TIB/ActiveEnterprise Corporate Positioning. TIB/ActiveEnterprise Design and Architecture.

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TIB/ActiveEnterprise TIB/ActiveEnterprise Corporate Positioning Corporate Positioning

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Transcript of TIB/ActiveEnterprise Corporate Positioning. TIB/ActiveEnterprise Design and Architecture.

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TIB/ActiveEnterprise Corporate Positioning Slide 2 TIB/ActiveEnterprise Design and Architecture Slide 3 l Desktop clutter l Exorbitant cable costs l Non-integrated, analog content sources The TIBCO Story The Wall Street Trader (circa 1987) Slide 4 Infrastructure software: Design Considerations l Geographical dispersion of target systems l Departmental/functional boundaries l Disparate data sources and models l Constant change l Expansion of business processes to the Internet l Integration business processes with partners, suppliers and customers. The Value Web. Slide 5 TIB/ActiveEnterprise: Service-oriented component architecture l Existing systems are combined as business services l Minimal changes to working systems Data stays where it is Systems managed by current owners l l Standard presentation interfaces Internal content, external content, business process Standard client, intra/internet, wireless l l Lightweight integration Thin, messaging interfaces Shared XML metadata Location independent services Internet services simply extend network l l No Big Bang Slide 6 TIB/ActiveEnterprise Products Slide 7 TIB/ActiveEnterprise: Distributed System Layers l Physical Layer Actual systems providing business functions May be connected direct to the TIB or via adapters l Messaging/Object Layer The TIB Non-TIB messaging or object systems Hub or physically distributed l Adapter Layer Provides integration between TIB and applications/system May expose transactional or error handling semantics l Transformation & Routing Format translation, validation and routing Slide 8 l Business Process Flow Orchestrates flow among services in lower layers Utilizes transaction services to provide transaction coordination. (Does NOT coordinate transactions itself) Error handling via rollback or compensation operations l Presentation Delivery Channel Physical, logical connectivity of network infrastructure Physical, logical connectivity regardless of network infrastructure Presentation GUI Standard client Standard client Thin client Thin client Wired, wireless, Internet Wired, wireless, Internet TIB/ActiveEnterprise: Distributed System Layers Slide 9 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Release Announcements Slide 10 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 New Announcements l TIB/Adapter SDK 2.0 l TIB/Adapter for ActiveDatabase l TIB/MessageBroker 2.0 l TIB/IntegrationManager l TIB/Secure l TIB/Portal for Yahoo! Slide 11 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Product Release Announcements l TIB/Adapter SDK 2.0 XML-metadata creation in TIB/Repository In-process transformation using TIB/MessageBroker Wizard interface for graphical code generation Monitoring and management using TIB/Hawk Load balancing, exception management, logging and tracing Available Today Slide 12 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Product Release Announcements l TIB/Adapter for ActiveDatabase 1.0 Publish from databases, based on DB events (insert, delete, update) Populate database tables, based on outside events (eg. order entry) Support for complex, multi-table structures XML-based configuration of publication tables Configurable qualities of messaging service (reliable, certified) Sample uses Proactive notification of data changes Proactive notification of data changes Instant replication to multiple sites Instant replication to multiple sites Logging and storing application data Logging and storing application data Available Today Slide 13 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Product Release Announcements l TIB/MessageBroker 2.0 XML metadata-driven schema definitions Visual mapping between inputs/outputs Transformation rules engine Content-based routing Multiple readers and writers Databases, files, messaging, e-mail Databases, files, messaging, e-mail Extensible via Java plug-ins/ functions Filters, Mappers, Transport Filters, Mappers, Transport Available Today Slide 14 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Announcing TIB/IntegrationManager l Integrated, end-end business process flow l Model-Driven Business Definitions XML metadata representation UML activity diagrams l Service Oriented Architecture IM makes use of services created by lower level components Message Broker Message Broker Adapters Adapters Messaging Messaging l Supports AE and third party components l Error Handling, Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance support Beta Slide 15 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Product Release Announcements l TIB/Secure 1.0 Access Control for Security Administration Intranet and Extranet applications Native Directory Integration LDAP, NT Directory, SQL databases Broad Policy based authentication Simple directory passwords, 2-factor hardware tokens, forms-based authentication, standard X.509 certificates, custom authentication methods Distributed administration In Partnership with