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Transcript of The_Word_made_Manifest_through_Sacred_Geometry

eea 1 e e e DavidHamel'sZero-PointUFOTechnology andIt'sConnectiontotheBible,theGreat PyramidandotherAncientArtifacts. Writtenby Robert Acknowledgments Heartfelt thanks tothe following who havehelpedDavid Hamelover the years,and forallof the support Ihave received in writing thisbook: David Hamel forhisdedicated effort inhis search forthetruthand forsharing it withothers,andto his wife, Nora, forher unfailing support; Jeff Moreney, Dan LaRochelle, Michael Longo,Chris Felton, Robin Boyd, JerryBrady, Mike Parks, JohnGearey,Rob Shafer,GeneGonzales, Justin Szymanek, Don Hutter, Tracey Jones, JeaneManning, andPierre Sinclaire for their time andtalents inassisting me inthis project; Special thankstoLinda Felton forher countless hourstyping themanuscript,andtomy wife, Ann, for her guidance andunderstanding; Also,thankstoRonMurray, TonyHoward,Lennyand AlClark, Tom Kosaka,Hans Peterman,Rolf Schatzmann, Waser Andre, Bob andJohn Beck,David Beatty, Carmen Alvarez, Abeland Marlene MamanOrfali, Mirta Zamora, Zbigniew Bulgajewski, Zecharia Sitchin, Bill andMar Gabourie,Steven Dufresne, Bruse Daniels, Steve Hiscock, Marcel Messier, Johnarpin, G.Conway, Mike Roche, Andy Gorgerat, Paul Fulcher,RudyLangen, Tom Bearden, Ole Jensen, AZ Industries,LarryJ.Baker, Doug Edwards,andtheLight House Cafe fortheir support. Contents Acknowledgments Photographs and IllustrationslX Tables xvii IntroductionXlX Chapter I "I'm building aship like Noah with technology from the Ancients" David's Story byJeaneManning1 Chapter 2 The Seven Hermetic Principles25 I.The Principle of Mentalism26 II.The Principle of Polarity26 III.The Principle of Correspondence26 IV.The Principle of Cause andEffect27 V.The Principle of Rhythm27 VI.The Principle of Vibration28 VII.The Principle of Gender28 Chapter 3 Genesis Model - Creation of the Seed of Life fromthe Star29 The Story of Creation29 29 Forces withintheSeedof Life38 Star of David39 Color Mixing40 Pigment Mixing41 Chapter 4 Tree of Life, the Second Creation Model43 Q8.ra1ah45 RiverOut of Eden49 Pathof theFlaming Sword asElectrical Circuit51 Electronic Circuit by Jefj'Morency53 iii Three Pillars on the Treeof Life 54 Electromagnetic Spectrum 55 Chapter 5 Mathematics of Genesis - The Golden Mean Proportion57 Fibonacci Series57 GoldenMeanRectangle59 Diameter of Seed of Life62 TheGoldenMeanProportion inArchitectureandNature64 Chapter 6 The Seed of Life Within Adam and His Descendants67 The First Cycle Numerical Sequence of Adam toNoahDetemines the Righteous inSodomandGomorrah - Code forExplaining the Diameter of theSeed of LifeandRelationtoMan67 The SecondCycle Sequence of NoahtoAbram Explains theExpansion of the Seed71 Abram - PolarityShifts inCreation Model76 Iniationof AbrahamandSarah - TheDivine Spark Energizes theSeed79 Gematria79 Fibonacci Spiral and Timing of theDivine Spark intheBible86 Forty-unit Cycles96 Chapter 7 The Star Which Gives Life to Creation97 The Squaring of theCircle97 Comparing Seed and Star Size98 Phi Progression of Pengram105 Triangles Contained withinthePentagram107 Multidimensional Pentagrams andPentagons Showing 0Progression108 Three Spirals110 Comparing theGreat Pyramid tothePentagram and Seed113 The Squaring of theCircle fortheGreat Pyramid123 j0 ProgressionWithintheGreat Pyramid124 j0 Relationship fortheBent PyramidatDashour125 EgyptianPyramidof Unas126 Purpose of theInner ChambersandPassageways WithintheGreat Pyramid128 iv The RelationshipBetweenPhi (0) andPi (n ) '[hroughthe TwoCreationVersions Chapter 8 Multidimensional Model of Circles and Squares Chapter 9 Infinite Series Chapter 10 The Meaning of Numbers Opposites 1 and8 Opposites 2and7 Opposites 3and 6 Opposites 4and 5 Nines Chapter 11 Sound Circle - Music of the Spheres Within the Genesis Model SoundCircle andPrime Numbers Frequencies fromtheStar toNourishtheSeed Isotope Line inCreation SoundCircle Frequencies andCelestialObjects SoundCircle Frequencies and Their RelationshiptoImportant Time Frames andSacredMeasurements SoundCircle Frequencies andGematria SoundCircle Frequencies Maximize Harmonics Polar Opposite Numbers Chapter 12 Stonehenge isthe Seed of Life Chapter 13 Masculine Three-dimensional Creation Model Platonic SolidOpposites andTheir Relationshiptothe Primary Elements Cuboctahedron, a Neutral System Spin Axis of Platonic Solids andtheCuboctahedron Platonic Solids andCuboctahedron asEqual RadiusSpheres andTheir ProgressionintheSeed PolarityCharacteristics of Platonic Solids v 128 133 137 145 148 151 151 153 154 155 175 182 184 185 188 190 198 200 203 213 214 218 219 222 224 225 235 241 The Expressions of Creation Chapter 14 Three-dimensional Model of the Star Chapter 15 Three-dimensional Model of the Tree of Life Chapter 16 Masculine Three-dimensional Model of Genesis Chapter 17 Feminine Creation Model-The Marco Rodin Toroid Chapter 18 The Genesis Model is the Theory of Everything Chapter 19 The Work of David Hamel Tree of LifeExperiment Treeof Life with Amplified Vibration Weight intoSpeed Chapter 20 Book of the Dead Chapter 21 Ark of the Covenant Chapter 22 Galaxy Trinity General Notes GalaxyTrinity Components First Stage - Power PinionSizes SecondStage - Controls, Tapping thePower Magnetohydrodynamics by Dan LaRochelle Chapter 23 Galaxy Trinity Revealed in Ezekiel and Revelation EzekielChapter 1 vi 243 249 273 279 280 287 288 291 j u ~311 313 313 318 332 336 350 355 355 Ezekiel Chapter 10358 RevelationChapter 4359 RevelationChapter 11360 RevelationChapter 21361 TheDimensions of Paradise362 BibHography365 Afterword371 vii Photographs and Illustrations Chapter 1 Figure1-1:Imperial RussianMilitary Medal - Order of theWhite Eagle Figure 1-2:Photographof ship frommicrofilm Figure1-3:Photographof elevated ship Figure1-4:Photograph of ship departing Chapter 2 Figure 2-1:Sine wave curve Chapter 3 Figure 3-1:Genesis1:1 Figure 3-2:Genesis1:3-5, "The First Day" Figure 3-3:Genesis1:6-8, "The SecondDay" Figure3-4:Genesis1:9-13, "The Third Day" Figure 3-5:Genesis1:14-19, "The FourthDay" Figure 3-6:Genesis1:20-23, "The FifthDay" Figure 3-7:Genesis1:24-31, "The Sixth Day" Figure 3-8:Genesis1:1-31, "The Genesis Model" Figure 3-9:Forces withintheSeed of Life Figure 3-10:Forces withinthe Vesica Pisces Figure 3-11:Star of David Figure 3-12:Color mixing Figure 3-13:Pigment mixing Figure 3-14:Forces shown throughpigment mixing Chapter 4 Figure 4-1:Hermetic Qabalah. The TenHolySephiroth ontheTree of Life Figure 4-2:The Tree of Life containedwithinthe Seed of Life Figure 4-3: Three triangles withinthe Tree of Life Figure 4-4:The fourrivers out of Eden withinthe Tree of Life Figure 4-5: The Path of theFlaming Sword Figure 4-6:Maximum energy transmissionat resonance Figure 4-7: The forcesbetween thethree pillars onthe Tree of Life IX 9 16 21 23 27 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 41 41 42 44 45 48 50 52 53 54 Figure 4-8:Electromagnetic spectrum of visiblelight,showing the wavelength of colored light andits relationtotheSephiroth 55 Chapter 5 Figure 5-1:Dividing of a line segment bythe0ratio 59 Figure 5-2:GoldenMeanRectangle inunitsof "x" 59 Figure 5-3:GoldenMeanRectanglebased on unity(1) 61 Figure 5-4:Diameter of theSeed of Life 62 Figure 5-5: Parthenon - Athens 65 Figure 5-6:0proportion inhuman body 65 Figure 5-7: Approximate0progression of thehumanarmandhand 66 Chapter 6 Figure 6-1:Sequence fromAdamtoMahalaleel 68 Figure 6-2:Expansion of theSeed 72 Figure 6-3:Flower of Life symbol 73 Figure 6-4:ForcesWithintheFlower of Life 74 Figure 6-5: The Gardenof Life 76 Figure 6-6:Symbolism concerning thenature of the Seed77 Figure 6-7:Righteous inSodom andGomorrah 86 Figure 6-8:Fibonacci Spiral within theBible - Part 1 87 Figure 6-9:Fibonacci Spiral withintheBible - Part 288 Figure 6-10:Fibonacci SineCurve withintheBible89 Chapter 7 Figure 7-1: The Squaring of a Circle representing theSeed and Star98 Fignrf'7-,)'Thf'"171"nf thf'.'hr tnt h ~ t nf thp'PPrl1nn Figure 7-3:Star andcorresponding Seed102 Figure 7-4:The GenesisModel withdimensions based on0103 Figure 7-5:A17th CenturyPlate fromthe"Azoth Philosophorium"104 Figure7-6:Pentagram and pentagon showing theadvancement of0106 Figure7-7:Five isoscelestrianglescontained within thepentagram107 Figure 7-8:Multidimensional pentagrams and pentagons showing0progression109 Figure 7-9:Logarithmic pentagram spiraladvancing thereceding at0 2 110 Figure 7-10:Logarithmic spiral using pentagramtriangles advancing or receding at0111 Figure7-11:Logarithmic GoldenMeanRectangle spiral112 x Figure 7-12:Cross-section of theGreat Pyramid showing chambers, passageways,air shafts andconnectiontostars114 Figure 7-13:Constellation of Orion116 Figure 7-14:The Memphite necropolis - Pyramid Fields fromAbu RoashtoDahshur116 Figure 7-15:Progression of Al Nitak's precessional cycle and0117 Figure 7-16: The Great Pyramid118 Figure 7-17:Great Pyramid's cross-section B-H-E119 Figure7-18:Side of Great Pyramid A-H-C120 Figure 7-19:Great Pyramiddiagonal A-H-D120 Figure 7-20: The SeedandStar withintheGreat Pyramidcross-section123 Figure7-21:10 progression withintheGreat Pyramid124 