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The Leeds based magazine for young professionals on a budget.

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  • thrift.

    Best BarsThat wont

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    ParisThe city of love...on abudget


    Thrifty Dirt cheap gifts you can give this xmas

    RentingLets & Leeds: a

    how to

    ChristmasA DIY special

    December 2013 2.80

  • thrift.

    Letter from the EditorAs Editor of thrift it gives me great pleasure to launch our inaugural issue of thrift. A lot of time, effort and passion has gone into producing this magazine with the whole team working tirelessly to create the best product possible. As with any-thing, creating something new has been somewhat challenging, but now Thrift is finally here. Despite watching Anna Wintour in the September Issue, I believe I have been rather kind to the team with them all working as hard as possible.

    Thrift is for all of you looking to enjoy a quality life without breaking the bank, for those with a love of creativity and simplicity, and for those of you that love the city. We have designed this magazine to be simple and minimalist as we believe our audience deserves an attractive, quality magazine at an affordable price. With magazine shelves overflowing with publications, we wanted to create something for the young people of Leeds.

    We want to make living in Leeds as comfortable as possible for our readers. While we may not be in the depths of the recession anymore, we understand you may want to spend your money on enjoying yourself, and making the most of your hard earned cash.

    We found the launch of thrift to be a great experience and hope to take it further. Look out for the next issue to help keep away the January blues and tips on boosting your income. If you have any advice or tips please feel free to write in.


    Leeds is an incredibly exciting place to live and work, so weve compiled an issue full of the best things in Leeds, from bars to boutiques. We also focus on the D.I.Y. Christmas, with so many people struggling to pay for heating, let alone a turkey.

    Thrift is unlike any magazine you may have read before. We take pride in our extensive, high calibre articles

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  • Fern Ninnekah Crawley,Creative director &

    Sub editor

    Guy Wynn Davies,Research & resources

    Farai Shongedza,Vice sub editor

    The Team

  • Contents

    6 - Hair, hamburgers & Hops... Outlaws Yacht Club

    8 - Five Best Bars...OHHGVKDVWRRHU

    12 - On yer bike... a guide on bike investment

    14 - Lingo of leeds... how to talk Tykish

    16 - Vintage... the boutique

    19 - Kicking the habit... WKHEHQHWVRIQRWVPRNLQJ

    20 - Renting... a guide

    23 - 360... WKHQHVWPXVLFLQ

  • Behind the scenes at Rebel Pin Up & Outlaws Yacht Club, the only place in Leeds you can get a Beer and trim.


    & Hops

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  • The bar has an understated faade with half the building sitting underground. As you step into Rebel Pin Up and Outlaws Yacht Club, you realise you have entered somewhere unique. The unusual concept is both a bar and an adjoining hair salon offering male and female haircuts while clients can enjoy a pint or a glass of their favorite wine. The warm air has an inviting smell of shampoo mixed with freshly baked goods with large birch tables and dim lighting making for an inviting atmosphere.

    After being open for just over a year, the business is thriving and the concept is proving very popular with customers. A half wall partition gives the salon a bit of privacy while customers are still able to enjoy a drink without too much disturbance from the sound of hair driers. At first glance you would not know there was a salon but a large gilded mirror towards the back gives it a way.

    Joe Gill, the owner of Outlaws Yacht Club who explained how the venture came about, After the hairdressers opened, the adjoining space became available and we felt the two businesses would compliment each other really well. While the concept may seem like a gimmick to some, the idea seems to be devised around Joes personality and his love of spending time with his friends. Joe went on to say: We just wanted it to be somewhere people would want to hang out.

    With large mirrors, a smell of shampoo and a dampness in the warm air, the hairdressers appears to be similar to most, but the fact you can have a seasonal snack, washed down by a pint of your

    Towards the South of the city centre, behind the market lies the most overlooked bar in


    The bar is unlike any edgy bar in the city

    favorite beer helps it to really stand out. The array of specialty beers adds to the artisan feel of the business, and while the service may not be as slick as other salons, the small touches make it a really special place to visit.

    The bar is unlike any edgy bar in the city with a much friendlier atmosphere and less pretense. Not only does the space offer food, drink and hairdressing but Joe says: We have loads of bands and DJs as well as a kids club, its an eclectic environment and we want it to be a creative hub. The thought of a kids club comes across as odd but the event held on Sundays allows parents to socialise and enjoy a meal while their children meet others their own age.

    On the occasions I have visited the bar I have always been surprised by the array of events on offer with Joe showing a true passion for the creative side of the business. We have a lot of artists and musicians, as well as exhibitions and Q&As with creative people Joe said. In such a busy city this space is perfectly suited for those wanting to relax and meet new people.

    It is very clear that a lot of thought has gone in to the design of the venue, with art being spread liberally and a quirky sense of design evident throughout. The large mirrors and flocked wallpaper make an instant impression as you walk around the corner to the salon. Joe said: We decorated the interior ourselves, we got inspiration from Tokyo, New York, Berlin and Barcelona. We just chose elements from places weve visited.

    With a large range of beer, freshly cooked food and well-priced hairdressing, Rebel Pin Up is a must for anyone who has recently moved to Leeds, or for those simply wanting to meet more people and enjoy a relaxing environment.

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    By Henry Arnold

  • 2. MOJOMojo is one of Leeds best bars, with a rich history of good music to accompany better beverages, and a venue that attracts hipsters like tie-dyed t shirts. This bar prides itself on its innovative drink creations and bold musical com-binations, and a statement from co-owner Mal Shaw reads MOJO has been serving great drinks and ice cold beer to a rock n roll soundtrack since 1996 and weve always ensured that our customers receive a friendly, engaging service. Our recent introduction of MOJO EATS is a reflection of our customers changing needs and because weve always been dedicated to looking after them theyll always come back. Its why we are still here - one of the original trailblazers of the Leeds bar scene, and still one of the best. The passion of Mal is obvious in the way he speaks about Mojo, and with a host of signature cocktails, Mojo really do embody what is brilliant about the Leeds bar scene.

