TIDE Analytics - Scaling customer observation

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How does TIDE benefit a busy retailer or business owner ?

Transcript of TIDE Analytics - Scaling customer observation

  • tideanalytics.com
  • TIDE Analytics provides user friendly data, analysis and insights by collecting foot trafcs data for retails and malls in real time.
  • Why do you need TIDE Analytics? (Scenario 1)
  • and they are usually in shopping malls. Mark (40 years old) is the owner of a chain of Chinese restaurants. He has a total of ! 8 restaurants now
  • Mark is always busy. Traveling between all his restaurants every day while planning the future of his business.
  • Marks business is doing ne but he feels his restaurants could do a whole lot better if he knew how many daily passersby there are so he could maximize customer conversion.Gotta catch em all!
  • So Mark started to analyse the transaction data but it wasnt enough. There wasnt a record indicating how many passersby, how long his customers stayed and when they stayed longer. He also couldnt get much information about his customers behaviour as he is not always at the restaurants.
  • Then he searched for and tried several methods: CCTVAssigning a person to do headcounts (costly & trend shifts) Use door counters (inaccurate & only indoors) (Too expensive)
  • He was frustrated and continued searching online. He found TIDE Analytics and decided to give it a try since it was quite ! affordable and easy to understand.
  • After a month of using TIDE Analytics: he can see ! how many customers he has, ! how many passersby at each store, exactly what time customers enter, the duration of their stay, ! and how many loyal returning customers he has. Also, it all updates in real time! Customers Passersby Returning ! Customers Stay Time Bounced
  • With all these benets that TIDE Analytics provides, Mark can easily analyse customer behaviour: He discovered he was losing out on business during teatime despite the many passersby. So he decided to do a teatime promotion and sales improved signicantly. 120 15
  • What are the long-term benets of TIDE Analytics? (Scenario 2)
  • Trends change as time passes, and some customers may have forgotten the restaurant. Mark decided he needs to run a promotion so people can remember his restaurants and come back for a treat. The restaurants' sales drop gradually.
  • Mark looks back at his previous promotions through TIDE Analytics and identied those that ! ! ! ! ! ! ! as its aligned to his current ! promotion strategy. brought back customers ! (retention) generated awareness As a result, his new promotion is a success.
  • Extra feature to further engage your customers & gain lasting loyalty. (Scenario 3)
  • Mark has an app for his restaurants that rewards his customers So Mark decided to take advantage of ! TIDEs Beacon platform. but it requires extra effort to get the customers to redeem the points or promotion. Click here Click there Click again Go to counter ! to verify please
  • With this, he can engage his customers by sending a welcome message through the app the moment they walk in and immediately give them points and promotions. All this is possible using TIDEs Beacon.