Figure 7-22:The Bent Pyramidat Dashour126 Figure 7-23:Pyramid of Unas127 Figure 7-24: The Masculine Model129 Figure 7-25: The Feminine Model129 Figure 7-26: The ExpandedFeminine Model130 Chapter 8 Figure 8-1:Multi-dimensional model of circles andsquares133 Chapter 10 Figure10-1: Nine circledpairs147 Figure10-2:Patterns created byindividual numbers147 Figure10-3:Patterns createdbyopposite pairs148 Figure10-4:Opposites 1 and8 provide thegeometry forthedoubling of theSeed150 Figure10-5:Opposites 3 and6 provide thegeometry forthehexagram152 Figure10-6:Opposites 4 and5 provide thegeometry fortheSquaring of theCircle153 Chapter 11 Figure11-1:Chromatic Scale156 Figure11-2:Circle of Fifths156 Figure11-3: ExpandedCircle of Fifths157 Figure11-4:Star of David withintheSound Circle158 Figure 11-5: The Chromatic Sound Circle160 Figure 11-6: The Tangents of GematrianNumbers161 Figure11-7:Sound Circle #1162 Xl Figure11-8: Sine wave frequenciesandtheir relationshiptothepitches onthemusical scale165 Figure11-9: Sound Circle #2167 Figure11-10: Vertexes of thepentagons168 Figure 11-11:Pitches ona sine wave 169 Figure11-12: Octaves inunitsof 4174 Figure 11-13:Harmonic maximum andminimums within theSound Circle180 Figure11-14: Number wheel showing minimum and maximum harmonics181 Figure11-15:Minimum andmaximumharmonics locatedona sine curve182 Figure11-16: Hexagrams withintheone-octave sound circle182 Figure11-17:Hexagrams withintheseven-octave soundcircle183 Figure11-18: Squares within the sound circle184 Figure11-19: Vibrating Seed184 Figure11-20: "Isotope Line" withintheSeed of Life185 Figure11-21: The EarthandMoon's musical connection totheGreat Pyramid187 Chapter 12 Figure12-1: Stonehenge204 Figure12-2: Seed of Life inScaleC206 Figure12-3: Seed of LifeinScaleG208 Figure12-4: Squaring of theCircle forStonehenge209 Figure12-5:Heptagram defining thelocationsof Aubrey,Sarsen,andBluestone Circles withinStonehenge210 Figure12-6:Heptagram211 Chapter 13 Figure13-1:Geometry of Methane,CH 4214 Figure13-2: The cube andoctahedron formtherhombic dodecahedron214 Figure13-3: Theicosahedron (blue)ontheleft andthepentagonal dodecahedron (green) enclosing the star tetrahedron(burgundy) on theright215 Figure 13-4: The icosadedronandpentagonal dodecahedron formtherhombic triacontrahedron (red)216 Figure 13-5:One faceof the rhomic tricontrahedron217 Figure 13-6: The male and femaletetrahedron formingthe star tetrahedron(burgundy)217 Figure 13-7:The cuboctahedron219 Figure 13-8: TheMasculine CreationModel- GenesisChapter 1221 Figure13-9:Startetrahedronandtetrahedronasspheres222 Figure 13-10: Octahedronandcubeasspheres223 xii Figure13-11: Icosahedronanddodecahedronasspheres 223 Figure13-12:Cuboctahedron asspheres 224 Figure13-13: Spark points withintheFlower of Life228 Figure13-14: Forces of each spark point228 Figure13-15: Neutral lines withintheReducedMultiplication Table229 Figure13-16: The Seed of Life within theReducedMultiplication Table230 Figure13-17:Circles andsquares representing thefundamentalforceswithinthe ReducedMultiplication Table 231 Chapter 14 Figure14-1:Stellar icosahedron235 Figure14-2:Stellar dodecahedron236 Figure14-3:Multiple dimensions of theStar237 Figure14-4: Twelve pentagrams ontheCircle of Fifths238 Chapter 15 Figure15-1: Three-dimensional model of the Tree of Life241 Chapter 16 Figure16-1:Masculine three-dimensional model of Genesis244 Figure16-2:Flower of Life andcorresponding Star246 Chapter 17 Figure17-1: Toroid - Feminine Creation Model249 Figure17-2: Toroids250 Figure17-3:Forward doubling circuit loop251 Figure17-4:Forwardandreversedoubling circuit252 Figure17-5:Foward doubling circuit (5)252 Figure17-6:"S's" mirror image- reverse doubling circuit (2)252 Figure17-7: The infinity symbol isformedfromthe forwardandreversedoubling circuits253 Figure17-8: Toroid cross-sectioncontained withintheSeed andGardenof Life253 Figure17-9: Toroidsrotated30 degrees fromFigure17-8254 Figure17-10: Yin-Yang symbol254 Figure17-11: ReducedFibonacci Sequence asa continuous loop containing fourcircuits256 Figure17-12: Familygroup withinthedecimal numbering system257 Figure17-13: The Seed of Life contained withintheplanview of theNorthernHemisphere of thetorus260 Xlll Figure17-14:Plan View of theNorthern Hemisphere of theRodin Toroid witha numbering system basedontheReducedFibonacci Sequence, the four primary element circuits, andtheReducedMultiplication Table 261 Figure17-15: The fourprimary element circuits surrounding each number 9262 Figure17-16: Earthcircuit262 Figure17-17:Flow lines of matter along the skin of a toroid263 Figure17-18:Air circuit263 Figure17-19: Earthcircuit withintheaircircuit264 Figure17-20:Water or magnetic circuit264 Figure17-21:Fire circuit265 Figure 17-22:Forward andreversedoubling circuit within the firecircuit265 Figure17-23:Onehalf of thefirecircuit showing advancement by 2266 Figure17-24: 2x2 and3x3diamond tilesasexamples of balance and symmetry267 Figure17-25: 2 x 2 diamondtiles268 Figure17-26: 3 x 3diamondtiles269 Figure17-27: 4 x 4 diamond tiles270 Figure17-28: 5x 5diamondtiles271 Chapter 18 Figure 18-1: Timeline of multiple Big Bang events274 Figure18-2:Matter-Anti-matter conversion276 Figure18-3:Binding of thenucleus invibration277 Chapter 19 Figure19-1: Treeof LifeExperiment280 Figure19-2:Movable base - plan view281 Figure19-3:Side view cupandsphere281 Figure19-4:Magnetic forcesbalancing and lifting thethreecones282 Figure19-5: The threecones contained withintheSeed283 Figure19-6: Tree of Life experiment (exterior view)284 Figure19-7: Cones285 Figure19-8: Cylinder magnets opposite cone magnets286 Figure19-9: Cones withinthecylinder286 Figure19-10:Base containing granite spheres andcapacitor287 Figure 19-11: Tree of Life withamplified vibration288 Figure19-12:Weight intoSpeed289 XIV Figure19-13: Weight intoSpeed Model 2 290 Chapter 20 Figure20-1:Papyrus of Ani,Plate 2,The Book of Going ForthbyDay292 Figure 20-2:Hymnof Praise toRe,Famous EgyptianPapyri295 Figure 20-3: The Papyrus of Ani,Famous EgyptianPapyri297 Figure 20-4:Part of Spell 17, The Ancient Egyptian299 Figure 20-5:Part of Spell 125, The Ancient Egyptian300 Figure 20-6:Papyrus of Ani,Plate 31, The Book of Going ForthbyDay301 Figure 20-7:Part of Spell 125, The Ancient Egyptian302 Figure 20-8:Papyrus of Ani,Plate18, The Book of Going ForthbyDay303 Chapter 21 Figure 21-1:Relationship of the TenCommandments withtheSephirothontheTree of Life306 Figure 21-2:David Hamel's interpretation of the Ark of theCovenant, side view307 Figure 21-3:David Hamel's interpretationof theArk of theCovenant,planview308 Figure 21-4:Caduceus309 Chapter 22 Figure 22-1:Rendereddrawing of theGalaxy Trinity311 Figure 22-2:Connecting granite blocks312 Figure 22-3:Floating teeassembly320 Figure 22-4a:Stainless steel rodinside vortextee321 Figure 22-4b.Donut magnet forf10atingteeassembly(5)321 Figure 22-5:Windturbine fromrotating wings322 Figure 22-6:PlanView - air returntofirst stage breather323 Figure 22-7:First stage lower wing cross-section(3)324 Figure 22-8:First stage - outer ring plan view325 Figure 22-9:First stage outer ring bottom pinion cross-section326 Figure 22-10:First stage - inner ring plan view (18)327 Figure 22-11:First stage inner ring sphere andcup cross-section (18)328 Figure 22-12:First stage breather andinner cone -lower wing planview (3)329 Figure 22-13:First stage breather andinner cone -lower wing cross-section(3)330 Figure 22-14: Top wing (2)330 Figure 22-15:Inner portion of lower wing (3) showing granite cups (19),horizontal cross(7), andfloatingtee(5)331 xv Figure 22-16:Lower wing (3)331 Figure22-17:Pinion sizes332 Figure 22-18:First stage pinionandcupdesign(23and27)334 Figure 22-19:First stage sphere andcup design(19)335 Figure 22-20:Weight into speed336 Figure 22-21:First tosecond stage lower wing bellows (32)338 Figure 22-22:First tosecond stage magnetic pivot point (35and37)339 Figure22-23:Second tothird stage magnetic pivot point (51and 53)340 Figure 22-24:Third stage magnetic pivot point (69and71)341 Figure 22-25:Air supply fromsecond-stage breather tosecond-stage wings - plan view342 Figure 22-26:Second stage pinionandcupdesign (45and 46)343 Figure22-27: Third stage middle pinion andcupdesign(64)344 Figure22-28:Third stage pinion andcupdesign(63and64)345 Figure 22-29:Air supply fromthird stage breather tothird stage wings - plan view346 Figure22-30:Wing vibrationbrake347 Figure22-31:Air exiting shipatbase348 Figure22-32:Whitehole phase showing airtraveling through openings349 Figure 22-33:Magnetohydrodynamics350 Chapter 23 Figure 23-1: The relationshipbetween theNew Jerusalem andtheEarth363 xvi Tables Chapter 5 Table 5-1: Table for Advancement of0 63 Table 5-2: The Seed of Life Times the VariousDimensions of064 Chapter 6 Table 6-1:TheGenerations of Adam 67 Table 6-2: TheGenerations of Noah 71 Table 6-3:Hebrew Alphabet 80 Chapter7 Table 7-1:Comparing Great PyramidandPentagram Angle121 Chapter 10 Table10-1:Multiplication Table145 Table10-2:ReducedMultiplication Table145 Table 10-3:PairedStarburst146 Chapter 11 Table11-1:Musical Intervals159 Table 11-2:PitchFrequencies areMultiples of Nine164 Table11-3:Relationship Between Pitches