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Trifid Research is an Indian share market advisory firm based in Indore, India. He has proven month after month that buying and selling and investing in the equity market can be profitable, whether market overall is bearish or bullish. Trifid Research facilitates its customer in their wealth creation procedure. It provides recommendations forCurrency- Cash and F&O traded on the National Stock Exchange. It is a group of professionals with expertise in technical and fundamental analysis.

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2. PIVOT TABLECURRENCIES S1 S2 S3 R1 R2 R3USDINR 61.9500 61.8500 61.7500 62.2000 62.3000 62.4000EURINR 78.9000 78.8000 78.7000 79.2000 79.3500 79.5000GBPINR 99.0500 98.9500 98.8500 99.3000 99.4000 99.5000JPYINR 58.5500 58.4000 58.2500 58.8000 58.9000 59.0000TECHNICAL VIEWJPYINRJPYINR on daily charts had shown significant bullish move and is expected to test the key resistance of59.0000 is holds above the level of 58.7800. 3. DISCLAIMERWWW.TRIFIDRESEARCH.COM