    Average Cocktail Price - 7

    Signature Cocktail Manhattan

    3. SMOKESTACKSmokestack is a place that, simply put, belongs in the Deep South. Influenced by the blues, jazz and soul music of the 20th Century, it takes a classic approach to entertainment, with expertly executed cocktails and incredible tunes, contributing to an atmosphere only describable to those that have been there. This place is not for the most spendthrift of people, as the cocktails arent the cheapest; however I have yet to encounter a person who wasnt satisfied by the magical combinations created by the wizards occupying the space behind the bar. PR Manager Alex Rogerson describes Smokestack as Offering two floors of funk, soul, blues, jazz and reggae, Lower Briggates Smokestack combines the citys most electric sphere with the globes finest measures and pours.

    In this article we are going to discuss institutions that date way back to the prohibition era bars. The concept of a building dedicated to evenings of drinking and debauchery is one so simple and yet so ingenious that it seems impossible it will ever be determined outdated. Leeds has embraced this critical component of the modern city, with pubs, bars and clubs galore, and in this piece we will be talking about 5 of Leeds best. The bars we are going to show off are not the most lavish, elite or showy bars, rather the bars that we whole heartedly feel you will most enjoy, and get the best bang for your buck. After all, who wants to have to take out another mortgage simply to enjoy a nice cocktail?

    1. MOOKThis little gem is located in an alleyway directly behind the nightclub SPACE, and placed equidistantly between Call Lane and Lower Briggate. Mook is the perfect spot for that one last drink before heading to the sticky dance floor of your favourite club, or that long, relaxing cocktail designed to be drunk while soaking up the incredible atmosphere. With a range of classic cocktails on the menu priced at 6 (or for those in the know, 2 for 1 every weekday), and music that simply begs you to stick on your grooving shoes, Mook really is a special place. Assistant Manager John Stuckey describes Mook as A fun, unpretentious bar in the center of Leeds offering quality drinks without breaking the bank!, and with a vibrant, buzzing establishment full to the brim of cool, quirky individuals, Mook will never leave your thirst unquenched.

    Average Cocktail Price - 6 (241 on weekdays)

    Signature Cocktail Long Island Iced Tea

    Five of the best bars in Leeds

    Top spots for top shots...

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  • Were still here, one of the original trailblazers of the Leedsbar scene

    Copyright Maura Teague

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  • Its bow tie and braces clad bartenders, connoisseur DJs and impressive listing of live music, ensures its mid-week gigs and student nights are packed to the rafters whilst the weekend brings late night regulars from all over the city. What once started as a hidden gem has slowly become Leeds most popular dance floor and cocktail lounge. Smokestack embraces the history of the music they play, with artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Womack, Tom Jones, James Brown and Bob Marley championed as ambassadors for the bar itself. One of the best.

    Average Cocktail Price - 8

    Signature Cocktail Bloody Mary

    4. VERVEVerve is a bar a little different from the rest, because as well as serving world beers, signature cocktails and top spirits, they dish up a generous serving of free comedy and live music that really gives this bar a special atmosphere. Located on the same hallowed strip of ground on which Mojo is located, this bar prides itself on its own quality concoctions and the entertainment that it provides to its loyal base of customers. This bar is also not too pricey, with a refreshing pint of something Belgian only 3.50 away. Its comedy club, reviewed by Leeds Guide as A Roaring Success, puts on up and comers and established local acts alike, and with the free laughs lapped up by the audience, it always makes for a special evening.

    Average Cocktail Price - 6

    Signature Cocktail Dirty Goose

    5. SANDINISTASandinista is a beautifully laid out little bar next to up and coming Belgrave Music Hall, with a rich history of delicious tapas, beautiful drinks and a soundtrack that combines a unique mixture of Latin and American music. A quote from SLB Public Relations manager Sharon Brigden, representative for both Smokestack and Sandinista reads - Playing a classic mix of rock n roll, soul, reggae, hip hop, indie and punk, DJs play late into the night to a delighted crowd of

    unashamed singers. Rum is a requirement and dancing on the furniture a necessity. With pride in their signature concoctions and Spanish delicacies, Sandinista is not worried about their assured place in Leeds bar culture.

    th r i f t .10

    By Guy Wynn Davies

  • Copyright Ilmungo

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  • my bike is much more than just

    a method of getting from

    A to B

    Theres nothing worse than the idea of spending hundreds of pounds a month on mundane bus journeys. Avoiding traffic jams, man flu and dealing with the general awkwardness that is public transport is so much easier thanks to the age old invention of the bike. Leeds is a great city to cycle around and could get even better thanks to council proposals for a 23km cycle highway. Bike restoration has also become a big pastime, and thanks to the modern day invention of the internet, thousands of unique and preloved vintage bikes are obtainable for anyone.

    Greg Wilkinson, 27, a graphic designer who lives in Headingley swears by his matte-black 1970s Raleigh and did all the restoration himself :my bike is much more than just a method of getting from A to B. Ive spent a lot of man hours on this, it was my own little project for a while... in a way it definitely helped me keep my mind busy during a bad break up For bike enthusiasts like Greg, restoring is not just a pastime but a by-product of hard work and dedication. Greg purchased his vintage raleigh on ebay for around 50 and spent 4 months restoring the 1970s classic. With help from the Blue Book of Bike repair Greg was able to renovate, repair and repaint his rusty old classic into the head-turner it is today.

    Its no wonder that in the current economic climate many people are investing in bikes as a free and healthy method of transport. Not only will you get your daily-recommended dose of exercise but youll also save a lot of money in the long run. The average commute costs between a surprising 2,440 and 4,800 - an amount youll be able to put to better use with the help of a bike.

    Leeds has many cycle routes that make the commute to work a lot more pleasant. The fact that Leeds is not the flattest city, makes the cycle slightly more challenging. However there are also an abundance of spots to chain up your bike and for those who need to take the train to Leeds there is a secure bike storing facility located just outside the train station entrance. For those not wanting to blend into the crowd with a bog-standard decath-lon bike, there is always the help of eBay and Gum-tree for seeking out something a bit more unique. Although

    pre-loved bikes are in general a lot more worn - you have the advantage of standing out from the crowd.

