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Get the tips to make your wedding the best one among all.

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2. Use New Camera solely used for Wedding. Do proper settings of light and background. Look towards the events that to be capture. 3. Hire Reputable professional Photographer. Dont disturb the photographer if taking posed portraits of the bride or the groom. While taking pictures in the church sit in an aisle seat 4. Look of the bride should be very attractive.Schedule The Party Earlier.Transition the ceremony with Guests.Set up of bride and groom face to face. 5. Different light gives unique look. Arrange the Party in day time to give a chance to your photographer a fighting chance to get some great portraits.Dont use flash in day time. 6. Dont wait up to the last night to take snap with grandparents and family members. Instead of taking individual shots with every family member better to take a family photo with everyone in it. Trust your Photographer to keep you in schedule. 7. 8. Marriage catering party should be known to you. To make the marriage livelier offer great menu of dishes to nourish taste. Provide premium quality foods, drinks and other items. 9. Rajack Smith