inScaleD166 Table11-4:HarmonyBetween Pitches170 Table11-5:Divisionof SoundCircle #1Into Three Units of Four Per Octave170 Table11-6: Ascending Octaves of PitchD171 Table11-7:PatternChange fromOneChromatic Octave tothe Next of theLast Digit Only174 Table 11-8:DivisionBetweenD4andD#4175 Table 11-9:Number ProgressionShowing Multiples of 6andthePrime Numbers176 Table11-10:Numbers Definedby6n 1 That AreNot Prime Numbers178 Table11-11:Greek Alphabet190 Chapter 13 Table13-1:Spin Axis219 Table 13-2: Progression of the Vertexes of theStar Tetrahedron within"Creation"226 Chapter 17 Table17-1:Doubling Circuit250 xvii Table 17-2:Four Circuits withintheReducedFibonacci Sequences255 Table17-3:Binomial Expansion257 Table17-4:Pascal's Triangle258 Table17-5:Pascal's Triangle Showing0Advancement258 Table17-6:Reduced Pascal Triangles'Connection toBase10259 xviii Introduction The Torahiscomprised of the firstfivebooks intheOld Testament. It definesthe structure of the universeatboth the microscopic andmacroscopic levelsthroughtheuniversal language of mathematics. Our multidimensional universe can be describedinterms of geometric models based on the Storyof Creation. Genesis chapter 1 describes a step-by-step process forcreating atwo-dimensionalmodel of the Seed of Life and the Star which energizes it,based on theHermetic Principles. The design is shown on the front cover of thisbook.Each verse can be usedtolabela portion of the figure.I believe theauthors of theBible understoodthisand encoded, within the generations of Adam,the primary details concerning the relationship between the Seed and Star, based onnature. Adam was created inthe likeness andimage of God,and their relationship canbe mathematically defined bycomparing the Seed and Star.Thisnumber code describes itssize withunitsbased on phi (0) (masculine principle), how it expands (feminine-doubling principle), shifts polarity, energizes at the neutral point andtiming of thedivine spark. The spark's timing corresponds with12 significant Biblical events. Three of these are:God renaming Abram toAbraham and lacob toIsrael astheir initiations;and the Israelites receiving the Ten Commandments. These occurrences are musically connected tothe one-half cycle locations along aFibonacci spiral tying together theOld and New Testaments. * * * Inearly1996, I became aware of the fascinating story of David Hamel throughabook that chronicled his life,TheGranite Man and the Butterfly)by 1eane Manning andPierre Sinclaire. I was so impressed that I wrote David along letter explaining themanysimilarities betweenhislife and mine and myinterest inhiswork.He invited me tovisit him and his wife, Nora,attheir residence inOntario, Canada, inlate1996. I have since visited them on three other occasions. David Hamel isaCanadian citizen bornin1925.In1975, hehadanout-of-bodyexperience during which he was taken aboard a UFO. He met withthreealiens:a womannamed A,a man named On,and A's husband, Arkan. These individuals looked like normal human beings. They spoke tohim telepathicallyand told him theyhad been observing his life. They saidtheywould answer anyquestions hehad andhe could inspect the ship, if he desired. David was particularly interested in theUFO's formof propulsion which at first was totally puzzling tohim.He was toldthistechnology was encoded inmany of our ancient artifacts,including Stonehenge andtheGreat Pyramid, but that people don't seemtounderstand.He was askedtostudyand work with xix these principles for thebenefit of mankind.David built several models inthe1970s and1980s (described inupcoming chapters), where he wasable toverify the technology with guidance fromA,On,and Arkan. David isnow istheprocess of building a three-stage ship whichhecalls,"Galaxy Trinity." Inthe 1970s, hebuilt a similar device consisting of the firststage only whichunexpectedly elevated and disappeared fromhisview. The onlyevidence hehad were a few pictures taken fromhiscamera asit departed. At first,it wasdifficult forme tounderstand hisunorthodox explanations concerning themotor force of these crafts.He referred me totheBible on many occasions and said, "The answersare right there in the Bible. The Bible isa book aboutnature. The work I am doing isallabout copying nature." I wasnever one topay muchattentiontothe Bible. I heard the Gospeland Epistle readingsat Catholic church services and figuredthat wasabout enough.I reasoned it would be a waste of time reading the entire Bible, because I wastoo busy reading metaphysical and science books trying tosolve themystery of UFO propulsion.I decided totakehim upon hischallenge tosee if,in fact,the Bible reveals theinformation I waslooking for,and Iasked God todirect me inthis endeavor. The Bible can be understood atmanydifferent levels.Mysearch goesbeyond the story formto discover theunderlying principles. The tooltodothis ismathematics, the only pure language. I made the following assumptions, based onDavid's comments thathis work and the Bible are compatible, inorder todiscover theanswers: 1.The explanation must bevery simple andbasic. 2.Genesischapter 1 would definethe model. The remainder of the Bible would build on this framework. 3.Discover convincing evidence fromancient artifacts,such asStonehenge, theGreat Pyramid, and The Book of theDead, whichpoint tothistechnologyand tie it directly tothe Bible. 4.David's work can bereverse engineered back tothe core principles of the Bible. 5.The answer can bedescribed interms of geometric two- and three-dimensional models and beyond and ispatterned after the platonic solids. 6.The model's basic unitsof measure would bebased on the 0(phi) ratioand 1C (pi). They areeach other's opposites and aretwo of nature's constants. 7.These models canbe definedbyNumerology,Number Theory, and Gematria. 8.The models would bethebasis of theQabalah. 9.The Seven Hermetic Principles would form the foundation for thisdesign. xx 10. The functioning of the models would be based ona musical scale,toconnect metaphysics and science. David's interpretation of thedesign of the Ark of theCovenant isalsobased on thesesame principles. TheCaduceus of Staff of Hermes definesthe operation. Several drawings fromtheBook of theDeadarealso possible variations of theCaduceus. The designof theGalaxyTrinityisbased onthis knowledge of theSeed of Life. It formsa series resonant circuit which gives the Seed its abilityto functioninharmony withthe StaL The Bible describesthiscircuit inGenesis 3:24,((sohe droveout the man; and he placed at the east of the garden ofEden Cherubims,and a flaming sword which turned every way,tokeep theway of thetree of life. "David said concerning Galaxy Trinity,"You are building your ownuniverse." Ezekiel's whirlwind vision bythe river Chebar andSt.John's visioninRevelation bothdescribe a possible experience with a space ship, similar toDavid's experience. I don't claim tohave all of theanswers, but I amtrying toprovide a working theorytoexplainmy assumptions. This isa work in progress and rather than saythisisthe wayI think it isthroughout the book,itisimplied. The next step istoproveDavid's experiments toadd validitytohiswork. This book ismysearch forthe TRUTH, toattempt todiscover God's plan formankind.What isthe framework bywhichallof life evolves?Mankind seems tobe inthedark onso many basic concepts. Lifecan be somuch more. xxi Chapter 1 "I'm building a ship like Noahwith technology from the ancients" David's Story by Jeane Manning British Columbia, February 2, 1999 David Hamel's gravely voice booms across thetelephone lines fromOntario."They told me Stonehenge was a base tobuild a ship on.Yes,tobuild a UFO ... " I reach for mynote-taking tablet.The familiarFrench-Canadian accent on the phone continues, describing more memories. It's been four years since our mutual friend,Pierre Sinclaire, co-authored and published TheGranite Man and the Butterfly, the storyof David's inspiring encounter. Inthemeantime home-building,business and familyresponsibilities forcedPierre toshelve thenow-rusting prototype of anenergygenerator that he was building according tothe older man's instructions.Out east inrural Ontario,David isstill struggling torecreate a spacecraft.Occasionallyheremembers more detailsof the knowledge that other-worldly beings impressed onhim more than20 yearsago.Details suchas "pay attentiontoancient artifacts." Now a general contractor from Washington State, Robert Thomas hasstepped intohelp.Robert hasa Bachelor of Science degree inCivil Engineering fromtheUniversityof Washington. He willbe writing a book froma different perspective, and Pierre isgenerously sharing photos and information. Now over thetelephone David is explaining more about the artwork I'd seen on the walls of his house - replicas of Egyptian paintings. His comments conclude with"That's allmydear." Unceremoniously, David hangsupthe phone. My fileof notes hasgrownthicker andit's time tohand it over tosomeone else.Robert Thomas has asked me tosum upDavid's incredible storyina chapter or two forthisnew book so that he can present hisown findings whichindicate that ancient knowledge isindeedresurfacing throughtoday's "contactees," such asDavid Hamel. * * * Whyhavethe findingsof a man who describeshimself asa simple carpenter become a topic of study forengineers? How dida 74-year-old man living the rockybushland of ruralOntario become a wellknownname on the "New Energy" websites?"Why me?" isDavid's own humble question whenhe thinksabout the events of one night inOctober 1975. Perhaps he was chosen fora mission because those who chose him had already observed hisqualities of heart andspirit. 