    Classic and vintage bikes have had a welcomed revival, and bikes dating from as early as

    1913 have been known to fetch up to 5,000 in auction. Not only is buying a vintage bike going to save you money in the long run but it could well prove to be a growing investment. For those too lazy to scour the net for the perfect vintage bike there is always Halfords, who now sell classic look bikes. You dont have to go to such extremes as paying for a brand new 500 bike from Halfords though, as a new bike can cost as little as the effort of pulling one out of a tip. All it takes is some elbow grease and common toolbox tools and you could have a brand new looking bike from another era.

    Tips on investing in a bike

    On yer bike

    The Blue Book of Bike Repair is available from from the price of 15.00

    Vintage Raleigh bikes are available from ebay and Gumtree from a starting price of 30 depending on condition and availability

    th r i f t .12

    By Fern Crawley

  • Copyright Martin Gommel

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  • Hello = now then Caution, this is advanced Tykish and perhaps a term best left for the flatcap wearers amongst us.

    The Lingo of LeedsLearn your hellos from your eyups

    Yes = aye Short and simple, you cant go wrong with a little aye to win over the locals.

    Itll be alright = bereight Although a seemingly half-arsed term, itll be cheer up the saddest of tykes when they hear you making the effort

    Messing around = faffinA very effective term. Can be used in all sorts of situations: from stop faffin around an mek us a brewto I think Bobs been faffin around with someone else, the cheeky sod

    Moody = mardyeffective in conjunc-tion with bereight: itll bereight yer mardy so-and-so

    Trousers = britchesExample: pull up yer britches, thas nowt I wanted to see there

    Died = popped is/er cloggsAlthough its effective in sounding authentically Yorkshire - avoid in the wrong situation, its just as colloquial as kicked the bucket.

    th r i f t .14

    By Fern Crawley

  • Best BarsThat wontbreak the


    Copyright Robert Huffstutter

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  • Vintage BoutiqueAn eclectic Lifestyle

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  • They say home is where the heart is, but in this case, home is where the art is. Located in the centre of the Hyde Park area, a predominantly student part of Leeds, is the 15 year old and very relevant furniture and vintage store; VINTAGE BOUTIQUE. In its 15 years the shop has changed its methods of trading, from exclusively dealing with Victorian furniture, and only small items to diversifying and providing a much larger range of classic furniture, and even tapping into garments and fashion accessories. Generally, the home and living D.I.Y. sector is growing in Leeds, which is largely due to the fact that living in the city is becoming more popular for young professionals, couples and students among the 19 to 25 age group. The business and financial services industry is thriving on the burst of energy from the influx of this group into the city.

    Ralph Shaw is the owner of the successful shop and over a cup of tea on a three piece set of 1920s style wooden chairs and table, he spoke on the journey that he has taken in order to get his shop to where it is and stay relevant in such a volatile market today. I have always been interested in architecture, interior design, home ware and stylizing. Perhaps the inspiration for the store came from my love for the combination of new and old things together.VINTAGE BOUTIQUE boasts one of the largest collections of affordable vintage items in the city and their aim to be the largest of its kind has lead them to consider going down the route of offering a design section, where customers can request a designer to see their home and recommend an assembly of vintage furniture pieces to help recreate the desired classic environment. How cool?

    One of the stand out attributes of this store is its focus on looking outside the box for new uses of old items. Ralph continued: Im an eclectic person, so I dont believe that everything has to be seen in one way. If a uniquely crafted basket loses its conventional qualities as a basket, why cant it then be used as a lampshade? VINTAGE BOUTIQUE reprocesses items that have been made redundant in their homes, to design unique

    and stylish items that can sometimes be sold on for up to 3 times of its previous value.

    Nevertheless, the monetary potential that this has is not what drives the creative process that goes through hand picking worn items and turning them into aesthetically pleasing furniture pieces, in fact, their attitude towards work is a testament to an incentive experiment that was carried out by a class of economists from M.I.T., University of Chicago, and Carnegie Mellon which concluded that We are driven by more than just higher fiscal rewards.

    There are 3 other main sources for motivation, and they are all modelled around our personalities. Our natural desire for autonomy, mastery and engagement motivate us to practice our craft to a point that exceeds financial incentives. Everything from the design of the two well stocked floors, to the music that they play inside works well together to create an atmosphere thats perfect for shopping for furniture. The store welcomes you with a warm contrast of large, bright industrial style lights, and smaller classic bedside lamps. The lights then guide you towards a wide selection of Scandinavian living room pieces, like the teak

    th r i f t .17

  • ladder style storage cabinet that Ralph admitted would secretly hate to see go.

    Dealing with both modern items and antiques allows the prices that the shop charges to vary from affordable for a student, to too pricey for a company/business, obviously depending on the item.

    Although it can be seen as misguided to have such a broad audience, it has actually served Ralph well as he explained I get so many students coming in with their parents to pick up a few pieces and then days or weeks later, their parents want to come in and look at stuff for their businesses. Ive sold to many bars and restaurants, but most of my clients are students. For the time its been open most of the items in the store have been one-off items, therefore once they go, they really do go! This system gives the products more value as they become exclusives, but after considering the low manufacturing costs of the products in conjunction with the demand, it almost seems senseless to not re-stock some of the sold items. Ralph plans to start supplying small business with a similar appreciation for both the modern and the classic interior features. At the moment most of the bars and restaurants that shop here are one off clients, but our aim is to turn them into returning customers. But who knows what the future holds?

    th r i f t .18

    By Farai Shongedza

  • According to the NHS the average British smoker spends an average of 1607 on cigarettes each year, which makes it a key area individuals can cut costs. When budgeting or attempting to save it is important to stop buying non-necessities; many find quitting smoking exceptionally difficult but it is becoming easier.

    Electronic cigarettes or E-ciggs have made a huge impact in the past few months thanks to cheap manufacturing and an improved infrastructure for refills, these new devices are becoming very viable options for those hoping to quit. There has been a range of devices recently introduced on to the market including Skycig and Elites. There are even unbranded shisha type devices available for around 10. Whilst they each take a different approach they all use a similar method, by using heat to vaporise liquid the user gets the sensation of smoking without the dangerous side effects.

