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  • 1. TO OER or NOT TOOER?That is the question.

2. Benefits of OER Its free! And who doesnt like free. This actually means reduced costs for students which ultimately can mean reduced student debtupon graduation and possibly less loan defaults. 3. Benefits of OER cont. Course materials can be accessed from any place at any time. 4. Benefits of OER cont. Course material is available to instructors and students that would previously onlybeen available to students at elite universities such as MIT or Carnegie Mellon 5. Benefits of OER cont. Provides the opportunity for students to access information outside of what ispresented in the class. 6. Benefits of OER cont. Students can revisit and remediate at anytime to aid in retention of material forfuture courses. 7. Challenges of OER Is the information presented high quality and up to date? 8. Challenges of OER cont. When information is out there, it is out there whether it is correct or not or up todate or not. 9. Challenges of OER cont. Will the funding that is available now be available in the future? 10. Challenges of OER cont. An understanding by faculty of the benefits and a change in attitude aboutintellectual property rights. 11. Challenges of OER cont. The use of OER is a cultural change for both faculty and students. 12. To OER or Not To OER?That is still the question.However, I think the benefits nowand in the future will out weighthe challenges.