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Like human being every pet has its own kind of nutrition. Every pet have their own taste, and not every pet food available in market is completely nutritious. Pet owner should be very careful while choosing food for their pet. They should make sure that at least minimum requirement is met. The packs labelled holistic, natural and organic may vary depending upon the manufacturer, there is no standard defined for these. It’s wholly the responsibility of the owner to check the formulae and it has all the necessary vitamins. A healthy pet is always happy and makes the owner happy. Chemical free food is most advised for the pets, this may reduce the chance of cancer in pets. Whole grains reduce all the health risk of the pets. There are good as well as bad grains for the pet, the pet owner should be aware of the qualities of the grains. Cat faces the risk of having urinary infection and this does not have any special medication. Most of the pet food may contain preservatives and colorants; this may harm the health of the pet. One complete healthy food does it all; It always keeps the pet healthy.

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  • Tips for Selecting a Pet Food to Help Prevent Health Issues
  • Whole Foods May Reduce Health Risks in Pets .Avoid the highly processed food .pet diets that contain fruits and vegetables can be protective to health .foods are thought to help in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and some cancers
  • Chemical-free Foods Recommended to Help Prevent Cancer in Pets pet food contains vitamins and minerals
  • Urinary Health in Cats May Not Require Special Food .Urinary problems can be common in cats .pet foods have much higher moisture content, usually 75%-78%, than dry foods which contain only around 10-12% moisture
  • One Healthy Pet Food Can Do it All selecting a pet food that provides optimal nutrition overall may be the best way to prevent health problems in your pet.
  • Not all meat is created equal dog food should be meat, the main protein source of your dogs diet.
  • Good and bad grains Grains are commonly used in pet foods some grains are more suitable and valuable
  • Preservatives and colorants Any store-bought pet food will by necessity contain some preservatives, to provide it with a long enough shelf life to be viable
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