    The liquid used in these devices generally contains nicotine but they eliminate all the harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes use either cartridges or liquid, with the liquid variety being much cheaper over time. With this new form of smoking, consumers are able to try a range of flavors, as well as traditional tobacco, including strawberry and Red Bull.

    While the industry has existed for several years the industry is expected to balloon with the sector expected to be worth $1.7 billion. While the electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular, attitudes towards them are still torn.

    Heathrow airport has recently unveiled a designated vaping area allowing travellers to relax with an electronic cigarette before they fly, Ryanair even sells the devices on board. Although the benefits are clear the pub chain Weatherspoons has banned the use of electronic cigarretes claiming they are too hard to distinguish from the real thing. Even the EU are getting involved with the Independent finding out many MEPs are drafting legislation to ban the devices.

    There have been concerns by some groups, including MPs, that the devices may be accessible to children. Mrs Matharu, a newsagent manager in Leeds said: we treat them the same as cigarettes because they contain nicotine.

    Although the devices are not beneficial towards your health, they do not carry the same risks as traditional cigarettes. By stripping out dozens of chemicals along with actual smoke, these devices may finally give those addicted to cigarettes an alternative. The mist created is very similar to that of a traditional cigarette with the nicotine creating the same burn at the back of the throat.

    Electronic cigarettes may be the perfect alternative for those addicted to cigarettes, they are cheap, they are refillable and they can help save a lot of money. While they may take some getting used to electronic cigarettes are helping millions.

    Kicking the habit

    Copyright Joz.3

    th r i f t .19

    By Henry Arnold

  • A renting guide for begginersMoving out

    th r i f t .20

  • Moving to the city may be more complicated than you may think.

    Despite the popularity of the governments 5% deposit scheme, the thought of buying property is still merely a dream for millions.

    If you are looking for a home your only option may be to rent, but that does not mean you should be any less cautious about the property you choose. You have two options when renting, either renting from a private landlord, or renting from a letting agency. Both have pros and cons; with a private landlord you may find the property is slightly cheaper, however if there are issues it may take significantly longer for issues to be fixed. Will Linley the founder of Linley & Simpson letting agent says: There are currently more potential tenants than available properties in Leeds. This can make it hard to make the right decision.

    If you plan on living with a friend or partner it is vital that you make the right choice; living with the wrong person can make your living experience unbearable. If you are not comfortable being yourself in front of them, then they may not be the right housemate for you. Louisa Wareing from Leeds said: When I lived with people I didnt really know, it was hard to be myself, it was quite a lonely experience. It can also be an idea to decide who will be responsible for things like cleaning and paying the bills as this can save a lot of stress later. If you have decided to take the big step to move in with a partner then it may be an idea to analyse your relationship to ensure you both want the same things, particular-ly if you sign a twelve month tenancy.

    The first thing to consider when renting is your budget, you have to consider the rent, deposit, letting fees, and the cost of bills as well as

    council tax. When in doubt always over budget as the opposite can cause great distress, living is always more expensive than you anticipate.

    While agents are an obvious option when renting, you may get less for your money although you have more protection and any issues you experi-ence will be fixed sooner. For such a thriving city, rental prices in Leeds are surprisingly affordable compared to the rest of the country; you may be surprised how far your budget can stretch. You can get a well-finished two bedroom flat between 650-700. If you are looking at flats in the city it is well worth seeing what each development offers as some include free water or a concierge. Linley Says: In todays competitive market prospective tenants may be pressured into making a decision about a property for fear of losing out.

    When viewing a property with current tenants you can always ask them what their experience has been like. You should always ask the landlord what costs are involved when renting as they can soon add up, you need to consider the letting fee, deposit as well as the cost of any background checks your potential landlord may run.

    If you are looking at property managed by a letting agent you may want to read reviews online; the quality of service can differ greatly and a poor agency can make your life very difficult. Will Linley said: It is of upmost importance to choose a letting agent with whom you know your money is protected. likewise if you are looking at property through a private landlord it is exceptionally important to be vigilant; be sure to research the individual as well as thoroughly reading the contract; the government states contracts should be fair and reasonable. Unfortunately the rental industry is

    th r i f t .21

  • unregulated meaning prospective tenants have to be very cautious when deciding who they are going to let from. Your deposit legally has to be protected in a government-backed scheme, it is very important you check this has been done as it has been the law since 2007.

    You should always look beyond the aesthetics when viewing properties to ensure it is suitable for you. As well as looking out for large items such as the condition of the washing machine, microwave and ovens; it is also a good idea to check the property has enough power sockets as well as an aeriel port and Ethernet. While small problems may initially be overlooked they may end up being costly; some tenants have to pur-chase cable TV due to lack of aeriel or purchase their own microwave. By law you should be told about the energy efficiency of any property before you sign a contract, by choosing a property with high-energy efficiency you can save several hun-dred pounds a year in energy costs.

    When viewing properties it is a good idea to imagine how your belongings would look

    particularly if you plan on buying furniture or large items such as a TV. It can seem much easier to rent a fully furnished property, however if you plan to stay for an extended period buying your own furniture can actually be more cost effective. By searching online you can find many items at a very obtainable price including beds and sofas, if your budget is particularly tight then you can find second hand items as well. Be sure to take pictures of any damage in the property when you move in as this protects you if your landlord attempts to charge you.

    While your home is integral to your happiness, it is also very important to take location into account as there is nothing more stressful than being stuck in traffic on your way to work. Mov-ing house is likely to be one of the most stressful things you ever do but if you come prepared and know exactly what you want you will be able to save yourself a lot of hassle. By taking your time and checking everything before you hand over money or signing a contract then your first home should be a pleasure.

    th r i f t .22

    By Henry Arnold

  • Orange Pulp These guys love garage rock. They smash out their set with a vaguely arrogant penache, including both melodic, slow build ups and huge emphat-ic choruses. The riffs paid homage to The Black Keys, however they just couldnt seem to enthrall me. They seemed to enjoy their music, but the en-ergy on stage just wasnt enough to excite me, or make me want to go straight home and find their music. Some definite good points in their musical tightness, but lacked that special something to make them more appealing than a regular garage rock outfit.

