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  • 04 MCB Boards


    T: 01543 467575 F: 01543 462370 E-Mail sales@protekuk.co.uk www.protekuk.co.uk

    MCBs BSEN 60898 B,C & D Curves 10KA RCDs BSEN 61008 25A to 100A, 10mA to 500mA RCBOs BSEN 61009 10KA 6A to 63A B,C & D Curves

    SpaceSaver RCBO 10KA 6A to 40A B,C & D Curves Isolators BSEN 60947-3 63A to 250A TP or Four Pole

    4 Way TP&N board c/w

    250A incoming kit

    4 Way TP&N Board c/w

    63A MCB incoming kit

  • Connectivity

    Trunking Glanding PlateTrunking Top / Bottom

    80A or 100A MCBMounted either side of Incoming

    isolator or in DIN rail enclosure

    TPKaMbC/D Outgoing kit

    a = No. of poles

    b = Current rating 80/100A

    Contactors, Timers,surge Arresters, Meters & rCds

    Mount either side of incoming isolator

    or in DIN rail enclosure

    dual Metered BoardsFormed by stacking two mcb

    boards one above another and

    using a Protek TPJKIT jointing kit

    The meter pack is then mounted below

    lower board using a PROTEK TPJKIT

    din rail Enclosures


    14 Module


    28 Module

    Single or dual bank enclosure for

    housing contactors, timers,

    surge arrestors or bell transformers

    Meter Packs Pulsed or Modbus


    Cable Boxes


    SB350 or SB400

  • Features Benefits

    ChOICE Of InCOMErs TO COMPLy WITh Bs5486 PArT 12

    And BsEn60439-3

    Isolators 100 to 250A

    RCD 63A to 100A 4 Pole

    Time Delay RCDs

    MCCB 100A to 250A TP

    RCBOs 125A to 250A 4 Pole

    Lugs unit for direct connection

    BOArd OPTIOns

    125A 3 or 4 Pole 4,6,8,12,16 & 24 TP ways

    160A - 250A* 3 or 4 Pole 4,6,8,12,16 & 24 TP ways

    rCd 63, 80 or 100A 4,6,8,12,16 & 24 TP ways

    split Load4/3, 6/5, 8/3, 8/7, 10/5, 12/3, 12/11,

    14/9, 16/7 or 18/5 TP ways

    MCCB* 100A to 250A 4,6,8,12,16 & 24 TP ways

    rCBO* 125A to 250A 4,6,8,12,16 & 24 TP ways

    *Includes Cable extension box











    Powder Coated Epoxy

    finish rAL 2002

    Ideal for both factory and

    office environments

    removable door

    reduces installation time

    Lockable door

    Added security

    fully rated 250A busbars

    125A board can be upgraded

    to a 250A board by simply

    using a 250A incomer kit

    removable blank gland plates

    top and bottom

    Cables can be glanded where

    needed not predetermined by others

    full length Earth & neutral bars

    both sides

    Allows rCBOs to be fitted

    anywhere inside the board

    raised/removable pan assembly

    for ease of installation

    nEW solid sides

    Enables 360 glanding

    Boards fitted with incomers of 160A

    and above come complete with

    a cable extension box

    no extra cost

    Accepts Proteks standard 10KA

    mcbs and single pole rCBOs

    utilising a half busbar system to

    ensure all devices line up thus

    reducing installation time

    spacesaver rCBO

    Increased cabling space

    single Phasing kit for both

    125/250A Options

    Proteks unique Busbar shrouds BLM

    Guarantees all live busbar stubs

    are free from human contact should

    the board be worked upon live

    Proteks 125A Link

    for use on combining boards, as a

    neutral on TP&n boards and also

    allows 80A/100A mcbs to be fitted

    in our boards

    All Proteks products adhere to strict British & European standards.

    Protek insists on only using the very best of the worlds most respected testing Institutions and is certified by the likes of

    sEMKO, BsTs, CE and fIMKO to name but a few.








    T: 01543 467575

    F: 01543 462370E-Mail sales@protekuk.co.uk


    single Phasing kit for both 125/250A Options




    7 7


  • Options

    A Boards 12 or 26 sP ways

    RCD options are available.

    *17th Edition boards made to order


    Meter Packs for threephase boards


    Optional Key Lock


    single or dual bank enclosures

    Suitable for housing contactors, timers,

    surge arrestors or bell transformers

    MA14 or MA28

    residential Consumer units:

    Insulated IP40 & 65,

    Metal - Flush & Surface,

    Garage & Shower Units

    devices:Isolators, MCBs, RCDs,

    RCBOs, MCCBs,

    Surge Arresters,

    Bell Transformers,

    Contactorsand Timers

    fusegear:IP41 - Isolators, Fuse

    Switches & Change-over

    Switches, Busbar


    IP65 - Plastic Isolators

    AC & DC, IP65 - Metal

    Isolators, Fuse switches

    and Change-over Switches

    MCB Boards:Pan Assemblies, A Boards,

    B Boards, Meter Kits,

    Meter Packs, Split Load

    Boards, Isolator, RCD,

    MCCB and RCBO

    incomers, Type 2 Surge

    MCCB PanelBoards:

    Easy Fit Panel Board,

    Standard Boards

    250A to 800A

    Panel Boards, Enclosed

    MCCBs & RCBOs

    solar PV -Energy saving:

    ALECTRA Plug and Play

    Control Units, AC & DC

    Isolators, MID approved

    meters, Solar PV ready

    consumer units, Combined

    garage & MID Meter unit

    IP65 String Combiners

    Metered boardsingle or dual

    For Part L2 of the Building Regulations

    M2-250KWH (P or M) Dual meter

    pack for dual metered boards

    split Load BoardsFormed by stacking two mcb boards

    one above another and interconnecting

    using Proteks SLK124/4 Split Load Kit

    COnTACT Our sALEs

    OffICE fOr dETAILs

    & PrICInG

    Pan Assemblies availablefor panel builders


    Trunking Glading Plates


    Fit to Top or Bottom of three phase

    and singlephase distribution boards

    Various cover plates to suit incoming oroutgoing devices

    Design, Develop and Innovate - we call it - The Art of Circuit Protection

    Protek Electronics LimitedPheonix House, Phoenix Road, Hawks Green, Cannock, Staffordshire, WS11 7LR

    T: 01543 467575 F: 01543 462370 E-Mail sales@protekuk.co.uk www.protekuk.co.uk

    PEL MCB 02.13

    MCB Board

    including meter kit


    Incomer OptionsChoose from 3 or 4 Pole isolators up

    to 250A, RCDs up to100A including

    TD, MCBs up to 125A, MCCBs 3 or

    4 pole up to 250A, RCBOs up to

    250A and Surge Ready Boards

    125A Or 250A

    TP8 & MS3100K

    Incoming Kit