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Transcript of Tiga Cara Belajar Manusia

Man was created different from the character, nature, and also every human physique is different, it also affects the way humans learn.

actually learn how it varied, but largely it is classified in 3 ways,na mely:

1.How to learn visual How many in this study do for children who have visual skills,because this way is to rely on senses of sight (eyes). Visual way of learning is usually more easily and quickly understand the view to see or read on their own.

Sometimes we are hard at capturing time in explain someth ing, butwe will understand after reading or seeing its own. As a student,how this learning takes ketenagan so easy to concentrate.

2. How to learn auditory Howto learn that both the auditory lear ning mode or way of learning that gave priority to the senses of hearing. if we prefer to learn by listening to music and this is how we can understand whatwe learn then we are including children with auditory le arning.

Usually by listening to something directly can understan d the contents of what is heard. We who have this skill will definitelyhappy with the memorize what music could eve n be somethingdindengarnya. When you have these skills would like a discussionor listen to stories.

3. Kinesthetic learning styles The third way of learning is kinesthetic learning, lear ning this waymuch is done for children who can not learn to calm or quiet.Kinesthetic learning mode i n the props need to understand something.

Usually the kids who like to kinesthetic learning styles will tend to bemore like an experiment than just reading or knowing it.

What do you think? Which way to suit your way? if you do not haveto learn the right way, perhaps l earning mode above you can try.

Good luck ...!!! and hopefully useful!