TKT Essentials Routes to excellence. TKT Essentials TKT Essentials course The TKT Essentials course...

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Transcript of TKT Essentials Routes to excellence. TKT Essentials TKT Essentials course The TKT Essentials course...

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TKT Essentials Routes to excellence Slide 2 TKT Essentials TKT Essentials course The TKT Essentials course provides a basic introduction to English language teaching methodology for less experienced and trainee teachers of English. It can be delivered in preparation for the CambridgeESOL Teaching Knowledge Test or as a teacher development course on its own. Slide 3 TKT Essentials What is the TKT? Slide 4 TKT Essentials Test samples Slide 5 TKT Essentials What is TKT Essentials? Slide 6 TKT Essentials The Structure Module 1: Language and background to language learning and teaching Module 2: Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process Slide 7 TKT Essentials The syllabus Covers core EFL theory to take the Teaching Knowledge Test Adds opportunities to put theory into practice Slide 8 TKT Essentials Who is it for? Beginning teachers Experienced teachers Teachers with an interest in professional development Slide 9 TKT Essentials Aims Develop expertise in communicative approaches Develop knowledge of key concepts in ELT Provide opportunities to explore pedagogical issues Provide best practice models of up to date methodology Encourage learner-centred teaching Encourage reflective practice Support teachers taking the test Slide 10 TKT Essentials The materials Slide 11 TKT Essentials Features Clear learning outcomes for each workshop Key concepts and vocabulary Information boxes Internet links where trainers can find out more Flexibility adaptable to different contexts Up-to-date topics Motivating, relevant activities Opportunities to discuss and reflect on teaching experience Slide 12 TKT Essentials Benefits For teachers & teacher trainers For ministries & other institutions Slide 13 TKT Essentials Explore the materials Which level of teachers are the materials appropriate for? How could your teachers benefit from the materials? Could you use the materials exactly as they are? If not, what adaptations would you make? How could TKT Essentials enhance teacher education in your teaching context? Slide 14 TKT Essentials Feedback on the TKT very useful for our teachers very accessible and very practical. It gives us the opportunity to reach and support teachers in parts of the country we have never reached before. Slide 15 TKT Essentials Where to find out more: Your local British Council