1 On May14,1924, inRosemont,Quebec,David Pierre Hamel was born into a large familywho struggled tosurvive ina depressed economy. Hehad to leave hisschooling in theninth grade to look for work.At thetime,perhaps due totheshortage of foodat the familydinner table,hewas only 5 feettall. However, physical labor on farmsand jumping freight trains tofindemployment elsewhere builtuphis strengthand stamina aswellasresourcefulness.His resulting powerful physique helped save hislife on more than one occasion during thefollowing years. The horrendous years of World War IItested both theinner and outer strength of a generation of young men.AlthoughDavid wasunderage whenCanada entered the war,heattempted repeatedly to join the armyand was finallysuccessful. He was shipped overseas with the Army Service Corps and wasthen transferred toguard dutywith theLorn Scots Army Service Corps of the Canadian Army.At that time he did not speak English well enough forthe job, so he was transferred back to a French-Canadian outfit, Les Fuseilliers Mont Royal(FMR) Second Division,who were headed toward theDieppe raid. His regiment was near the front of Allied troopsadvancing throughFrance on June 6,1944, when they were pinned down by gunfire fromGerman tanksat Falaise.Private David P.Hamel knew that the regiment had advanced tooquicklyand too farinto the fire,but there was noway tostop thebloody events that unfolded. After three daysandnights inthehowling din of the battlefield,David's heart was wrenched bygrief when hisbest buddy was shot andfelldying in the mud in front of him. The disastrous experience on the blood-soaked and muddy battlefield continued untilJuly19,1944. German soldiers surrounded what remained of theCanadian regiment.David's firstclose-up sight of a German soldier affected him deeply."My God,he looks toomuch likeus!How could we killeach other?" But, each was trained tokillthe other.David heldanautomatic machine gunand was not prepared to surrender.Hetried todoashewas trained,but his gun, slick with mud,kept slipping inhishandsandthe firing mechanism wouldn't work.Facing the"enemy" eye-to-eye ata distance of about 15feet,David believed the other soldier would see thathewas unable toshoot. The other man showed nomercy. Althoughhewas equally terror stricken,the enemy soldier took aimand firedatDavid once, thenagain. One bullet had pierced hisbreast near a lung and the other bullet had left metal fragments lodged between twovertebrae.Pain overwhelmed David.When he gained consciousness, hisbuddies were carrying himalong upright. Their corporal had been takenaway,andthe remaining French-Canadians were forcedtomarchbehind Germantankswhile guns were pointed atthem. The prisoners andtheir guards stopped at a German-commandeered hospital in Paris just long enough forFrench doctors todress their wounds.Doctors operated on David and removed one bullet,but didnot have theproper equipment toremove the fragments lodged in the spine.David and the47 other wounded . ~2 prisoners were herded into a railroad station and loaded into a boxcar intended tohold eight horses.The train was carrying Jewish prisoners to Poland. At camps along the way,theCanadians were interrogated andthreatened.David and the others spent anightmare of tendays withonlytwo portions of potato soup and water.At Stalag 12D Jewish prisoners were separated out.David's identity was reduced toa number -70347. He triedtoescape and was recaptured and shipped toa prisoner-of-war camp, Albeit Kommando1007, near the border betweenPoland andGermany. David was sickened by more than his weakened physical condition bywitnessing degraded behavior, suchassoldiers knocking the teethout of dead prisoners toget thegold.Nationalities foughtamong themselves, killing over jealousies, language misunderstandings, or rumors of informers.During his 5 months asa prisoner,David concluded that "All this hatred iscaused bylack of knowledge of who we are what we're inthis world for." He had hisown prejudices, however. The camp held many prisoners, most of them British who had been captured in North Africa. They had been inthe camp for more than 2 years and had survived ina manner that David and his fellowFrench-Canadians viewed as fraternizing withthe enemy.David held onto histraining that haddrilledinto him the message,"to escape isa soldier's duty." When he surreptitiously asked fellow prisoners for extra bread totake withhim,the British refused.One reason: their captors had threatened tokilla dozen prisoners for everyone who escaped. David learned tokeep his thoughtstohimself, but when the barefoot prisoners were put towork at taskssuch as picking sugar beets inthe fieldsand processing them ina sugar factory,he spoke out."You want tohelp theenemy, goahead,"hetold his fellow prisoners. "Me, I'm not going to." Whenhe refused the guard's orders,aguard stabbed David through the calf of hisleg witha bayonet. Heavy beatings and other abuse were followed withDavid being pushed at bayonet-point into the factory. Although forcedintoa semblance of a work routine,hekept hiseyes open fora chance tosabotage. One dayhenoticed some rustynuts and bolts anda piece of wire on the ground.He scooped them into his hand when no one was looking. Later that dayhewas standing near thedynamo that poweredthe factory. When the guards'attention was diverted,hetossedthe scrap metal intothe dynamo with one quick motion.He then walked away fromthe area andstood innocentlyata distance before thedynamo blew up. Still determined toescape, hehoardedthe butter fromhisRedCross pack instead of trading for cookies, cigarettes, or tea.Everydaywhen the prisoners returned from forced labor,he furtivelyglanced around and planned his escape route. As the war intensified, the prisoners were sent out intothenearby cityof Dresden topick up dead bodies fromthestreets andthrow themintoahorse-drawn cart.Upon reentering the camp,the other prisoners generally walked withheadsdownina posture of defeat and 3 exhaustion.David,however, covertly scanned details of the brick prison. Since it was a work camp, it was not surrounded bythe layers of fencing and the guard dogs that surrounded other prisoner-of-war camps. One dayhenoticed, withgrim satisfaction,a careless construction detail - one window was held on the outside byonlythree strands of barbed wire secured tothe window frame itself. From then on, whenever hehad a moment in the darkness of thenights when hisguards were not attentive,David used his fingernailsand later a metalnailto scrape atthe cement around the window and expose thenailsholding it.He chose moments when thedin of the bombing over the city was loud enough tocovers the sounds of scraping.He secretly rubbed awaytheconcrete toloosen thenailsso that hecould pull them out with string made fromscraps of cloth. Onenight whilehisexhausted comrades slept, David wrappedhisfeetin strips of clothtaken froma corpse.He finishedcutting thenails between the window frameandthebuilding. The noise of a bombing raid covered the rasping ashe pushed out the window.He squeezed throughthe opening and felltothe ground. He quickly lifted the window frameback into place with the barbed wire stillon it.He had escaped!But,hehad escaped into the fire,literally - thebeginning of thehellish firebombing of Dresden. He ran furtherinto the countryside.When airplanes flew overhead, he crawled on his stomach through tall grass.Eventually he founda barn witha horse in it.Having noshirt,not even anundershirt, Davidneeded thehorse blanket more thanthehorse did.He wasable tocalm the animaland take the blanket aswellassome leather straps and some lengths of wire that were coiled on the barn floor.These items would later become essential tohisescape fromGermany. In the dim light of this firstnight of perilous freedom,healso founda vegetable garden and well water. David knew hemust finda way toget out of thisdangerous region.He ran fromhiding place to hiding place on the outer edge of the flaming cityduring the nights while searchlights lit the skies, then hidduring daylight. The porn-porn of heavyartillery filledhisearscontinually. He knew hemust somehow connect with Allied troops. The streets of chaotic Dresden were empty - the residents were hiding inbasements and other shelters. Once hewatched the sky froma hiding place asAllied aircraft flew overhead and dropped wave after wave of bombs on Dresden. He could see individual battles between Allied and Nazi pilots.During this drama something drew hiseyes skyward beyond the bombers.High above the fighting,fivelights strung out ina V-formation and stayed in that position fora remarkable length of time. The formationsuddenly shifted intoa diamond shape,andthe lights continued tohover throughout the bombing.What could thosehigh-altitude lights be? The puzzled escapee wondered, "Do the generals have some kind of advanced-technology aircraft observing this crucial battle?" 