    Johnny Quits Kings Of Leon style hair, soaring vocals and funk rock drums made Johnny Quits an interesting prospect. They managed to showcase slow and fast songs without many a hitch, however tech-nical difficulties, including a guitar change and pedal break, meant that their set had a disjointed feel to it. Their song My Helper however, was a real chance for the singer to show off his range, a chance which he happily took! Their songs echoed old style American rock bands such as Kings Of Leon and Eagles Of Death Metal, and the three pieces tightness made them a band I was quite happy to watch. If I was to give them any advice, it would be to emphasise their slow-er, more melodic songs, as those were the ones which were far more appealing.

    The Wax Collection LOVE. THESE. KIDS. These were my personal bread and butter. They

    mixed acoustic with electric, big singalong cho-ruses with quiet, tense breakdowns, and lyrics that overflowed with northern cheek and sensibil-ities. They alternated lead vocals and guitar lines, and both the frontmen were easily adaptable to either role. Their song Dig was a highlight of the show, both the singers in unison showcasing their voices perfectly together. They were incredibly tight, and reminded me a lot of a young Oasis but with seemingly better attitudes. I really enjoyed their performance, and immediately went to find them online straight after. Even though their online presence wasnt as huge as I expected, they do have amazing potential, and their tunes can be describes in one word. Feelgood.

    Feeds Tightest band of the night. Their songs were anthemic indie pop, which were all obviously well thought out and incredibly well performed. The band are far more established than the others, with their songs boasting structure and passion incomparable with their relative age in the business.Their dance inspiring song Tell Me Again was a highlight of their extensive set a bouncy chorus mixed with a passionate, Mumford and Sonsesque verse. The lads are obviously very talented,with the whole band capable of taking lead vocals at any point, and harmonising with consummate ease. These guys have a lot of potential, and that one killer song could be their shot at stardom. Great prospects.

    360 Club

    Copyright Joz.3

    th r i f t .23

    By Guy Wynn Davies

  • th r i f t .24

  • From Leeds with Love...A guide on how to reach Europes

    romantic Capital

    Paris is one of the prime destinations for tourists to visit in Europe. With its many historical landmarks to check off, and the thousands of shops and perfectly Parisian cafes dotted everywhere, there is something to do for everyone in the city. Thanks to the convenience of Eurostar, taking a quick trip from Leeds to Paris is just as easy as travelling to Cornwall. Great transport links from Leeds means you could be arriving at Paris Gare Du Nord in only a few hours. The train to London takes merely a couple of hours, and then a two minute walk across to St Pancras to catch the Eurostar means its even easy for the heaviest of suitcase packers.

    There are many hotels to stay at in Paris that wont break the bank. We recommend The Hotel Napoleon, located just off the Arc Du Triumph on one of the roundabouts nine spokes called Avenue du Friedland. Prices start at under 200 per night, a bargain considering the ideal location and the five-star quality hotel room youll be staying in. If you enjoy exploring a city on foot its the perfect hotel to stay at, as youre already in the centre. For those who havent seen Paris before, the Arc Du Triumph is a matter of metres from the hotel and if you ask for a balcony room although you wont be able to see the Arc itself, youll be in prime people watching position. The area around the hotel is perfect for a quick wander after dinner. Try finding the nearby Libaux chocolate shop located on Rue Arsen Houssaye. As soon as you enter the shop youll be greeted with an overwhelmingly tantalising aroma of cocoa beans. Youll be lucky if you can resist buying something. The candy-coloured macaroons are expertly made and resisting scoffing them all before you reach the hotel is an impressive feat.

    Aside from the overcrowded and over-rated tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, there are plenty of things to see in Paris that are off the beaten track. There is nothing more typically Parisian than donning a stripy t-shirt, a beret and getting on your bike. We suggest you leave the beret and shirt out but cycling in Paris is the perfect way to avoid the overpriced and likely to be striking taxis.

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  • thri



    Walking down the old market street your sensual appetite for smell and sight will be whetted. Bright stalls overflowing with flowers and fruit line both sides of the pedestrianised street and stalls filled with all-sorts of edible curiosities will catch your eye.

    Food in Paris is unfussy yet delicious. One of the best restaurants to experience the perfect Parisian meal would have to be Le Ntre. Simple yet deliciously Parisian food, you can expect to see the typical French cuisine on the menu and enjoy specialties such as pan-fried seabass with

    seasonal vegetables and mustard seeds. There is plenty on the menu to suit vegetarians, pescatarians and everything inbetween. Le Ntre is in prime position for a restaurant, situated in a pavilion smack bang in the middle of the Champs-Elysees its the perfect city-centre pit-spot and despite its convenient location, an ideal hideaway from the camera-wielding tourist types. A popular with the locals, its a hidden

    gem in one of the busiest parts of the city.

    There is plenty to do in Paris. A city with such a strong history of food, culture and fashion there is something appealing to everyone. Thanks to the convenience of Leeds great rail connections it is definitely a city that should be at the top of every Leeds locals hit list. If not for convenience than purely for the fact that Paris is a top cultural destination.

    Le Ntre: an ideal hideaway

    from the camera

    wielding tourist types

    Paris is great to cycle around and its rent-a-bike system was the influence for Londons copycat Boris Bikes. Grabbing a bike and setting off towards the south bank is the perfect day out in Paris, with sights to see such as the Notre Dame and the Luxembourg Gardens on the way.

    The word boutique has French origins and visiting Paris its easy to see why. Independent shops, cafes and chocolateries are everywhere. Parisians are renowned for their appreciation of fine clothes and practical fashion, the capitals boutiques definitely reflect that. The South Bank of Paris, which is one of the more trendy areas is popular amongst the fash pack. Men with wellgroomed moustaces, Cambridge satchels and camel coats walk with women in drainpipe jeans, blazers and Louboutins. Despite the area being popular with the local students, there is no sign of gaudy advertisements aimed at students or an un-sightly Wetherspoons that you would see in Leeds. If you plan to take a trip to the South Bank we sug-gest you hire a bike and head to the Notre Dame afterwards. Although it can be busy, we recommend getting down before midday. The area surrounding the Ntre Dame is full of history and thriving with unimissable French culture.

