Todorov’s narrative theory & How its linked to 21 Jump Street

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  • 2. BACKGROUND INFO OF TODOROV Todorov (March 1, 1939) was born in Sofia, Bulgaria Lived in France since 1963 He is a Franco-Bulgarian historian, philosopher, literary critic, sociologist and essayist Todorov wrote several books and essays about literal theory , thought history and culture theory. He published a total of 21 books Todorovs historical interests have focused on issues such issues as conquest of The Americas and the Nazi and Stalinist concentration camps
  • 3. TODOROVS NARRATIVE THEORY Todorov suggested that conventional narratives are structure in five stages: 1. Equilibrium 2,Disruption of Equilibrium 3. Recognition of Equilibrium 4. An attempt to Repair the Damage 5. New Equilibrium
  • 4. 1. EQUILIBRIUM The movie starts off with the Schmidt and Jenko officially becoming cops. Everyone is happy and everything is normal, how it should be. A disruption hasnt occurred yet in the movie for the first part. So the two main characters are happy, they just finished training and passed. They are enjoying their time.
  • 5. 2. DISRUPTION The second part of the movie will have some sort of problem that will interrupt the happiness. In 21 Jump Street it starts of when the team of two stop a gang on drug dealers.
  • 6. 3. REALISATION In this part of the film, they realise that what they have done has caused them bigger problems. It turns out that the department had to drop the charges against the drug dealers (who are highly dangerous) because they forgot to read them the Miranda rights. The two characters get kicked off the department and get sent to 21Jump Street.
  • 7. 4. ATTEMPT TO RESTORE ORDER In this part of the film, they two characters must go to a high school as undercover cops to find the drug dealers from the core. They must take them down and hand them in order to store peace again. They find the drug dealers and take them down.
  • 8. 5. EQUILIBRIUM AGAIN The drug dealers have been caught and the drugs have been confiscated. The two characters have successfully cracked the mystery and solved it undercover at a high school. They have fixed all the problems and theyre happy again.