4 The strange behavior of thehigh-altitude craft quicklyleft hismind ashecontinued thedangerous search for a wayout of thearea.After circling most of the city,his feetstruck a railroad bed andhe felt the wooden tiesbelow him inthe darkness.He dared tohope and followedthetracks toa tunnel that went into anearth-sheltered freightyard.He hid near a coal pile near the entrance and,shivering under the horse blanket, studied the layout. Atrainof flatcarsloaded withGerman armored-vehicle tanksappearedtobeheading toward Poland. Withdawn's early light he knew that thetracks leading tothehorizon would take the train toward the eastern front.Before the light of daybrought activity tothe freightyard,David had crawled under a flatbedcar,unaware that the tanks on the rail cars held soldiers.He wiredhisblanket under the floor, forminga hammock - hishideout for about two weeks after thetrain left Dresden. As helay shivering onhisswaying hammock, hisfaceonlyinches fromtheunderside of the flatbed,David's injuries throbbed fiercely.The pain inhisback helped take his attention away fromthehunger contractions inhis belly.Despite the pain, the deafening noise of the train wheels, andthedanger of being foundwhenever thetrainhalted, he was relievedtobe leaving Dresden. The flatcar hehidunder was carrying Tiger tanksand a pile of logs bound with heavycables.He could hear the shouts of the soldiers astheycamouflaged the train whenever it stopped. Whenever the tanks were drivenoff a quickly constructed log ramp,David's hammock would tip.He prayed noone would look closelyunder the flatcar.Early inthetripheheard what seemed tobetheunloading of prisoners at a stop where the fumesof death were intheair.When the train stopped atKrakow,tendays intothetrip,aRedCross train filledwith wounded prisoners of war passed onanother track.Some of the prisoners hung their heads out of the open windows and yelled atthesoldier heading East and shook their fists. The weather grew increasingly cold, and David knew hemust keepuphisstrength. He grew bolder in searching nearby farms for foodandwater during theblackest nights whenthetrain was halted.At one stop he foundragsof clothing tokeep him fromfreezingtodeath.Before dark one evening heheard the thumping of soldiers jumping out of tanks andseating themselves onthe edge of theflatcar.He could see their boots hanging over the side astheyate dinner. From their conversation, whictJhe could only vaguely interpret, David figuredthat thetrain was heading toward theRussian front.Crumbs fellpast hishiding place asthe soldiers ate,apparently engrossed intheir conversation.David couldn't resist thetemptation towhip hishand out and catch a fewmorsels. Another time,he stealthily left hishammock and boldly grabbed a rationtinoff the flatcar when the soldiers were away. His closest brush with being discovered was when aFrench poodle,apparentlybelonging tothe officer incharge of the station where thetrainhadstopped, foundhiminthehammock and clamped his 5 teethintoDavid's knee.Forced to squeeze thedog's noseand stick it with a wire untilthe dog opened its mouth and fled,David lay shaking and perspiring afterward. The dog's squeak of terror apparently went unheard bytheGermans. It was a close call. Mter a fewdays of hearing the firing of guns (actually theRussian army)approaching closer and closer,David had the feeling that the war inthis part of the world was reaching a turning point. The train stopped. He heard the confused, frightened soldiers running about camouflaging the train so it couldn't be seen bybombers overhead. It wasnow dangerous forDavid for forageatnight, since thelocal Yugoslavian guerrillas were sniping at thetrain. David realized that theAllied pilots wouldn't beable to see a strategic resource visible fromhis vantage point - the Germanshadbuilt huge storage tanks intoa hillsidenearby. The fueltankswere about 40 feethighand 80 feetindiameter. To anyairplanes flying over,the tanks'camouflage would appear tobeanextension of the mountain. The train remained halted inthe area fora few days.David understood that the local guerillashad been unable toget close enough tothe fuelsupply toblow itup. Hidden oil tanks were an even more strategic target thanthe railroad itself. Withthe railcars with their cargohunkered under camouflage,David slipped into thenearby town, whosename heunderstood tobeLivitsia. A loosely organized band of underground fighters,who spoke a number of dialects, were made torealize that David wasa Canadian, not their enemy. The resistance group exchanged gunfire withtheGerman soldiers in ongoing battles. David discovered a metal cover in a village street, opened it,and climbed down a ladder into a tunnel. He saw the large sewer pipeunder thestreet asa safer hiding place-replacing the cover left him in total darkness.Ashereached forward withhishands tofeelhis way,he stumbled into some who reacted asif fighting forhislife.Asthetwograppled inthedarkness,David accidentally shoved hisfingersinto the other's mouth.The opponent bithisfinger tothebone and broke it at the joint nearest thenail,broke a second finger onDavid's hand,andrefused toopen his jaws and release thefingers.David smashed the stranger's head against thewall togethim toopenhismouthand hastily backed out of thetunnel.When hereturned, the man wasgone. Althoughyet another part of hisbodynow throbbed with pain,David was obsessed withfiguring out how the Allied pilots could learn about the strategic target. The guerillas seemed tolack the long-range firepower needed toblow upthe huge tanksthat held theGerman oilsupply.In the darkness one evening whenheheard the Allied bombers coming,David peeked out of a hiding place near where theGerman soldiers were waiting inside their tanks on the railcars. He slipped back under the flatbedtoget hisstolen matches and the candle hemade out of thetinof butter, some addedaxle grease,and a wick of fabric. 6 Ignoring the danger fromground fireand fromtherifles of the Yugoslavian guerrillas who perhaps didn't know who he was,David boldly ran into the open andsignaled asthebombers approached. To attract attentionwithhis flaming-butter flare,heused theMorse code S.O.S signal byputting hishand over thecandle and then withdrawing it forthree series of three long and short signals.He burned his hand,but continued tosignal anyway. Some one onthe Allied aircraft apparently saw his flashing message.Flare were dropped fromthe skyandlit upthearea,illuminating the railroad cars loaded withtanksand,more importantly, the oil supplyonthemountainside.David ran forcover, mission accomplished.Unknown tohim,a Yugoslavian physician fromBudapest, Tzubomir Zivanovitch, who wasinthearea tohelp the guerrilla fighters, witnessedDavid's courageous deed. Before thebombing began, David reached thetrainanddove intoa log pile forcover. The airborne Allies release bombs toward bothtargets(railroad cars and storage tanks). The tanks exploded,and the forceof the blast shifted the logs where David triedtomake a shelter forhimself.Rolling logs struck his shoulder and injured hiscollar bone and a leg. As soon asthebombing ceased, the Yugoslaviandoctor quicklypulledDavid fromthe log pile and helped him limp along astheyhurried toward the road,awayfromthe flamingtrain. The side of the mountain wasonfire,the railwaytracks up there were twisted,theflatbedswere contorted, and thetanks were blownup.Any remaining German soldiers were linedup outside the smoking ruins.When the two menwere at a safe distance fromthe scene of destruction,theyslapped each other onthe back, jubilant that their enemy's trainand fuelsupply hadbeen blown up. The doctor spoke some English.He introduced himself asa major inthe Yugoslavian army aswellas a physician.David notedthat the doctor was a large man inhis fifties,with a ruddy faceand redhair, who seemed tobe a joyful individual. At his comrades'camp, the doctor bandaged David's bitten and burned hands.He gave David two pills tohelp him sleep and returned with foodthenext day.The guerrillas remained inhiding because thesituation inthearea was still chaotic.German soldiers fromthe trainhid inthe bushes. David knew he would be going home.He didnot realize, however,how long it would take and how much more hewould suffer. At themoment he just savored theturnof events.Justhow fareast hadhe come since he first "boarded" thetrain?One of the guerrilla fighterswho seemed tocomprehend the question fromgestures describedthis area inthemountains as150 kilometers fromOdessa.Hisarms movements indicated that theywere east of Yugoslavia andnorthof thetownof Odessa near theBlack Sea. 7 The next afternoon theRussian army marched around a curve in the road, in uniforms that looked new,asif they'd just joined the war.Now the Slavic fighterscould flushtheGermans out of the woods, surround them,and turn them over tothearmy that was claiming a victory forRussia. The Russians, the civilian fighters,and theFrench-Canadian