To the cloud and back without a space vehicle U3A Photography Mike Hender 3 Jan 2014

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Transcript of To the cloud and back without a space vehicle U3A Photography Mike Hender 3 Jan 2014

To the cloud and back without a space vehicle

To the cloud and back without a space vehicleU3APhotographyMike Hender3 Jan 2014

Download this information NB: 13MB Why Photos in The Cloud?ShareEdit and enhanceKeep devices in synchStoreSupport phones and tabletsBackup and secure

Devices in SynchFor me, the use of The Cloud grew out of a need to access my files anytime, anywhere

Remind me what exactly is the Cloud? But what computers!

CaveatTodays focus is on easy-to-use, consumer servicesGoogle Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive, Apple iCloud and DropboxNot coveredFlickr, SmugMug and semi-pro oriented servicesFacebook, Instagram, . . .

The Cloud How do I use it?100GB500GB16GB

16GB3GB14The Cloud so what is it?100GB500GB16GB

YourB/UpYourDocsYoureBooksYouremails5GB 200GB50GB*2GB1GB10GB100GB* Example sizes1GBYourDiary1GBYourContacts10GBYourMusicYourPhotos

16GB3GB15The Cloud so what is it?100GB500GB16GB

YourB/UpYourDocsYoureBooksYouremails5GB 200GB50GB*2GB1GB10GB100GB* Example sizes1GBYourDiary1GBYourContactsMicrosoftGoogleAppleAmazonDropbox10GBYourMusicYourPhotos

16GB3GBThe Cloud pulls ecosystems together16What use is all this to me?Store and share your photos and videosStore and stream your music and podcastsSend large files to friendsBackup all your valuable stuffPlay multi-user games

What use is all this to me?Subscribe to digital newspapersBorrow, buy and read digital books on any deviceHave all your photos, music and videos available wherever you are on all your gadgetsEnjoy cloud services like iPlayer and Facebook

You can now keep in the CloudAnything that you would previously have kept on your own:PC hard diskVideo recorderDVD playerCD libraryBook shelfAnd this is one of the driving forces boosting Mobile/Phone/Tablet computing Value AddSome of this is simple storage (e.g. Dropbox)Most have a value add service attachedPhotos indexed by who is in them and automatically enhancedYour video camera shake removedYour music catalogued and improvedYour data automatically backed up and encryptedVersion history of your filesAll your books available on any deviceUniversity coursesSocial sharing services (commutes, bikes, etc.)

How I use The CloudAll recent photosBest photos for sharingMy entire photo archivePhotos from iPhone and iPadAll photos backed upDropboxPrimary Storage1Google Drive Calendar Photos2Sky DrivePhoto3 ArchiveiCloudContactsPhotos4AmazonBooks


100GB*45GB*15GB** My storage allowancePhoto Workflow (Replicated)Camera CardOriginals12-18Lightroom(catalogue)Edited01 Kids DropboxDropboxDropboxGoogle DriveArchived01 Kids Sky DriveAfter One YeariCloud

Demo So how safe is my stuff?OffsiteEncryptedSupplier ReputationSupplier HealthMandated passwordsMust be connected to the internet

How do I get it?You probably have some of it already!Facebook, Gmail, Live Mail, Photo Stream, Kindle . . .Start with online Backup e.g. CrashPlanShare your photos with Flickr, Facebook, G+, . . .Try Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive to synch your gadgets

What will I need?Your normal email addressOne of these,, icloud.comgmail.comAn internet linkYour normal browser

How much does it cost?The first 2 to 5GB tend to be freeOffice 365 bundles 20GB in subscriptionGoogle Drive free for Google Docs and emailMy Dropbox ~ 8 per month for 100GB

How difficult is it to use?Not very if you canDrag and Drop files on a PCDownload apps on a PC and/or Tablet/Phone

Apple App StoreWhere can I get more information?Google Drive Drive Dropbox

What will I lose out on if I don't use it?Clearly, this wont cure world hunger or solve global warming (yet)


It does offer some services that can open new horizons and make your life a little easier and more enjoyable particularly if you love to travel while staying in contact with friends and familyDropbox Account Cost

First 2GB is freeDropbox Account Details

Sky Drive

Google Drive

Store and share your photos and videos

I use:Google Picasa to organise my photosGoogle+ to store them in the CloudWeb Albums App to view on tablet

Sky DriveFree 25GB The TimesMicrosoft release Office 365 Home Premium

STOP PRESSGoogle Drive

Free 5GB Dropbox

106/year 100GB iCloud

iTunes Photo Stream Free UnlimitedFree 5GB My costsMicrosoft Sky Drive Free 25GBGoogle Drive Free 5GBiTunes Photo Stream Free UnlimitediCloud Free 5GB Dropbox - 106/year 100GBiTunes Match - 22/yearCarbonite Backup - 30/year Unlimited GB