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Here's a deck I put together for a client to help their internal team understand the benefits of embracing technology.The document notes indicate where I've cribbed ideas and/or images from. I'm sure it has typos, and some of the ideas could be refined further, but hey… who has time for perfection?In the spirit of the internet, feel free to use what I've created as you please. A shout-out would be nice.

Transcript of Thinking digitally

  • 1. Thinking digitally.May 2012
  • 2. Contents Change is in the air Trends How to think digitally Supporting digital thinking Thought starters Recommended reading list
  • 3. Change is in the air.
  • 4. Evolution Digital Camera in Camera camera phone Bookstores eBooks Facebook Letter Email Post
  • 5. Evolve or dieEvolve or dieNo other industry lives by this credo more than digital.But its not really about being digital.Its about being open to change.
  • 6. reject status quoEvolve or dieFree video calls
  • 7. reject status quoEvolve or dieFree video callsStrangers investing in your business Everything Richard Branson has done,Strangers giving you money ever,
  • 8. reject status quoEverything Richard Branson does
  • 9. Trends.
  • 10. Social is everywhere More brand touchpoints than ever before People and companies interact directlyWhich means:We expect immediate responses & issueresolution
  • 11. Infinite networksIt was never what you knew.But its no longer who you know but who your friend of a friend knows.Which means: Its essential to befindable online and everywhere.
  • 12. Everything always available Cloud networks mean we have access to everything, anywhere, anytime Contacts, eBooks, music, sales databases, documentsWhich means: Info & systems need to beavailable so teams can meet expectations
  • 13. Good enogh revolution Mp3s trump CDs Fast + good idea > perfectionWhich means: We need to value sharinginfo over perfection
  • 14. Why embrace digital thinking? Travel is a digital pioneer Its how business is done todayIts not *just* about embracing digital.Its about embracing what digital stands for.
  • 15. Ok, fine.But how do you think digitally?
  • 16. Abandon perfection [Moving towards] less polished content and faster production times. In the past, all marketing materials were placed under intense scrutiny before anything was put online.
  • 17. Abandon perfection "[The content] might even have spelling mistakes in it. If its a video, it might just be a very quick, hey, here is how I tackle this problem
  • 18. Abandon perfection
  • 19. One bite at time It doesnt have to be finished
  • 20. Disrupt old ways Just because its always been done that way, doesnt mean its right. Challenge old processes by offering a leaner solution.
  • 21. Automate Automate & streamline routine or labour intensive processes. Frees up your time to do the high value stuff. Frees up your time to do the fun stuff.
  • 22. Steal ideas Look at what other organizations are doing and test ideas here. Think about what unrelated technologies could make life easier.
  • 23. ROI on your effort How much time are you putting into a task? Is the payoff worth that time? Is there something more valuable you could be doing?
  • 24. Tech is everyones job Technology has seeped into everyones job. Take ownership of it and how it impacts your work and department.
  • 25. Openness breeds innovation Open up the system. You lose some control, but you gain ideas that you never would have thought of.
  • 26. Openness breeds innovation Sample US Gov open data projects: Tool to allow U.S. citizens to access their own health data RFP-EZ: allows startups to have access to compete for government projects Open access to data from industries such as energy, education, non-profits and safety
  • 27. Get used to constant change By the time the strategic annual plan is presented and approved, at least 3 things have changed in our operating environment. Need to be nimble, flexible, and ready.
  • 28. Innovation is everyones job Embracing technology and taking ownership is table stakes. There is no its not my job or thats not for my department when it comes to improvement.
  • 29. So how do we do this?
  • 30. The fundamental requirement tosupport digital thinking at anorganizational level is not a clearshared vision.
  • 31. But is a clear, shared vision that is soingrained that its rote.
  • 32. Autonomous strategic direction Think about what happens when you drive. When driving on the highway, how much of your conscious thought is actually focused on driving?
  • 33. Autonomous strategic direction The nervous system determines the bodys response to thousands upon thousands of simultaneous inputs received from our environment. . The brain has little say in how our body responds most of the time. And this is a good thing.
  • 34. Autonomous strategic direction What if we were able to support goals with the same degree of semi- autonomous behavior as we do when we drive a car?
  • 35. Autonomous strategic direction It would mean: Junior staff relieve workload from mgmt team True empowerment OK to make mistakes Breed innovation Breeds improvement