soldier all realized the significance of the destruction of the enemy's strategic resourceand the liberation of the area. Their ensuing celebration transcended language barriers. The world war, in this region,was over. About a week later a multilingualRussian officer droveDavid tothelarge airport at Vinnitsa, questioning him astheydrovealong.At one stop,anold airport atLvov in the Ukraine,a large crowd of Russian soldiers were celebrating, dancing around in the cold air.They gave David a loaf of bread anda swig of vodka.Dr.Zivanovitch was there.He ceremoniously introduced David totheRussian soldiers as theherohe'd told them about,theCanadian whohad risked his life toattract the Allied bombers. The soldiers'facesregistered respect astheysurrounded David. He savored the recognition ceremony, despitehispain and physical weakness resulting fromhisordeals. Ignoring the factthathe wore ragged clothing andwascloaked in a blanket with a holecut forhishead instead of a dressuniform, hestood proudly before these soldiers who had fought the war asallies. Although faraway fromhisown ground troops,heknew hehadhelped themby signaling their bombers. Inhonor of David's heroism, theRussian colonel pinned a medal onDavid's blanket. The colonel wasa man inhisearly sixties with a serious expression and a firmhandshake that shot pain throughout David's sorehand. The injured French-Canadian soldier nevertheless felt pleased andhumble ashe received the medal.Acolonel of theFourthRussian Army who knew Parisian French wrote anote about themedal and the order it represented inside a Russian-language book forDavid.Later in the jeep riding toward theairport again,David studied hisivoryand gold war medal with its diamond-studded star. (Many years later, in1996, hewould recall that hehadbeen inducted into theOrder of the White Eagle.According toRobert Werlich,author of Russian Orders,Decorations and Medals,the Order was foundedbya king of Poland in1325A.D.and later conferred on Peter the Great.Mter 1831theRussian emperor,Nicholas I,incorporated theaward intoRussian orders and awarded it for outstanding civil or military merit. In1921 thePolish Republic reinstated the Order of the White Eagle astheir highest order.) 8 Figure 1-1.Imperial Russian Military Medal - Order of the~ V h i t e Eagle At theairport 4 days later,David believed he would be boarding anairplanethat would transport him back tohis people. Before stepping into thechaos of thousands of people fromvariousnationalities who filledtheairport,herealized it would be wise towear theheavymedal withitsprecious gems more discretely, sohe pinned it inside hisblanket. Officials had to fight the multitudes toclear people off the mainairfield soanairplane could land and pick upreleased prisoners of war andothers.Passengers ontheAmerican embassy airplane that took David included three Americans who wore gasmaskshanging tothe side near their faces. Sitting withhim onthe floor of theembassy's crowded airplane on thetriptoBelgium were adozen men who presented themselves as Belgian soldiers,but Davidnoticedthat their uniforms showed nosign of wear.He believed they were German soldiers."They're getting out of here,"hemused."You don't know whether they're SS or ex-Gestapo or what. They bought their wayingold," he thought.Two of themdropped diamonds on the floor,and a fightensued.Representatives of the Turkish, Polish,and Yugoslav troops were among the mixture of nationalities ontheairplane andsome died bygunshot inthe melee.Confusion reigned while the men David believed tobe Americans threw gas-releasing bombs inside theairplane.Many occupants of theaircraft were "doped up" bygasandput tosleep before the shootings, David recalled later. Inwhat was described asa de-lousing compound and hospitalinBrussels, he was strippedand the medal was takenfromhim.He vaguely recalls seeing men being takenawayinwheelchairs bypersonnel wearing masks,andnot returning.David was given aninjection andhasnomemory forthetime period between February and late April1944.He believes some medical procedure erased that memory. A few 9 memories began tosurface inthe late1990s and indicated that hehad been detained inBrussels because someone suspected that hemayhave been carrying more jewels than the ones on his medal. "They made me eat allkinds of stuff that made me go tothe bathroom allthe time, even though I was wounded with my fingershurt righttothebone," hetold anassociate in1999. "In 1945 I was wearing a Belgian uniform.I am a Canadian." He hasmany questions:"What was done tome during the months in Brussels? How did I get to England?What happened tothemedal given tome? Why was I discharged withnowounds mentioned on my papers, yet I have records of several wounds?" InDavid's firstvague memory of hisarrival inEngland,a high-ranking officer was leaning over his bed telling him that hewas invited toa garden tea party toshake hands with the reigning monarch,King George the Sixth, and hiswife on June19.After realizing that heno longer had his medal,David felt offended by the invitation. Seven hundred other former prisoners of war would receive that honor, and the royalhandshake wasnosubstitute. He'd been decorated with a medal of valor and it had been stolen from him. With hundreds of other servicemen,David eventually returned fromEngland on the boat Bon Pasteur. Later on a train inCanada,hissuspicions about Nazi officials buying their way into thecountry withillgotten gold remained withhim.Without sharing histhoughts withanyother returning Canadian soldiers, hestrode throughthe train,slipping forward throughdoorsthat were briefly left open.Ina private coach hestopped at the sight of a Teutonic man,patrician in demeanor, looking througha magnifying eyeglass at something ina cloth on his lap.Surprised tosee David,the man triedtohide what hewas doing. A few sparkling jewels dropped onto the carpet.David walked over tohim and saw that the well-dressed man hadbeen examining diamonds in a handkerchief. The French-Canadian scooped the jewels off the floor, handed them tothe man,and spoke tohimin English. The manacled stranger replied inGerman and pushed a button which summoned a police officer.David was forciblyejected fromthe car. At the rear of the train,herealized that returning Canadian soldiers were traveling third class. There would bea hellishbattle onthetrain if David told the other soldiers what he's seen, so hedecided tokeep quiet.But word of hissingle-handed investigation may have reached authorities. Sixty milesbefore they reached Montreal, part of thetrain was shunted onto another track.RoyalCanadian Mounted Police surrounded thetrainand ordered alltheservicemen tohand over their military souvenirs, claiming that someone had been shot on thetrain.David didnot believe the excuse, but herefrained fromstarting a soldiers'rebellion because RoyalCanadian Mounted Police and other Canadians might bekilled inan ensuing riot. 10 Back incivilian life,it was difficult forhimto let goof bitterness. His ownfather,a member of the Home Veterans Guard, was on guard dutyattheLong Point OrdinanceCorps where, ina hanger,David saw military personnel holding boxes filled with gold watchesand other jewelry. He evenglimpsed what looked like gold dental fillings.He believed that wealthy Nazis had bought their way into hiscountry, but hedidnot blame theGerman people. "Civilians of any war arethecasualties," hetoldhisfamily."They usually paytheheaviest price for wars." Althoughunable to work fora long time because of his wounds, including themetal lodged inhis spine,hetriedinvaintoget the federalDepartment of Veterans'Affairstogive hima disability pension. From thetime he was wounded tothetimehe returned fromthe war,hefeltthe bullet inhis spine and was frustratedthat nobody wouldtake care of it.Finally inthemid-fifties when one of his legs collapsed, a doctor removed the metal."They kept it.That's whentheystarted togive me a little pension, in1954," David recalls. Today the 70-year-old man instill incensed about "the hypocrisy of my government when I got out of thearmy." He gavehis papers toa helpful doctor in Paris inanattempt totrack downa record of the events that began inthe de-lousing compound. "And to findthe pictures of me inBuckingham Palace, withKing George the Sixth and the queen. All the years it took me toremember this.I'm a member of the Order of the White Eagle," David shouts. "But because I'm a French-CanadianI'm not allowed tohave mymedal!Who the helldidthat? British or American intelligence service?KGB?" David tried towrite tothe Yugoslavian major, beginning in1945. ARoyalCanadian Mounted Police officer returned the letter inpersonandinformed Davidthathe wasnot allowedtowritetothe "enemy." The Cold War with the Soviets hadbegun. His onlyother contact with theRoyalCanadian Mounted Police inthose years was in1947, toreport a sighting of a cigar-shaped blue object that flashednorthward acrossthe skyandsliced off tops of trees asit burneda swaththroughthebushland.David had been driving home toMontreal fromSaskatchewan where hehad been working,and was on Highway Eleven near Hearst,Ontario, whenhe saw it.Trees