Top 5 Online Degree Programs

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Top 5 Online Degree Programs
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Choose your career in these top 5 online degree Programs

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  • 1. Top 5 Online Degree
  • 2. Top 5 Online Degree Programs Distance learning programs have become popular choices for working professionals desiring to continue their education. Online learning is also a flexible option for high school graduates and young adults. Due to the growing demand for online education, most on-campus universities have incorporated online learning into their curriculum.
  • 3. Business The business field is getting more popularity. Business administration, international studies, economics, management, sales and finance are featured in popular online degree programs.Education Education is a field where you can find a career which is "recession" proof. According to the NCES, education is one of the most famous degree programs in the U.S. Early childhood development, bilingual education and adult education are degree programs with a high online enrollment rate.
  • 4. Computer Science Online degrees in technology, computer science, information systems and IT are offered at the graduate level and undergraduate level. Course offerings in computer science at the bachelors level and masters level are comprised of specialized areas like software engineering, and programming.Health Science According to the NCES, health science is the 4th biggest field of study in the U.S. Some popular online degree programs in health sciences at the bachelors level and masters level include: public health, integrative health, nursing, long-term care and health administration.
  • 5. Culinary Studies The National Restaurant Association predicts that approximately 2 million more jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry will be created in the coming 10 years. Popular subjects at the bachelors level in culinary studies include culinary arts management as well as restaurant management and hospitality.
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