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College is all about -- learning new subjects and preparing for a career and lifelong learning, but also having fun as you transition into adulthood and discover who you really are and what you want from life.

Transcript of Tips for new students at IEC

  • 1. Tips for New Students
    IEC Group of Institutions
  • 2. Overview
    Being new to campus can be overwhelming. But let us assure you that this place will feel like home before you know it! Yes, IEC students study and work hard, but they also get involved in campus activities, find time to have fun and make friends that will last for a lifetime!
    We hope these tips will be helpful for you! It is up to you to assess your choices and make decisions that are right for you. IEC offers tons of opportunities for you to become involved on campus, both in and out off the classroom, which are exciting and designed to enhance your time at IEC.
  • 3. Give yourself time to settle in
    Give yourself time to settle in and find your feet. Don't feel like you have to hit the ground running and be able to manage everything perfectly right from the very first moment.
  • 4. Academics are your priority!
    You have the opportunity to learn from and study with some of the greatest minds in the world. The academic opportunities at IEC are amazing!! Make sure you take advantage of these opportunities. Talk with your academic advisors, professors, and of course other students - about what you can do to become involved in research and other academic opportunities at IEC.
  • 5. Academics are your priority!
    • Turn up to classes
    • 6. Unlike high school, no one will follow you up if you don't go to class. However, it is easy to fall behind quickly if you're not attending lectures, and your grades may be affected. Some courses have compulsory attendance requirements, or a participation component to the final grade. Even if you are not feeling great, just being in a lecture and listening is a good idea.
    • 7. Keep up
    • 8. Lecturers pack a lot of information into a semester-long course. It's easy to get behind quickly. Keeping up with weekly readings, problem sheets or computer labs will help keep your study load manageable. BUT even if you haven't completed all of the readings for a lecture or a tutorial, go along anyway. You'll pick up more information than if you stay away.