silhouettedagainst the sky were left damaged, sohereported indetailatthe police station inthenext village.The next timehe was in the village andasked if thesighting was investigated, however, one officer toldhim that the station forgottolook intoit.David himself forgot about theincident untilnearly 30 years later whenanevent changed his life profoundly. ** * 11 Maple Ridge, British Columbia, October 21, 1975 Until thisnight,David Hamelhad lived a relatively simple life after the breakup of hisfirstmarriage andhissubsequent marriage toNora McKenzie, a charming young woman who wasphysically handicapped with cerebral palsy.Hehad built a house forNora on property inthe wooded suburb of Maple Ridge,near Vancouver, British Columbia, bought from an insurance settlement after anautomobile crashed intoa trailer hehad made forhis first family.The story of the two marriages and events in between I told inThe Granite Man and the Butterfly.David worked hard at construction and other jobs throughout those years.On thisnight hefollowed theusually routine of carrying hiswife toher couch in the television room ansettling himself in his redupholstered chair after turning on thetelevision.Nora's friend,Carol, wasalso seated comfortably inthe room asthey prepared to watch a familyshow, The Waltons.David was happytobe resting after another dayof physical labor. He saw the television screen go snowy with silvery-grey particles dancing behind the glass. Before he could react, twodots in the center of the screen morphed into twohuman shapes that emerged asif constructed fromthe silvery particles. Speechless,David had the impression that the shapes were two persons whonow stood on either side of him.Each placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, and helooked upat one faceandthen the other. They looked like normal humans, except for their clothing - zipperless one-piece silvery suits.He heard a voice inhis mind."We don't want toshock you.We just want to show you something." Suddenly hefoundhimself floating toward theceiling while his physical body sat inthe chair asif sleeping. Below himNora and Carol watched The Waltons asif nothing had been out of the ordinary for them. "Imust be in anastral body!" David thought."They're elevating me inmy spirit body!" Again a message fromone of thebeings entered his mind. "Don't beafraid. You're going tobeallright." Withhislongtime habit of observing hissurroundings,helooked around inthe split second it took to pass fromceiling throughthe roof. Yes,hisglass-wool insulation was insatisfactory condition; ithadn't settled toomuch. Then he was outside thehouse.The twobeings were inviting himtoenter what looked likea large spaceship. Stepping upnine open stairs toward itsdoorway,hehad the reassuring feeling of placing hisweight on them with eachstep.The feeling was comfortably identical tothe feeling of being inthe physical body whichhehad left behind inhis living room moments ago. Another man,whom David came toregard astheship's mechanic, joined the other twohosts.David took a closer look atthe men,one of them witha neatlytrimmed beard,and the woman withshoulderlength hair.All were of averageheight andappearance, with skin toned about the same color asDavid's. 12 Theyintroduced themselves without moving their lips,through mental impressions. At one point they conveyed the thought that theyhad been observing hislife. The woman was A,themechanic wasOn,and Arkan was A's husband.Their home planet was named Kladen, andDavid understoodthem tosay that it was on the other side of thesunandinsome manner of balance withthe Earth.David accepted the information asmatter-of-factlyasit was presented, but felta surge of excitement ashelooked around at details of the surroundings, suchasitems on the shelf:threetransparent helmets about the size of motorcycle "beadgear.David was askedif he wanted to observe hisbody's workings."It's up toyou," he wastold."We don't forceyou.You can see it if you want to."Curious tosee their medical technology, he followedthemintoa roomthat held laboratory equipment fora do-it-yourself medical exam. As he moved a scanning diaphragm over his body, he saw itsinner functionsincolor on a monitor screen -ligaments, blood vessels, and other types of tissue in action. Whenhishosts asked if hewanted tosee theship,he was quick tonodhishead inthe affirmative.He wanted to know the source of a gently shuddering vibration he felt throughout the ship. Through portholes he could see that theship was moving swiftlyupward.What made it go?Could hisown people build something like this? They gave him permission togoanywhere ontheir ship, andsuddenlyDavid foundhis bodily awareness shrunk toatinypoint that could explore anywhere toobserve thetiniest details,even between the strangely layered construction. The ship was made withhuge metal cones whose broad end descended intothe lower rim of theship. The underlying shape was thussimilar tothefamiliar angel-food-cake pan, on agiant scale.However, these cones were superimposed ontopof each other and supported by magnetic fields.David experienced a tornado-like rushing of air.Between the large cones hesaw flashes of light that hereferred to later aslightning, entering thetornado-like rushof wind.Then he was takento theouter rimof the spacecraft, where hecould see openings that henamed "breathers." How would he ever describe this process topeople on Earth,hewondered. The propulsion system and energy generation were totallynovel and unknown tohim. He had seen that magnetism was involved; could he call it magnetic levitation? Wordlessly, impressions apparently fromhishosts entered hismind. Hesaw theapparatusthat made the power source work - giant cones containing magnets, spheres,and pinions, and a flat cable around three polished granite balls.He sensed that it was somehow simple, although so verydifferent fromtechnologies used onEarththat he hadnovocabulary todescribe what he saw. 13 One principle impressed on hismind was"weight into speed." And that once the ship had reached the weightlessness of space,another forcewould take over asthe principle propulsion. (Technical details are described in Chapters19and22.) The spacebeingstoldhimthat artifacts pointing totheknowledge of creating thistype of technology could be foundonEarth."We gave itto your people manythousands of years ago.The artifacts-the wonders of past civilizations-are allaround your planet andno one seems to understand.It's up toyou torevive these ideas." He was toldthat Earth people are putting Kladen indanger because that planet isaffected by imbalances created on Earth. They said Earth facesa "recycling" because of human interference with natureandbecause of theunderlying disarray caused byincreasinglynegative thoughts of a multitude of humans.Incontrast,Davidnotedthat theadvancedcode of ethics harmoniously followedbythe three beings could be a positive example of what humans couldchoose tobecome. By following theuniversal spiritual law of non-interference, theadvanced beings can help onlyif humans ask fortheir assistance. David's religiousupbringing hadnot prepared him forhearing about a concept such asnon-interference. He learned that magnetism wasnot only part of the ship's propulsion and energy generation, but also included in their healing technology. The beings wanted toteachhim more than technology,however. One message was presented tohimasif it were a jewel. "We are allone, interconnected. We are all composed of the same substance." David wondered if that was whyhishosts said that Earthdwellers could affect beings who live elsewhere in theuniverse. The messages became specific toEarth's problems, ashewastoldthat the planet will"recycle." "Planets do that occasionally after somany thousands of years. This will happen to Earth after thesecond sun comes between your sun and the planet." The space being paused for emphasis. "We want to prepare you so thatyou canbuild a ship toelevate people away fromthe planet during that recycling time." Regardless of whether the planet would undergo catastrophic change, theytold him thananequally important reason forlearning how tobuild energy machines was topreserve Earth's resourcesand learn how torespect naturalprocesses.With advanced technology,humankind could also travel to other planets and thus preserve the human species. His hosts repeated the importance of understanding messages left by ancient civilizations. The ship dropped in altitudeandflew over a region thatherecognized asrocky bushland of Ontario, then it cruised lower over anarea towhichhewould eventually relocate. His hosts siphoned water froma creek,not bylowered a hose,but instead bycausing movement of water in the creek. Awaterspout rose and lengthened intoa column of water that reachedupinto theship.The space beings filteredthewater 14 throughunique laboratory equipment and showed David the substances inthe water that cause trees to die. A,On,and Arkan made it clear that theyexpected David tobuild a spaceship before the advent of Earthchanges. "Me? Build a spaceship? Then what?" "Many ships would ferrythousands of people into space toanother planet," theyreplied."Don't