Todorov Narrative Theory - Insidious (2011)

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How Todorov's theory is applied to the film Insidious

Transcript of Todorov Narrative Theory - Insidious (2011)

Research of Todorov's Narrative Theory with the film...

Todorov created a Narrative Theory in which an environment in a film starts with a state of equilibrium and moves to a disequilibrium when a problem arises. Once resolved a New Equilibrium is created at the end of the narrative

...Everything is normal

...A problems disrupts the equilibrium (disequilibrium)

...Once resolved a New Equilibrium is established

...Attempt to repair the damage

...Recognises disorder has happened

Insidious (2011), Plot:1. A boy named Dalton falls into a coma after a fall with doctors unable to know what the problem is 2. 3 months later strange things happen in the house with apparitions being seen 3. Ghost hunters are hired to investigate the supernatural events happening 4. Dalton is said to have a demon in his body and entered the spirit world which his Dad enters to save him 5. They both return but Dad turns into the old woman demon/spirit

How does Todorov's Theory link?

Equilibrium The family move into a new house Disruption of Equilibrium Paranormal events start to occur including books falling of the shelf Recognition of Disruption After a mysterious man enters the house the family decide to move house Attempt to Repair Discovering a demon is in the boys body the father enters the 'Further World' to save his son New Equilibrium The pair return