Top Fancy Dress Themes To Make Your Party Pop

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Transcript of Top Fancy Dress Themes To Make Your Party Pop

  1. 1. Top Fancy Dress Themes To Make Your Party Pop
  2. 2. Pirate Everyone should dress up in their best pirate attire Decorations should include pirate flags with skulls and crossbones Award a prize for the best looking pirate
  3. 3. Wild West Create invitations in the style of a wanted poster Everyone must wear a cowboy hat or they cant enter! Have a box full of wild west accessories for your guests to choose from
  4. 4. Hollywood Ask everyone to dress up at their favourite movie star (think glam) Hold an award show have statues to give as awards (they dont have to cost loads) Have champagne ready when guests arrive what else do stars drink?
  5. 5. Batman? Thor? Spiderman? Come as your favourite superhero Make it a masked party! Can who you guess who is who? Drinks should be colourful!
  6. 6. 1920s Use The Great Gatsby for inspiration Black and white party? Flapper costumes for women and gangster costumes for men?
  7. 7. Beach Hawaiian shorts are not optional Grass skirts for women (and men!) Decorations can include oversized shells and sand in glass jars
  8. 8. Egyptian Invitations should be written using hieroglyphics Walk like an Egyptian MUST be on the playlist Think gold for costumes golden headpiece, golden belt
  9. 9. Circus You dont want everyone coming as clowns so give guests a list of possible costume ideas Go crazy with the face paint Birthday cake? Use circus animal cake toppers
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