Top 4 Workout programs 2014

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Discover the Top 4 workout methods/programs available in 2014.

Transcript of Top 4 Workout programs 2014

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  • Please Note, the following is not in any specific order, everyone is different and each program may work better for some than others
  • This awesome program by Lee Costa has proven itself time and time again with awesome results in its followers. By using moderately high frequency and high volume, it produces insane muscle and strength gains.
  • Swol headquarters, A highly reputable training and nutrition website helped published this program. Boasting Huge Size gains and decent strength gains, its definitely one of the best in the world right now. method/
  • Westside Barbell, an old school organisation produced one of the best strength programs out there! Crazy strength gains and decent size gains, its a must have. be-method
  • Up there with the cube method, this program was designed so you would rarely stall and build crazy strength. A must do if you are an intermediate trainer. 2nd-edition-ebook-now-for-sale/