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1. Ranked among the top worldwide. (Open Enrollment Programs) Financial Times 2014 Register today. UPCOMING OPEN ENROLLMENT CLASSROOM PROGRAMS at Thunderbird School of Global Management Your pursuit of excellence starts here., 1 (800) 457-6959 US | +1 (602) 978-7545 2015 Programs (Thunderbird Campus) STRATEGIC GLOBAL NEGOTIATIONS April 27 29, 2015 | October 5 7, 2015 In todays world, relational agreement, engagement, communication and nego- tiation have become leadership competencies, professionally and personally. Strategic Global Negotiations provides the what is and the how to, of com- municating, influencing, and creating transformational negotiations in a safe en- vironment to produce value (win/win). This program is for executives engaged in influencing and negotiating projects, contracts or business strategies, and work- ing with people from different backgrounds. Using cases, online resources, multi- cultural team exercises, and simulations, this program equips managers with the ability to take advantage of opportunities in a multi-cultural world. USD $3,800 GLOBAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: LATIN AMERICA May 4 6, 2015 Accelerate your companys global growth through Thunderbirds new strate- gic global business development program. Thunderbird has gathered its top experts in Latin American business, with over fifty years in combined experi- ence, to show leaders and companies how to enter a new market and get it right the first time. USD $3,800 GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IN TURBULENT TIMES May 18 20, 2015 | October 26 28, 2015 Ready to accept the challenge and lead at the next level? This program focus- es on the skills required to lead more effectively in these volatile and uncertain times. Incorporating two self-assessment instruments, the Cultural Orienta- tions Indicator and the Hogan Development Survey, this program provides insight into your leadership strengths and opportunities for development and helps you convert ideas to action so you can thrive as a leader. USD $3,800 LEADING TEAMS FOR STRATEGIC RESULTS September 14 16, 2015 Thunderbirds most popular program for project and functional leaders lead- ing major project teams and contributing to global project teams and initia- tives. This program focuses on strategic project management, project leader- ship and cross-cultural leadership. USD $3,800 CREATING VALUE THROUGH GLOBAL STRATEGY November 2 4, 2015 This program has been newly reformatted to feature personalized faculty con- sultation for companies sending two or more participants. Our flagship global strategy program is specifically designed for senior executives making strategic decisions at a global level. The program allows executives to move seamlessly from global strategy to global execution. Participants learn invaluable lessons about the marketing, finance and human resource challenges facing todays global organizations. USD $4,600, each additional USD $2,500 ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR OIL & GAS INDUSTRY EXECUTIVES November 29 December 11, 2015 The preeminent program of its type: a 10-day highly interactive intensive program with team-based simulations, case studies, and class discussions covering strategy, corporate financing and accounting, leadership, and nego- tiations. This program is designed for upper-middle to senior-level managers facing globalization challenges in the oil and gas industry such as restructur- ing and consolidation, joint ventures and alliances, new market entry into politically unstable regions, and balancing global projects and partners. Thunderbird is recognized as a global authority in the oil and gas industry with more than 20 years of experience, research, and case studies with NOC and IOC companies. Thunderbird has trained over 13,000 oil and gas profes- sionals around the globe and online. Our clients include Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, ARCO, BP, Chevron, China National Offshore Oil Corp, Cono- coPhillips, Egyptian General Petroleum Co., ExxonMobil, Kuwait National Petroleum Co., Petrobas, Saudi Aramco and many others. USD $15,375 THUNDERBIRD INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIA April 12 23, 2015 | May 31 June 11, 2015 November 1 12, 2015 With semi-custom curriculum designed in collaboration with Thunderbird faculty and partner company representatives, the Thunderbird International Consortia (TIC) programs provide a unique opportunity for high performing, globally focused organizations to share best practices, discover new ideas and solve organizational challenges. Participants gather invaluable insight, both from fellow executives and from Thunderbirds world-class faculty with extensive professional and academic experience in global business. Mem- ber companies include: Delphi, Fluor, Tyson, Solar Turbines, State Farm, McDonalds, Xerox and Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Houston, Texas OIL & GAS MANAGEMENT FOR HR PROFESSIONALS Fall 2015 In collaboration with Mercer, the Oil & Gas Management for HR Profession- als program is designed for HR leaders responsible for learning and devel- opment, training, talent management, retention and workplace strategy. This program accommodates both HR professionals moving into the oil and gas industry and oil and gas professionals moving into HR. NEW PROGRAM NEW PROGRAM OPEN ENROLLMENT PROGRAMS BROADEN your global mindset. BUILD your global network. INCREASE your global impact. NEW FORMAT NEW PROGRAM OPEN ENROLLMENT PROGRAMS BROADEN your global mindset. BUILD your global network. INCREASE your global impact.