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PERIODICAL TEST Subject Name: Transmission Lines and WaveguidesSubject Code

: EC 6503Branch: B.E-ECE


: V

Total Marks

: 100Answer all the questionsPart-A

10 2 = 20 Marks1. What is cavity resonator? Give its applications. 2. Why TE10 wave is called as dominant wave in rectangular wave guide?3. Why TEM wave is not possible in hollow wave guide?4. Why Bessels function of the kind not applicable for the field analysis inside the circular wave guide?

5. Distinguish between waveguide and cavity resonator6. What is the relationship between group velocity and phase velocity?

7. What is excitation of wave guides?8. Compare the transmission line and wave guide

9. Give the cut off frequency and characteristic impedance for TEM waves

10. For a frequency of 6 GHz and plane separation of 3 cm find group velocity and phase velocity for the dominant mode.Part-B

8 10 = 80 Marks

1. Discuss the propagation of TM waves in rectangular wave guide with relavent expressions and diagram for the field components2. Discuss in detail guided waves between parllel planes with neat diagram3. Explain the field components of the TE waves in rectangular cavity resonator with relavent expression?4. Discuss the characteristics of TM waves in circular wave guide5. Explain the realization of quarter wave transformer?6. A rectangular air filled copper wave guide with dimensions 0.9 inch 0.4 inch cross section and 12 inch length is operated at 9.2 GHz with dominant mode . find the cutoff requency, guide wavelength,phase velocity, characteristic impedence and losses.7. A pair of perfectly conducting planes are seperated by 8 cm in air for a frequency of 5000 MHz with TM1 mode excited. Find the following( i) cut off frequency (ii)characteristic impedence (iii) attenuation constant (iv) phase velocity and group velocity (v) wavelength measured along the guided walls (vi) critical angle and angle of incidance.8. Explain the tecnique of single stub and double stub matching in detail