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IntroductionTitan was set up in July 1984, by Xerxes Desai.A joint venture between the Tata group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development CorporationTitan Watches is Indias largest watch & jewellery manufacturer.Titan is the worlds sixth largest, integrated manufacturer-brand for watches.Over 60% share in the domestic marketMain Watch & Jewellery plants in Hosur near Bangalore.Watch assembly plants at Dehradun, Baddi, and Roorkee.

HistoryIn 1984 the company was incorporated on 26th July at Chennai.

In 1992 an MOU was signed with Casio computer company of Japan to manufacture 2million digital and Ana-digital watches.

In 1992 over 150 models were introduced.

Vision StatementTo be a world class , innovative and progressive organization and to build Indias most desirable brands.Mission Statement

To create wealth for all the stakeholders by building highly successful businesses based on a customer centric approach, and to contribute to the community

Marketing WatchesTitans marketing strategy had five main bases: a product of international quality, Indian designs, competitive prices, intensive advertising and promotion, and specialized retail shops to control the presentation.

Purchasing power of consumers

Market Positioning Of

Product Life CycleIntroductionGrowthMaturityDeclineIntroduction : WWF, Orion, Zoop, Diva, OctaneMaturity: Sonata, Fastrack, DashGrowth: Nebula, Insignia, Raga, Royal, Regalia, Edge etc Decline: Aqura



Are you Aware of brand Titan?

Inference- This can be clearly concluded that Titan has got an extra ordinary awareness level.

Who influences your buying decision most?

Inference- Still family and friends & colleagues play the most dominating role in decision making process.

Which price range would you prefer ?

Inference- 80% of respondents are using watches of price range Rs 1000-5000.SWOT Analysis on titan StrengthStyleModelsExclusive productsOther than these there have few more strength like-Contribution of owned brands and retail. The profit is accounted by being in the retail space which is booming.Watches are available with popular functions like dates, multifunction and chronographic.Guarantee/warrantyWeaknessesPricing of high end productsGlobalization Threat from new entrantOpportunitiesSeasonalityGifting concept Exchanging offer

D. ThreatsCompetitors

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