    Rue Cler is a famous market street and one of the lesser-known attractions of Paris. The atmosphere on Rue Cler is typically Parisian, and it is undoubtedly a must for foodies. The many cafes, cheese stalls, and delicatessen make the place perfect for a lunch-time stroll, but careful not to go too early on a weekend as its unlikely all the stores will be open and youll be wondering what all the fuss is about. Speaking to Kevin Netherton from Euroventure, a travel agency specialising in coach and train travel around Europe, who agrees that Rue Cler is also a must in Paris: Our alternative itinerary details much more than the Eiffel Tower.

    For those wanting to know more about Euroventures Paris deals please visit or search for their facebook page

    If a night or three at the Hotel Napoleon sounds ideal then visit there website or alternatively give them a call at (+44)01566 84321

    th r i f t .26

    By Fern Crawley

  • th r i f t .27

  • To speak about the city of Leeds while ignor-ing the gargantuan festival that graces its na-tive Bramham park every Summer is tanta-mount to sacrilege. Leeds festival is one of the most revered traditions amongst not only natives of West Yorkshire, but also hordes of music lovers from all over the globe. With over 70,000 attendees and over 200 acts descending on Leeds, the festival has grown exponentially to a point at which it has become, along with its twin festival at Reading, one of the most widely respected music festivals in the world. Now, to survive this festival is a tough thing indeed, as many hardened tour veterans will tell you, and in this article we will be telling you what you need to make your time as enjoyable as possible, without breaking the bank.

    1. TENTThe tent is the first marker as to whether or not you will be having a good time, and the pice de resistance of your luggage. Now, many people argue that drunken stupors make for comfortable pillows, but that attitude also comes with an inability to move after sleeping on the cold hard ground without any form of mattress or groundsheet. As a festival goer myself, Id recommend giving yourself plenty of space (The +1 rule seems to work, ie if you have two people to occupy your tent, buy a three man, so on and so forth. Also, you should think about whether you want to buy a pop up tent easy to set up but pretty much one use or a DIY tent longer to set up but able to be packed away and used on multiple occasions. For a first timer, Id recommend a pop up so that as you arrive you are not faced with a monumental struggle to simply erect your accommodation and are rather allowed to start your weekend in peace. Both Go Outdoors and Snow and Rock are on your local high street to cater to your every tent related need. (10-500)

    2. ROLL MATTRESSRoll mattresses, no matter how thin, could save you a world of back pain after five days of sleeping in a tent. Many first timers will not view these as essential festival luggage, however, for the more experienced amongst us, it is the first item in the car. Roll mattresses can be found for fairly cheaply at a plethora of furniture stores, including IKEA, Dreams and Bensons For Beds. (10-20)

    3. PILLOWA pillow is regarded by some festival goers as a luxury, however this is not the case. With pillows available from almost every conceivable homeware, furniture or DIY shop, and some at extremely low prices, there is no excuse not to buy a pillow to further enchance your festival experience. (5-20) A few essentials can make the difference between a torrid time and one of the best weekends of your life, so hopefully this piece will help you prepare for the mayhem to come. Combined with a bit of luck with the weather, you should have an amazing time, after all, its only rock n roll.

    Leeds FestivalA city with music in its blood.

    th r i f t .28

    By Guy Wynn Davies

  • Best BarsThat wontbreak the


    Copyright Eva Rinaldi

    th r i f t .29

  • Property supplies

    When it comes to homeware, having the best quality of prod-uct is imperative and this is the same idea that hardware and D.I.Y. store Property Supplies Leeds constructed their operating system around. Property Supplies Leeds can be found on the congested and well-populated Cardigan Road, off Burley road. The shop is one of many in the area, but is the only one that can boast its long list of big contracts it has secured to date. Bilal Khurshid is the owner of the small business and he understands his customers needs for products that meet the rare com-bination of high quality and reasonably low prices. Even as a small business owner, Bilal Khurshid still maintains that the quality of service and products supplied to customers must be of a high standard, and the price is a secondary factor. The hardware store is a family business and has been operating on Cardigan road for just over two and half years. Because of its success and progress during its short life, especially in business years, Bilal has grown more ambitious: Deciding to open the shop was a big risk just like any business start up, but we had

    a plan that we were confident in. Things took off a lot quicker than I had expected but like adjusting to any negative outcomes, you also have to be able to adjust to positive ones too. Initially the plan was only to supply our beds because we already manufactured them, but the demand for other things grew and thats when we had to change with it. It all started with Bilals father who began by trading tools from his backyard. At a time when this sector in Yorkshire was evolving, he managed to de-velop a local customer base that then allowed him to expand and go into doing D.I.Y. jobs for others. In the early 2000s after running the op-eration from home, Bilal and his brother had raised enough capital and made the appropri-ate moves to go and open up a shop. Although its a small and compact store, it still exudes quality efficiency and reliability. Since opening, the business has been growing, switching from intending to supply just one product, to now providing over 350 products and services with prices attractive not only for ordinary custom-ers, but the letting agencies as well. Despite being in the drivers seat for two years, there are still areas of the business that Bilal admit-ted to still be like a passenger in the infant

