Title = Good or Bad Idea? Good or bad idea? Why?

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Day 75 Opening Question. Title = Good or Bad Idea? Good or bad idea? Why? A new tax is passed by Congress that taxes people earning more than 400K a year an extra amount http://espn.go.com/espn/thelife/salary/?athleteId=3708887. Day 77 Opening Question. Title = IR Toon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation

Title = Good or Bad Idea?Good or bad idea? Why?A new tax is passed by Congress that taxes people earning more than 400K a year an extra amounthttp://espn.go.com/espn/thelife/salary/?athleteId=3708887

Day 75OpeningQuestion1

Day 77 Opening QuestionTitle = IR ToonWhat details do you notice in this cartoon? What might be the POV of the creator?

Examine the economic systems of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism and how they work

Day 71-75 Objectives10

CapitalismLiberalismSocialismCommunism1. FourEconomicSystemsfrom theInd Rev11

Socio-Economic Pyramid (taxes) Ven Diagram (Gov intervention) 2 ways to look at 3 ofthe economic systems

FreeMarketGov12 DemocracyDictatorshipb. what gov existsin these systems?


Background1700s during EnlightenmentMore popular in 1800sPioneers? Principles and Beliefs?CapitalismPeaks duringthe Ind Rev14b. How muchcan Gov controlthe Free Market?FreeMarket Gov15 What do we see happening in these models?Which model would the Capitalist like most?SpectrumFree Market & GovFreeMarketGovFreeMarketGovFreeMarketGov16 UnderCapitalism, who controlsthe productionofgoods?


What happens to the pyramid, Bill Gates and the Gas Station Worker?Social Class Pyramid

18 Demand for goods higher than everall classesMaterialistic culture born (?)Corporations createdbuilt with stock-holdersMonopolies (eh) and Trusts formWhat are they?Capitalismboomingduring the IR

19 Charles Darwin writes a book in 1859On the Origin of SpeciesWhat the main message in the book?Natural SelectionSurvival of FittestDarwinism &Economics

20Joseph Schumpeter and Evolutionary Economics (1911)Macro-economic equilibrium exists in the free marketThis equilibrium is constantly being destroyed by innovations made by entrepreneursNew/Strong companies surviveWeak/Outdated companies die

Economists applyDarwinism toEconomics

Origins and background so far?Enemy?Why did it grow during the IR?Economic and Political Liberalism

Liberalism Created by Jeremy Bentham!!!!!!!!!!1748-1832PhilosopherSocial and Political ReformerAbolitionistanti-death penaltyanimal rightsEqual rights for womenphysical punishmentprison reform (panopticon)Utilitarianism

23 laws should be judged by their utilityGreatest Happiness PrincipleLargest amount of pleasure over painGoal of a law = greatest good for the greatest number of peopleSlowly accepted in late 1800s and still used todayUtilitarianism

24 Student of BenthamOn Liberty in 1859The Individual should have as much personal liberty as possibleFreedom of SpeechWomens RightsEqual EducationWould believe in the Flat Tax todayBut Inheritance Tax tooJohn Stuart Mill



What is it (main beliefs)Who is Socialist today? Where does Socialism exist the most today?26

Socialists believe Industrial Capitalism is.Why? Socialism says it is the ideal systemwhy?looks out for everyones well-being (philosophe?)Early SocialistsRobert Owen and Charles FourierSocialism vs CapitalismGoodBad27The Free Marketwhat happens to it?In a Democracy, how does this happen?In a Dictatorship, how does this happen?b. Free Market & Gov?FreeMarket GovLawsForce28Who Controls Production of Goods?

Capitalism? (1)Just OwnershipSocialism? (3)OwnershipUnionsGovIn Socialism, is Government on the side of the Ownership or Workers?


Socialism & the Socio-Economic PyramidSocial Class Pyramidwhat happened to it?Government and laws impact ithowTaxes (progressive)less distance between rich and poor30

Socialism Today?


Socialism in ActionLate 90s, fen-phen was a popular weight-loss drug. The FDA allowed the drug and then people reported having heart problems from the drug. So the FDA forced the drug off the market.Phen-fen is made up of 2 drugsnow Pfizer is remaking the drug with the good half of it, and not the bad half that leads to heart problems

Socialist parties emerge during 1800sWhere is it today?All governments pass some Socialist lawsLiberal LeftAny laws for working class/workersAny laws that hurt business or involve government touching the free marketEnvironmental lawsSocialismsImpact?33

FreeMarketGovFinal QuestionSocialism can be seen on a spectrum. You can have very little Socialism in your country, or you can have complete Socialism, or something in the middle. On a scale of 0-10, where do you think the US Government/Economy currently exist? Also decide where you want the US Government/Economy to be. Try not to pick #5. Explain why you think so on your classs blog page.34

Not-so-happy Storytime

36 Title = Poster AnalysisWhat do you see in this poster that you have learned about alreadythink geometricallyWhat is the opinion expressed in this poster?OpeningQuestion


OriginatorKarl Marx (1818-1883)German atheist banned from academics and journalismhated Capitalismprosperity for fewpoverty for manyCommunism

40 early 1840s Marx meets Friedrich Engels (1820-1895)Their major work (with recipe)Communist Manifesto


A form of Socialism that follows a storyline that includes DRAMATIC, USUALLY VIOLENT CONFLICTRequires aWant to guess the storyline?

Communism is42

FreeMarketHow should the models look?Gov-FM modelSocio-economic pyramid? Gov43Haves (Oppressors)own the means of productioncontrol society and its wealth (PERSIAGM)BourgeoisHave Nots (Oppressed)working class or proletariat

3. History isa storyof Conflict44

A country is Industrialized and CapitalistCapitalism will fail (how) and Marxs system will take over from the chaosPESMarxism is the next step to human progressMarxsVision45

The proletariat unite & overthrow capitalist bourgeoisMarxcalledfor... The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. WORKING MEN OF ALL COUTRIES, UNITE!

Marx calledfor theProletariatto ACT!!47

Dictatorship of the Proletariattake over control of productioncreate classless, communist societycontrol economics and politics of the countryThoughts?

4b. Who Rules?48 In theory, Democracyno political/gov strugglewealth shared by Proletariatno private propertyEquality Sounds like which writer??In reality, DictatorshipDemocracyDictatorship?

or49Communism is an economic system that exists with Dictatorships (examples?)Russian Revolution 1917Stalin and etcChinas Communist revolution 1940sMao ZedongCastro in CubaHugo Chavez in Venezuela?

Historical Impact50 Who likes it?Who dislikes it?

51Thought his theory was on natural laws of humanswas it?What did not happen?no misery of proletariat worldwideso no world revolutionProletariats conditions improved ENOUGH by governments (who became.)workers did not unite over national borders to wage class warfarenationalism was strongermore unity in countryonly local revolutions like USSR, China, Cubafor now?

Marxs Vision was WRONG!52

Communism and MarxismForms of SocialismState Socialism vs Market Socialism (China)Scientific Socialism (Marx and Engels) vs Utopian SocialismReform vs RevolutionAnarchism!!! (No State! Stateless societies instead)Democratic SocialismReligious SocialismEvolutionary SocialismCapitalists vs Socialists vs MarxistsComplicated Spectrum