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Municipalities use TIGG’s water treatment equipment all across the United States and Canada. Our experts work with consulting firms, engineers and local water authorities to design and manufacture integrated adsorption systems for the removal of drinking water contaminates such as disinfection byproducts, metals, organics and solids through the use of granular activated carbon, sand, multi-media, and resins. TIGG’s activated carbon adsorption and filtration equipment allows municipal water providers to ensure their customers' drinking water meets or exceeds EPA regulatory guidelines. TIGG can custom design an integrated filtration system to meet your municipal drinking water treatment needs or you can shop our standard municipal drinking water filtration systems:

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  • 1. Municipal Drinking Water Systems & Applications

2. 1977 2014 TIGG TIMELINE Established in 1977 by Don Tigglebeck in Pennsylvania 1981 TIGG introduced the first upflow and radial flow, vapor & liquid phase activated carbon adsorbers 1982-1986 continued to enlarge product line for higher flows, first plant expansion in Heber Springs, Ark., from 1,200 to 15,000 square feet 1999 TIGG was acquired by Georgiana Riley. At the time, she held the position of president and possessed a great insight on how to move the company forward. TIGG became a woman-owned, small business enterprise and the company has obtained WBENC Certification In 2007, added cutting-edge metal fabrication technology including three-axis CNC plasma cutting table, new rolls, and sub-arc welding MACHINE with manipulator In 2009, TIGG Corporation acquired a new 155,000 square foot manufacturing plant situated on 40 acres in Heber Springs, Ark. Purifying Water & Air For More Than 35 Years 3. Municipal Water Applications Drinking Water Treatment Multi-Media Filters Media Supply and Exchanges Hydropneumatic Tanks Industrial Process Applications Vapor Emission Control Industrial Water Filtration Odor Removal Environmental Remediation Applications Groundwater Treatment MGP Remediation PCB Removal Stormwater Treatment 4. TIGG Corporation Headquarters - Oakdale, PA Administration, Sales and Marketing, Engineering 85,000 sq ft warehouse and corporate offices. Equipment assembly shop Stock various activated carbons and other filtration media Also stock new equipment, systems and rental equipment 5. Manufacturing Plant - Heber Springs, AR 155,000 sq. ft facility on 40 acres Fabricate steel tanks and pressure vessels Blasting, lining and painting Assembly pipe modules, Integration of other unit processes to provide complete systems 6. Manufacturing Facility Video Manufacturing Capabilities Video 7. Plasma CutterPlasma Cutter Steel RollerSteel Roller Sub-Arc WelderSub-Arc Welder Quality ControlQuality Control PaintingPainting Steel Tank & Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Process BlastingBlasting 8. UT ScanUT Scan Dye PenetrantDye Penetrant Weld TestWeld Test Spark TestSpark Test Testex TapeTestex Tape Steel Tank & Pressure Vessel Quality Control Measures PosiTectorPosiTector 9. Stainless Steel Vessel Internals 10. Interconnecting Piping Standard Pipe Rack Designs -10 and 12 valve systems allows for: -Backwashing -Lead/Lag Operation -Eliminates cross-over piping for a lower over-all system profile Custom Pipe Racks 12-Valve System12-Valve System 10-Valve System10-Valve System 11. From Design Concept to Installation Technical Capabilities 3-D AutoCAD Drawing System Installed On-Site Predictive modeling for all vapor and liquid phase applications. Viability of activated carbon Carbon usage rates Drafting, design engineering, process engineering and project management Design and build tanks, pressure vessels and complete treatment systems 12. Standard 10 & 12 Design Specifications 13. Disinfection Byproduct Removal San Antonio, TX 14. Iron & Manganese Removal Bogalusa, LA 15. Multi-Media Filters Fox River, WI 16. Brackish Water Purification Bainbridge Island, WA 17. Wastewater Recycling - Honolulu, HI 18. Other Types of TIGG Tanks Emergency Water StorageEmergency Water Storage Hydropneumatic Surge TankHydropneumatic Surge Tank Tri-CompartmentTri-Compartment Filtration TankFiltration Tank Air ReceiverAir Receiver 19. Spent Carbon Removal from a dished bottom vessel 1. A trailer connects its hose to the vessels carbon discharge line 2. The carbon vessel is pressurized to 15 psi by the trucks blower or supplied compressor 3. The discharge valve is opened, causing the spent media to slurry out as a single plug into the truck. 4. After the truck drains re-pressurize the carbon vessel again then rapidly open and close the back wash valve with the carbon discharge valve open. 5. The opening and closing the backwash valve five times ensuring a clean tank. These two pictures show the clean tank internals of the vessels in the top picture after the TIGG technique was used to slurry out the spent activated carbon. Tank InternalsTank Internals 20. Questions? Mike Bickel 724-703-3020 X117 mbickel@tigg.com