    The shop for homes

    th r i f t .30

  • seat I could tell you everything about beds since we have been manufacturing them for a long time, but some of the other skills that are required in this industry I had to learn on my toes. I opened up the shop with no idea of how to cut keys, but now I could cut you almost any type of key in about ten seconds. We get upwards of 600 keys to cut a month, but during the student turnover period, we can get orders from our clients that can total tens of thousands. So I real-ly had no choice but to learn how to do it myself. But in all its days of operation, not all have been good. Property Supplies hasnt had many setbacks, but the ones that they man-aged to overcome were major, wrapping its success with the feeling of a reward. Cardi-gan Road wasnt the prime target for Bilal and his brother, but losing out to their first choice spot in Wakefield opened up the op-portunity to then set up on Cardigan road, which Bilal realised was the better location in hindsight for its surroundings and its convenience. Cardigan road is in a highly student populated area, it therefore has a number of private estate agents around it,

    th r i f t .31

  • which is great for his business. The move to this location has provided Bilal with a number of new business clients that now have contracts with him for a range of services. Had we actually managed to secure the shop in Wakefield, we might not have been fortunate enough to have everything at our doorstep. Theres a mosque 5 minutes away from where we are based, its convenient for students to find us when they need our services and its also convenient for some of our bigger clients to make collections as we have parking spaces for that. If there was any advice I would want to highlight for anybody looking to enter this industry, it would be to prepare yourself for change, either good or bad. They currently dont have a website but that was a bold decision that would appear out of the ordinary considering the increasing pressure on businesses to get an online presence. The decision was made based on the target market We dont have a website because we specifically target clients in this area and operating online isnt necessary with our current customer base. Its still early for Property Supplies but plans to open up other stores are in progress.

    th r i f t .32

    By Farai Shongedza

  • This piece will address those afternoons, the ones which arent always planned, arent al-ways unique and arent necessarily expen-sive, but which always seem to leave you feeling completely fulfilled and in need of nothing else.

    Firstly, we address the internationally famous Henry Moore Institute. A quote from the Insti-tutes website reads An award-winning exhibi-tions venue, research centre, library and sculpture archive, the Institute hosts a year-round pro-gramme of exhibitions, conferences and lectures, as well as developing research and publications, to expand the understanding and scholarship of historical and contemporary sculpture. Locat-ed right in the centre of Leeds and free to visit, The Henry Moore Institute attracts thousands of visitors each year, and has become one of Leeds premier arthouses since its opening in 1980. The Institute is party of The Henry Moore Founda-tion, set up in 1977 by the sculptor Henry Moore (1898-1986) to encourage appreciation of the visual arts, especially sculpture. Moore expressed his views on the institute in an interview in 1981,

    saying The Foundation has two or three main purposes. One is to help the appreciation of sculpture generally because I remember that as a young sculptor, there was nothing; there wasnt a single piece of sculpture in my home town... Leeds Art Gallery had nothing of any value. An-other purpose is to look after my own work after Im gone: probably exhibit it and also keep some of my things in suitable places in nature. Henry Moores foundation is based at his 70 acre estate in Hertfordshire, but the Institute is firmly plant-ed in Leeds, working alongside Leeds City Art Gallery to showcase the best art from all over the world. With recent exhibitions from great artists including Robert Filliou and Sarah Lucas, The Henry Moore Institute has become of the best art galleries in the country, and with an exhibition by Dennis Oppenheim currently occupying the space, it is set to go from strength to strength. If the art isnt enough to entice you there, maybe the fully stocked tearoom could swing it in your favour. Anyone for tea and scones? Another of Leeds most historic rites of passage is a trip to the famous Hyde Park Picture House. Labelled on its opening date of 7th November 1914 as The cosiest in Leeds, it aims to live up to that brand almost 100 years later. Hyde Park Picture House has survived the large city centre cinemas of the 1930s, the development of TV in the 1950s, video in the 80s and the multiplexes of the new Millennium, and today is stronger than ever. Showing a mixture of independent and blockbuster films at competitive prices, the Picture House appeals to a broad demographic of viewers, all the while providing the cosy expe-rience it prides itself on. With an average price of 4 a ticket, in a world of pricing spinning out of control, the Hyde Park Picture House really offers a unique experience in the heart of Hyde Park, whether its to see the next huge Hollywood hit, or the latest hush hush arthouse film to hit a minority of lucky screens.I hope this piece will give you at least a couple of ideas on how to spend a Sunday afternoon, and pull you away from the humdrum of normality, if

    The best afternoons youll ever have

    Copyright Tim Green

    th r i f t .33

    By Guy Wynn Davies

  • Take this guide, a hot jug of mulled wine and some

    compulsory warm mince pies to get

    into the festive spirit

    Seasons Greetings BuntingMaking bunting is so easy it makes you wonder how so many shabby-chic stores get away with selling the stuff at extortionate prices. The great thing about making your own bunting is that you can make it to suit your style and colour ways. To make the bunting youll need large sheets of card. Double the card up half way. With a ruler for the straight edges, draw out any seasonal phrase that takes your fancy, making sure that the top of the letter is the fold of the paper. Youll want the letters fairly large so that theyre big enough to make a statement to your guests. When youre done cut out the letters, making sure not to cut through the fold so the letters are made of doubled-up card.Take the

    parcel string and place it where the letters fold. Making sure that the letters are placed accordingly on the string Pritt-stick one side of each letter and fold down. You should now have a simple yet effective Christmas greeting to hang where you please.

    Fingerprint BaublesChristmas is a time of year dedicated to family. There can be no better way to decorate your tree than with a souvenire to represent each family member. Take a cheap plain bauble and some acrylic paint and you can transorm it into a persinalised and priceless Christmas artefact. Get each person in your household to dip a finger in acryic pain and place on the bauble. Leave to set and cover with acrylic setting varnish. These decorations will look fun and festive on your tree and will make a nice change to the boring old baubels you usueally use. You can also play around with the colours, try gold and metallics on black baubels or bright colours on all white.

    A thrifty Christmas how-toDIY Christmas

    The christmas season is in full throttle and for those with a tight budget it can be a difficult time of year. Although you cant cut-back on everything at Christmas, theres something quite satisfying when you explain to houseguests that your decorations are home-made. For those with an inner-elf hiding inside of them weve made this guide of christmas decorations you can make at home. Take this guide, a hot jug of mulled wine and some compulsory warm mince pies to get into the festive spirit...

