Think it over..slowly Click your mouse to see the slides... December 2002, Life Saving Tips for 2003...

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“Think it over ..slowly” Click your mouse to see the slides... December 2002, Life Saving Tips for 2003 and Beyond (Thoughts of a larger Picture…)

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Slide 2 Think it over..slowly Click your mouse to see the slides... December 2002, Life Saving Tips for 2003 and Beyond (Thoughts of a larger Picture) Slide 3 As buildings become taller, and highways more crowded, our temperments become shorter, and points of view more narrow Slide 4 We now have lower incomes, and less morals.... These are times with LESS liberty, and less joy.... With much more food for fewer people, and far less quality and nutrition... Slide 5 We reached the Moon and came back, but we find troublesome to PRECEIVE THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY THE ALARMING 50 YEAR STAGNATING ENERGY ISSUE Slide 6 We have unprecedented scientific & technological advancement and potential BUT, WE ARE INCAPABLE OF DELIVERING CONSUMER GOODS TO THE WORLD MARKETPLACE Slide 7 A world exploding in population and needs. Where poverty, starvation, deprivation of food, water, material goods have accelerated exponentially the last 50 years. Six Billion people, in a world of seven million more inhabitants daily, fail to effectively inquire why the economy is sinking, and poverty increasing. Slide 8 Slide 9 Hard won nuclear treaties aborted, the Power of Love reversing to the Love of Power to rival the sun in glory ignoring Einsteins: after WWIII, WWIV will be fought with sticks & stones We have more medicines, but less health And can no longer afford either one There is much talk, only a little love, and lots of hate and reduced values Slide 10 We have conquered the outer space, but not our inner space. HOW MANY INSTITUTIONS WITH THE POWER TO SHAPE OUR LIVES FROM LEGAL TO GOVERNMENT TO CORPORATION TO THE NEWS MEDIA ACKNOWLEDGE, OUTLINE, COMPARE, BUILD UPON THESE THREE SCIENCES TO OUR WAY OF LIFE THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES THE MENTAL SCIENCES THE SPIRITUAL SCIENCES Possessing the same fundamental laws We no longer can conceive that civilization rests upon a scientific tri-pod Slide 11 Science is the discovery and understanding of Life and the Universe. Science is not an Opinion Science is not a Belief SCIENCE HAS TO BE FREE When Dollar becomes GOD Understanding Science becomes TOP SECRET For security reasons Slide 12 BEHAVIORS BELOW THE LEVEL OF INTELLIGENCE CAN THREATEN ALL LIFE The Accumulated Financial Wealth of the Top One Percent of Households Exceeds the Combined Wealth of the Bottom 95 Percent Cycles of History: When the Poor Come Storming Slide 13 Slide 14 So I propose that as from today Slide 15 We open our heart, mind and physical being To the discovery of life, beauty, prosperity FOR THE YEAR 2003 AND BEYOND THE UNIVERSE IS LIFE LOVE LIGHT POWER PEACE BEAUTY AND JOY Slide 16 As SETI seeks out intelligent life in the Universe Let us insure that we ourselves have intelligent life On this planet Educate not bomb Grow the economy Learn the criteria & obstacles To delivering goods to The world marketplace Question what the media says Solve the cheap almost free Energy mystery THIS MUST CEASE We do as we please, we dont care what you think, and were pleased to announce that there isnt a damn thing you can do about it (Common Dreams) (Common Dreams) Besides, we have perfected Milgrams Study in Obedience on a massive media scale of authoritative and unquestioned compliance by the masses. (the masses, scraping out a living, can do little more than 'surface skim the skim milk from the shallow media feeding tray' and OBEY.) Slide 17 FREE SCIENCE IMMEDIATELY UPGRADE ENERGY SOURCES "Scientists Say a Quest for Clean Energy Must Begin Now, New York Times, November 1, 2002 Meeting the world's rising energy needs without increasing global warming will require a research effort as ambitious as the Apollo project to put a man on the moon, a diverse group of scientists and engineers said in Science magazine today. " Let every man woman and child demand that they and their Institutions of power comply with the above Slide 18 ENERGY EVOLUTION ENERGY EVOLUTIONENERGY EVOLUTIONENERGY EVOLUTION Economic Survival Sustainable Life Saturday, December 21, 2002 DeCatalyfst Group Slide 19 NEW YORK TIMES 12/31/02 E and mc2: Equality, It Seems, Is Relative By DENNIS OVERBYE Roll over, Einstein. In science, no truth is forever, not even perhaps Einstein's theory of relativity, the pillar of modernity that gave us E=mc2. As propounded by Einstein as an audaciously confident young patent clerk in 1905, relativity declares that the laws of physics, and in particular the speed of light 186,000 miles per second are the same no matter where you are or how fast you are moving. Generations of students and philosophers have struggled with the paradoxical consequences of Einstein's deceptively simple notion, which underlies all of modern physics and technology, wrestling with clocks that speed up and slow down, yardsticks that contract and expand and bad jokes using the word "relative. Guided by ambiguous signals from the heavens, and by the beauty of their equations, a few brave or perhaps foolhardy physicists now say that relativity may have limits and will someday have to be revised. Some suggest, for example, the rate of the passage of time could depend on a clock's orientation in space, an effect that physicists hope to test on the space station. Or the speed of a light wave could depend slightly on its color, an effect, astronomers say, that could be detected by future observations of gamma ray bursters, enormous explosions on the far side of the universe. A Radial Curve of Illusion Staring us in the face through the Centuries depicted by the Sine Wave Symbol overlooked? Slide 20 EVOLUTIONARY SURVIVAL CRITERIA The Solar Hydrogen Economy Field Propulsion Natural Capitalism Global Ecology Living Systems Unveils Unlimited Growth, Sustainability, and Prosperity for All Science, Mind, & Spirits Life Energy Relationships Toward Natural Evolution The Radius of Curvature of All Natural Law the illusive curve of illusion Modulating the Gravitational Curve: The electric charges within the atom are a factor which modulates the shape of the gravitational curve of the nucleus. Magnetic and Electronic Resonance: Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field, which, at any given instant is equal in amplitude, opposite in sign, and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated. The effect is similar to, and in fact identical with a gravitational field. Force and Gravity: a symmetry exists between force and gravity as a changing magnetic field induces an electric field, a changing momentum (a force) induces a gravitational field unbalanced forces localize the zero point energy of matter Slide 21 Do not delay adding laughter and joy to your life. Tell our families and friends how much we love them. Every day, hour, and minute are special.... And you dont know if it will be your last... Consider removing phrases like One of these days and someday. Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment (Lets ensure we can keep them) to sit on your front porch and admire the view Search for knowledge, read more, demand excellence and honesty Slide 22 Take some minutes to send this message to someone you love, dont wait to send it some of these days for some of these days can be very far, or even that you will not be there to see it.... Maslovs Survival Needs must be compensated before Self-Actualization Needs can rise to the fore. Normal Energy Evolution solves the former and accelerates the latter click the hyperlinks above to Fuel and StarSteps