Netegrity Available Today Slide 16 TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 Product Release Announcements l TIB/Portal for Yahoo! Manages internal content categories Serves Corporate My Yahoo! content to users Resides behind corporate firewall Corporate Content (RHS) Yahoo! Content (RHS) Y!C (LHS) CC (LHS) TIB/Portal for Yahoo! TIB/Portal Data Sources Data Collection Data Presentation Categories Category Configuration & User Access Control Config & Admin UI Config & Admin UI Corporate My Yahoo! TIB/AE August 99 Slide 17 TIB/ActiveEnterprise TIBCO.net Hosting for Corporate/Internet PortalsInternalContentCommerceServicesExternalContent Slide 18 Case Studies Slide 19 l PageNet streamlined operations and generates new revenues l TIBCO built wireless portal integrated backend systems and content sources service provisioning, billing, etc. high volume performance 600,000 provisioning events 30 million usage events/day l Global wireless-to-wireless network now under construction TIB/ActiveEnterprise Case Studies Pagenet - The Wireless Portal TIB/ActiveEnterprise Products TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/Hawk TIB/MessageBroker, TIB/Adapter SDK, TIB/Adapter for PeopleSoft, Siebel, Kenan Slide 20 BellSouth Wireless Data l The client Wireless messaging based on Ericssons Mobitex network architecture Wide variety of wireless applications including Interactive Paging (RIM 950 device) l Three TIBCO projects currently underway Slide 21 Internet BellSouth Wireless Data l IPS Gateway Supports BellSouth/PageNet reseller agreement Realtime activation and billing for PageNet customers on BellSouth network Call Center (Siebel) Order Mgt and Billing (Kenan) IPS Gateway TIB/Rendezvous TIB/Adapter Mobitex Network Switch Activation Billing Slide 22 BellSouth Wireless Data l Enterprise Integration Customer care, billing, mediation for Mobitex and IPS customers TIBCO taking lead on business model and overall integration Phase I go-live 9/15; Phase II go-live 10/31 Call Center (Legacy) Order Mgt and Billing (Kenan) IPS Gateway TIB/Rendezvous TIB/Adapter Mobitex Network Switch Slide 23 BellSouth Wireless Data l Wireless content aggregation for the Auto-PC TIBCO providing all back-end infrastructure Implementation, hosting and revenue-share US deployment Q4; international deployment in 2000 News Quotes Sports E-mail TIBCO.net Hub IPS Gateway Mobitex Slide 24 l Philips business drivers Optimizing the internal supply chain Migrating from legacy to SAP l Selected TIBCO Event-bus architecture a requirement Rapid implementation l Results Network traffic down by 60% Implementation costs by 25% 6 month implementation TIB/ActiveEnterprise Case Studies Philips - supply chain TIB/ActiveEnterprise Products TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/Hawk TIB/Adapter for SAP, TIB/Adapter SDK Slide 25 Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS-SEDAR) Case StudyCompany l Provides information on public stock filings (a la EDGAR) l Retrieval and search services on filings and mutual fund profiles l Important communications link among issuers, filers and regulatory authorities Challenge l Providing event-driven updates on filings to its stakeholders l Organization of information dependent on multiple sets of business rules l Zero intrusion approach required for implementation and deployment Slide 26 Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS- SEDAR) Case Study Solution l Business events driven by filing changes on back-end system l Business rules engine, driven by these events retrieves filings from DB tables and generates XML header information l Custom adapter converts filing content from PDF/Word/Text to XML and loads to FTP site l TIB/Rendezvous provides distribution architecture, TIB/MessageBroker executes rules, adapter built withTIB/Adapter SDK Benefits l Event-driven business process provides instant updates over the Internet l Business rules easily designed and maintained by business analysts l Non-intrusive approach minimizes deployment and maintenance cost Slide 27 TIB/Hawk TIB/MessageBroker Web Customers, Regulatory authorities, Resellers File conversion Adapter The Information Bus Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS- SEDAR) Case Study DB/2 Filing Event TIB/Adapter SDK XML file XML Filing watch Slide 28 l CTC TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/MessageBroker l Altra Energy TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/Hawk l Seagate TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/Adapter for ActiveDatabase l BellSouth TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/Hawk, TIB/MessageBroker l Staffmark TIB/ContentBroker, TIB/EventConsole l Toronto Dominion Bank TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/MessageBroker l Williams Energy TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/Hawk, TIB/Adapter SDK, TIB/Adapter for ActiveDatabase l Airtouch Communications TIB/Rendezvous, Adapters l MCM TIB/Rendezvous, TIB/MessageBroker TIB/ActiveEnterprise Case Studies Recent Deployments Slide 29 In Summary l Todays E-business is tomorrows business l Requires a distributed, component solution l Requires end-end real time infrastructure to support metabusiness processes l TIB/ActiveEnterprise 2.0 is the only complete, real-time, product set for the enterprise, the Internet and eBusiness Slide 30