    What youll need:1x roll of parcel string5x packets of bells1x roll of wide ribbon1x pack of cheap baubelsacrylic setting varnish2 large sheets of card

    Jingle Bell Tree DecorationsThese tree decorations are not only easy to make but look festive on the dullest of trees. Take a roll of parcel string, or any string thick enough to hold the weight of a good handful of jingle bells (you can find them in a discount craft shops such as the works). Thread the bells through the string one-by-one until you have a decent cluster to bunch up. Take one end of the string and loop it around the bells to bunch them together - youll need to sdo this a few times to keep the ball tight.Eventually the bells will group together in a ball, then knot off the end of the string and tie a loop around with the two leftover ends. This will act as the hanging mechanism for the tree. With these decorations at least youll get literal alarm bells if the cat decides to climb the tree.

    th r i f t .34

    By Fern Crawley

  • Copyright Brandy Shaul

    th r i f t .35

  • 5 Cool Alternative Gift Ideas

    As time passes, we naturally add more people to our social circle, and this often means more people added to your Christmas gift list. Whether your work colleagues are doing a secret Santa syndicate, or you find out at the last minute that your relatives are coming over to celebrate the Christmas period, sometimes your Christmas shopping list exceeds the money you had put aside to cov-er the festive giving period. However the best thing about Christmas is that it is more about the message behind the gifts, therefore almost anything is a fair gift, unlike a birthday, where one tends to expect a little more. To deal with that issue, here are some creative gifts that can be made by you, at a small price and hold a lot more meaning than a fragrance or perfume set that can be quite pricey.

    Jersey Knit BraceletMost, if not all of us have a collection of old clothes that we once loved and cherished, but we now cant imagine ourselves in, yet we still insist on keeping hold of them for one reason or another. This gift is easy to make and allows you to get creative with your old clothes. Lorna Byrne, a former Art student at the City college and fashion enthusiast explained how easy they are to create and how she came up with the idea to make herself and her friends a range of them. The very basic tools you need are some old jerseys or T-shirts, some scissors and some thread if you want to take it a step further. I thought of it when I needed an accessory to match a green t-shirt that I had recently bought. I had a jersey that was a similar shade of green so I literally just cut out a piece and put together a bracelet. My best friend thought it was cool so I made her one and the idea was born. Although the gift is simple, it can make for a quirky and cute accessory for your closer friends or family, more importantly it also allows you to give, at the cost of next to nothing.

    This Christmas

    th r i f t .36

  • Photo Pillow CaseHave you ever had your T-shirt printed? Well why not try your pillowcase. This may take a little more effort than simply going to the shop and purchasing a gift, but it will certainly cost a lot less and mean much more to the receiver than a pair of shoes or a gift card for a standard retail store. Photographer and Leeds Metro-politan student Masiye Kapenda said: This clever and intimate idea will let the person take a trip down memory lane and at the same time add a classy touch to the room they put it in. Photos get lost or sometimes they just dont have a place to stay in a room, but putting them on pillow cases keeps them safe and gives them a useful position in the house. A gift of this sort is also better suited to close friends and family.

    The black and white finish allows versatility and looks more pro-fessional, however with the right photos, a coloured one could equally work. To make this:-take the photo- scan and upload it to your com-puter- place the image in an 8 x 11 Microsoft Word document-Adjust the image as desired and leave a half-inch border around it for seam allowance- Print onto an ink-jet fabric which can be purchased for 6.99 for five 8 x 11 sheets on Am-azon -Stitch around the pillow and add more stuffing if necessary This is a unique idea and a gift that will last for a long time.

    th r i f t .37

  • Photo Gift WrapAlthough it may not be a gift in itself, this one can help to enhance the thoughtfuless of a standard gift to make it special. Instead of using a generic sheet of wrapping paper from the local store, why not cre-ate your own personalized gift wrap? If there are two things that almost everybody likes, then they are exclusivity and good memories. You can easily put these two in one and cover up any standard gifts that you might have been slightly ashamed to put under the Christmas tree, or exchange in your work office. Its a very simple concept that will add value to anything. To make this, all you would need is some brown paper wrap, a photo of the person that you are giving it to and either Sellotape or glue to stick the photo on the front. However it is important that you use blue-tack in the wrapping process as you want to make it as easy and tidy for them to unwrap and avoid tearing the paper. This will give the receiver the opportunity to keep the wrapping paper and perhaps use it again for something else if they like it enough. Again, a black and white photo against the brown canvas gives a more professional look, but colour in the right photo could work just as well.

    Personalised Coffee Mug Usually the older people get, the harder it becomes to get them something that you wont find unused by the time it gets to summer. Its also difficult to get somebody who seemingly has everything, or has the means to acquire all the things that they desire a gift. Nevertheless, if your intended gift receiver has even the slightest addiction to either tea or coffee, there isnt any-thing out there better than a personalized coffee mug. This is another very simple idea that can carry a lot of meaning. To make this one, either purchase a single mug (if your budget is really tight) or a set from a supermarket, a set of Sharpie pens (which come with a range of different colours) and a flex-ible template if your free handwriting isnt great. This idea works best when applied to a series of mugs, giving you the chance to write multiple different messages. The black coloured pen usu-ally stands well against most coloured mugs, but if you or your receiver has a distinct colour preference, the sharpie range of pens allows you to satisfy that. Done properly, this gift can be very special.

    th r i f t .38

  • Jumper BagBefore you next do a wardrobe clearance and part ways with a cool jumper or hoodie thats still in good condition, but is either too small or has a minor defect that stops you from wearing it, consider this idea.

    If its not for yourself, it could make a great Christmas gift for your friends with a little cutting and stitching. The great thing about jumpers is that the main design or logo is normally in the mid section of the torso, allowing you to make cuts from both the bottom and the top.

    To make this creative gift, all you would need is the jumper itself of course, some scissors, a shoulder strap, either home-made or bought and some stitching equip-ment.

    This is how you do it:-Cut the sleeves off and stitch the holes with colour co-ordinating thread- Cut the hood off, or extend the head gap if necessary-Stitch the bottom of the jumper to seal the base of the bag- Sew on the strap-Add string, a Zip or Velcro for your clos-ing mechanism This project can cost less than 10.00 de-pending on how you modify it, but when its executed correctly, it can look really nice and be really useful too!- Sew on the strap-Add string, a Zip or Velcro for your clos-ing mechanism.

    Just because you can not afford to spend a fortune on your loved ones, does not mean you dont care. With a bit of spare time and a little talent you can create the perfect gift.

    th r i f t .39

    By Farai Shongedza

  • Photograph Copyright of Tim Green