म�, �कन्ह� ऍमवे का पहला ग्लोबल मुख्य कायर्कार�अ�धकार� �नयुक्त �कया गया?(a) �रसभ पन्त(b) तुषार मेहता(c) इंद्रा नूई(d) �म�लदं पन्त

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    Direct selling company Amwaywas co-founded by Van Andel,who has served as AmwayChairman since 1995, and DougDeVos, who has served asAmway’s president since 2002.Amway was founded in 1959.Pant joins Amway which has arevenue of $8.6 billion from Yum!Brands where he was recentlypresident of Pizza HutInternational.

  • 2. Who was recently appointed as CEO and MD of AirAsia India?(a) Sunil Bhaskaran(b) S Ramadorai(c) Mittu Chandilya(d) Tony Fernandes

    2. हाल ह� म�, �कन्ह� एयरए�शया इं�डया का CEO और MD �नयुक्त�कया गया?(a) सुनील भास्करन(b) एस रामादोरई(c) �मट्टू चं�दल्या(d) टोनी फेरनंडसे

  • AirAsia India is an Indian low costcarrier headquartered in Bangalore,India.The airline is a joint venture withAirAsia Berhad holding 49% stake inthe airline, Tata Sons holding 49%, RVenkataramanan holding 1.50%,and S Ramodarai holding 0.50%.Air Asia India commencedoperations on 12 June 2014.It is the 4th largest low-cost carrierin India, after IndiGo, GoAir, andSpiceJet, with a market share of3.3%.Sunil Bhaskaran is presently servingas Vice President, CorporateServices, Tata Consultancy Services.

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    3. What is the rank of India in recently released Human CapitalIndex (HCI)?(a) 116(b) 117(c) 113(d) 115

    3. भारत का, हाल ह� म� प्रका�शत, ‘मानव पूंजी सूचकांक’ म� क्यार�क ह�?(a) 116(b) 117(c) 113(d) 115

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    World Bank’s first Human Capital Index (HCI) was released on October 11,2018.The HCI was released as part of Human Capital Project (HCP) mentionedin World Development Report 2019.The WDR 2019’s theme is “The Changing Nature of Work”.Key Highlights

    • It ranks 157 countries in terms of human capital, viz., education, health and childmortality (बाल मतृ्यु दर).

    • It seeks to measure the amount of human capital that a child born today canexpect to attain by age 18.

    • In the index, India has been placed at 115th, lower than Nepal, Sri Lanka,Myanmar and Bangladesh.

    • The value of HCI of India is 0.44.• Singapore has topped the index and is followed by South Korea, Japan, Hong

    Kong and Finland.• For 56% of the world’s population the HCI is at or below 0.50; and for 92% it is at

    or below 0.75

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    Three Components of HCI• Survival: As measured by under-5

    mortality rates• Expected years of Quality-

    Adjusted School: As measured byharmonizing test scores from majorinternational student achievementtesting programs and quantity fromnumber of years of school that achild can expect to obtain by age 18given the prevailing pattern ofenrolment rates across grades inrespective countries)

    • Health environment using twoproxies of (a) adult survival ratesand (b) the rate of stunting forchildren under age 5.

    Human Capital Index Human Development Index

    Published by World Bank Published by UNDP

    Excludes per capita income Includes, per capita income

    Excludes average year schooling asmeasure of education. Instead usesexpected years Quality-AdjustedSchooling.

    Includes Average Years of Schooling asmeasure of education

    Uses survival rates and stunting rateas measure of health

    Uses life expectancy as measure ofhealth

    Far less representative of humancapital development

    More representative of human capitaldevelopment

  • 4. What is theme of International Day of Girl Child 2018?(a) Ending Child Marriage(b) Women, Work and Web(c) With Her: A Skilled Girl Force(d) Ending Sexual Violence

    अतंरार्ष्ट्र�य बा�लका �दवस 2018 का �वषय क्या है?(a) बाल �ववाह समाप्त करना(b) म�हलाएं, कायर् और वेब(c) उसके साथ: एक कुशल लड़क� बल(d) यौन �हसंा समाप्त करना

