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"Your visual resume is a showcase of what you learned so far at FS or elsewhere, work you have done in and out of school, and your qualities and skills in terms of work ethic, technical abilities, communication/presenting skills, teamwork, etc. The goal is for you to recognize your own strengths and to highlight those strengths by presenting them in a visual way."

Transcript of This Is Full Sail

  • 1. This IsFullSail!By: Victor A. Castillo

2. I lovevideogames... 3. ...I lovesports... 4. ...I lovewriting... 5. ...but I REALLY love music! 6. Especially making it! 7. So why notcombine itall?!! 8. This Is Full Sail. 9. This is wherecreators,innovatorsandentrepreneurslet theirCREATIVITYsoar. 10. This wasmycalling. 11. The onlineplatform hastaught me how to be professional, 12. a self motivated learner with the convenienceof my education revolving around ME, 13. & mostimportantly, 14. TheOpportunityto perfect my craft. 15. This Is Full Sail. 16. This ismy lifenow... 17. & with justoneclick... 18. It can be yours too! 19. SOURCESSlide 1: Untitled by Pirateheist. Retrieved from 2: Malon Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time by ArtumeMoon. Retrieved from 3: Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis & Haloti Ngata - St. Louis Rams. Retrieved from Http:// 4: Type & Write by RDS. Retrieved from 5 & 6: Pro Tools 8 - Mix Window by Vincent L. Retrieved from 7: Nintendo World Store, Rockefeller Center, NY - Nintendo Rewards Display by likearadiowave. Retrieved from 8: Full Sail Live Venue by Full Sail University. Retrieved from 9: Untitled by pirateheist. Retrieved from 10: Full Sail University: Film by Pirateheist. Retrieved from 11: Business Team Showing Thumbs Up by Saleem Alathur. Retrieved from 12 & 13: Max Klingensmith. Retrieved from 14: Music Studio by Vicenzo Montapponii. Retrieved from 15: Full Sail University. Retrieved from 16: Full Sail Live by Orlando Mendez. Retrieved from 17: Steven Paul Jobs by Dylan Roscover. Retrieved from 18: Full Sail University. Retrieved from