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    5. For employment generation in which sector, the Centre has recently approved a special package?(a) Footwear and Leather(b) Handicrafts Only(c) Footwear Only(d) Leather and Handicrafts

    5. �कस �ेत्र म� रोजगार उत्पादन के �लए, क� द्र ने हाल ह� म� एक �वशषे पैकेज को मंजरू� द� है?(a) जतूे और चमड़ा(b) हस्त�शल्प(c) जतूे(d) चमड़ा और हस्त�शल्प

  • The Central Government approved a special package foremployment generation in leather and footwear sector.As part of it

    • Four projects worth over 105 crore rupees to promote leather industry inTamil Nadu.

    • The projects under the Central Sector Scheme - Indian Footwear, Leatherand Accessories Development Programme (IFLADP).

    • An amount of 2600 crore rupees for 2017-20 has been earmarked forIFLADP project.

    • In-principal approval also given to mega leather cluster at Bantala in WestBengal.

    Statistical Outlook• India second largest producer of footwear• Fifth largest exporter of leather goods and accessories• Accounts for 9% of world’s footwear production and 12.93% of world’s

    leather production

  • 6. Name the Ganga activist who died recently after a fast of 112days.(a) Swami Gyan Swaroop Sanand(b) Saurav Kumar(c) Acharya Jeetendra(d) Smt Rama Rauta

    6. उस गंगा कायर्कतार् का नाम बताएं िजनका हाल ह� म� 112 �दन�के उपवास के बाद �नधन हो गया।(a) स्वामी �ान स्वरुप सानंद(b) सौरव कुमार(c) आचायर् जीतेन्द्र(d) श्रीमती रमा राउता

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    1985: Phase 1 of Ganga Action Plan1993: Phase 2 of Ganga Action Plan2009: National Ganga River Basin AuthoritySept 2014: Clean Ganga FundJune 2016: Namami Gange Program (Budget: Rs 20000 crore over 5years)October 2016: National Mission for Clean Ganga

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    7. Which country’s government recently decided to end capitalpunishment?(a) Thailand(b) Pakistan(c) Malaysia(d) Myanmar

    7. �कस देश क� सरकार ने हाल ह� म� मौत क� सजा समाप्तकरने का फैसला �कया?(a) थाईल�ड(b) पा�कस्तान(c) मले�शया(d) म्यांमार

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    Prime Minister:Mahatir BinMohammedCapital: KualaLumpurCurrency: Ringgit

  • 8. What is the rank of India in Global Hunger Index 2018?(a) 103(b) 104(c) 105(d) 106

    8. ग्लोबल हंगर इंडके्स 2018 म� भारत का र�क क्या है?(a) 103(b) 104(c) 105(d) 106

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    India has been ranked at 103 out of 119 countries in the Global HungerIndex 2018.The hunger levels in the country have been categorised as “serious”.India’s ranking has dropped three places from last year.The 2018 scores reflect data from 2013-2017.21% Indian children are under-weight.Undernourished people dropped from 18.2% in 2000 to 14.8% in 2018.Child mortality rate halved from 9.2% to 4.3%Child stunting dropped from 54.2% to 38.4% over the same period.About the Index

    • Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide publishes the Index. (Until this yearInternational Food Policy Research Institute was also involved).

    • Four Main Indicators: Undernourishment, Child wasting (low weight for height),Child Stunting (low height for age), and Child mortality.

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  • Question of the DayWhich state is known as the ‘All Season State’?(a) Karnataka(b) Uttarakhand(c) Himachal Pradesh(d) Uttar Pradesh

    �कस राज्य को 'ऑल सीजन स्टेट' के नाम से जाना जाता है?(a) कनार्टक(b) उ�राखडं(c) �हमाचल प्रदेश(d) उ�र प्रदेश

  • Which state is called the ‘Pearl of the Orient’?(a) Kerala(b) Goa(c) Tamil Nadu(d) West Bengal

    �कस राज्य को 'ओ�रएंट का पलर्' कहा जाता है?(a) केरल(b) गोवा(c) त�मल नाडु(d) पिश्चम बंगाल

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