think theEarth willstaythe way it is." Before returning himtohishome, thetrio promised that,"Within a few months we will beback,to visit and speak with your wife,Nora." He wasthenaware of being back inhisphysical body inhis redchair.Nora andCarol, who had begun tobeconcerned about the lack of response fromtheapparently sleeping David, were relieved to see himwaking.However, David was disoriented, overwhelmed, andexcited. Aresearcher would later speculate thattime must have dilated forDavid while he was onthe ship - only15minutes had passed inhisownhome - or perhaps thought transference fromA,On,and Arkanhad beenunusuallyrapid. UFO researcher GrahamConway guesses that David's entryintoa space ship was anout-of-body experience, thus explaining whyhisabsence wasn't noticed by Nora andCarol. "Also it isobvious we are nottosuppose that the visitors physically materialized froma TV set.Instead their appearance in frontof the screen, which presumably looked'snowy'tohelp refocus Hamel's attention, must likewise havebeen ona levelof perceptionnot shared byothers." The next dayDavid quit his carpentry job, then drove togovernment offices whereheapplied forhis retirement pension. David tellsusthat a fewdays later ashe flexedhishand while washing,it feltlike hehada splinter. Rubbing a fingerover the spot,hefelt something. After digging into theirritated area,he founda tiny pieceof thin,rigid plastic which,under close examination, herecognized asa piece of microfilm.Upon seeing themicrofilm, anacquaintance of David's said hewoulddevelop it forhim.Unfortunately, David didn't get theoriginal back and hasn't been able tocontact thisindividual. The copythat was givento David was a photograph of the spaceship hehad encountered. 15 Figure 1-2. Photograph of ship from microfilm He was filledwitha firm resolve that has lasted more than 20 years. Inaddition tocaring fora wheelchair-bound wife,hewas determined tobuild a machine like the one hewitnessed,toproduce energy without further polluting theplanet.He hadnoidea how many years it would take.Nor didhe realize that having his mind filled with cosmic knowledge and translating it into a working model were twodifferent matters. Soon hedid realize that the first steps would entail building small models of energy devices. It would not be easy. David showed byhisactions thathe was serious about the job given tohim byArkan, A,and On.He bought materials fromthehardware store,used his savings toorder a shipment of magnets, dug inthe municipal dump forscrap materials, and experimented with magnets. Throughout he felt that the three people on the ship were putting ideas into his mind andnudging him todo his part. They would guide him fromwhatever distanceaslong ashecontinued totackle themandate one step at a time. Filling many pages with drawingsand diagrams,hepictured details of the spaceship and triedto understand what made it work.(His experiments willbe described in Chapter 19.) "You have tolearn about themagnetic andthe force,"hewas told by inner impressions."Learn the balance of the magnetic." Asif David's experiences weren't enough strangenesstostir the Hamel household, suddenly little piles of small green leaves began toappear - on the floor,in Nora's bed or in her hair or tea,or other unexpected places. The Hamels came tobelieve the leaves arefromthe Angelica plant. Strangely, their freshtexture and green color lasted indefinitely.Nora believed they would have auseinthe future, perhaps whenDavid made a ship that might land on other planets. She had nodoubt about the realityof hisadventure on theship;she knew her husband well, andhewould not invent a story about having been 16 taken fromhis physical body and intoa spaceship. To her,theleaves that appeared over manymonths were a comfort, reminders that she and her husband were not alone intheir struggle. Layers of the12-pointed leaves appeared inone of Nora's shoes one daybefore itwas placed onher foot.At that moment she received thought-pictures that showed her that she would eventually be living in anold house. It wasa premonition of their move toGilmore,Ontario,andhelped prepare her forthat move. Aknock on the door came one day while Nora rested inthedaybed next tothe window.David opened the door and the sunlight onhiseyes prevented him fromimmediately recognizing the facesof three people standing before him. Anordinary-appearing car was parked inthedriveway,and the two menandone woman standing on his porch were dressed in ordinary clothing.When theyspoke through telepathy,herealized it was A,On,and Arkan.They had come tospeak with Nora.Ina daze,he led them toher room.He hadcountless questions toask,but his eagerness was met witha wordless rebuff. They wanted totalk withNora without David's intervention.Deflated, he went tothe kitchentomake coffee. From adistance he watched the visitors'backs asthey pulled chairs close toNora's bed.For 3 hours David sat at the kitchentable drinking coffee and feelingrejected or paced the floor. Amiracle was occurring inthe other room.Not only could hehear the murmur of low voices in conversation fromthe visitors,he could alsohear Nora's voice.For the firsttime,she spoke normally, without even a stutter! From snatches of conversation,David gleaned that the visitors were talking about her earlier life and giving advice about her health. They said theyhad saved her legs frombeing crushed under a wheel of a large truck that rolled past when, asa 5-year-old, she sat withher legs sticking out. Theyalso said the leaves were a gift tohelp with her health,and she should curb her generosityandnotgive them allaway. The visitors said their farewellstoNora andDavid andabruptlyleft.When David decidedtogo outside andrunafter them,it was toolate tocatchuptothe car asit crested thedrivewayandheaded downtothe road.He rantothetop of the driveway. Althoughhecould see a long distance downthe paved roadinboth directions,there wasnocar insight. Back inthe house,Nora had again lost her ability tospeak normally. In her former halting sounds, she conveyed toDavid that the visitors had talked about how humans should be careful about what theydo that theywere dealing with Earth's resources ina selfish manner.The trioalsosaid that thetime they themselves spend on Earth islost tothem on their planet and,therefore, precious tothem.Further, they gave Nora the same information - a time of troubles inthenear future - that they'd conveyed toDavid telepathically onthe ship. Many people would be unprepared,theyhad saidtoNora,and would look to the strengths of others who are prepared. 17 The Hamels'acceptance of invisible entities was getting tobe toomuch fortheir highstrung friend, Carol, who often stayed atthe Hamelhouse.The finalincidents drove her away.One evening when David sataloneinthekitchenpuzzling over the mystery of the spaceship's unusual technology, without warning the refrigerator door opened anda peanut butter jar floated out!He stared wide-eyed and slackjawed asithovered before settling on the table. The lid opened andthe peanut butter slowly disappeared. David soon realized that his friendsfromKladen were giving him a message, so hecomposed himself andbegan aninternal dialogue."Let's see.A peanut. A peanut has a hard shell.And duality - two inside." He didn't seem toget themessage withthisfirstexperience. The Hamels didn't eat peanut butter and had bought it fora guest,but David now kept the refrigerator stocked. The jars mysteriously and repeatedly emptied. What was themessage?He thought about jars, containers, shells. The thought of "shell" seemed to light up."Am I supposed toput the ship's engine inside a shell?" he wondered."Put an energy-generating system inside some kind of shell?" Heapparentlyhaddeciphered the message;the peanut-butter trick ceased. An egg carton was thenext player inthis series of bizarre events. The carton must have opened by itself,allowing an egg tofloatout into the room. Mter hovering, it returned to the carton.David knew the flights of the two objects were meant totellhim something. "A shell," hebrainstormed. "What else? When youcook an egg, theyolk isinthecenter.So ... you can cook it untilthe white ishard and the yolk could stillbe liquid.What could that have todowith the spaceship?" Further reasoning toldhimthat thesecret may relate totheshell being thin, or relate towhy theyolk doesn't break when the egg isshaken vigorously,unlesstheshell isbroken. That was it!The unbroken membrane between the shellandthe white protected the inside of the egg. So the ship must have a type of protective membrane, too.Would it be the magnetic field? The day whichmarked the "last straw" forCarol was when the three were in the house, each mentally preoccupied withhisor her own concerns.Nora was intheliving room on the sofa and Carol,alsointhe living room,was seated facingthebedroom.Out of the corner of hiseye,David noticed something moving inthebedroom. He caught Carol's attention and pointed.On the empty bed,a shape like a human body went under thebedcover and wrapped the spread around it.It onlybecame a visible shape asit went under the covers.Then it disappeared,andthecovers settled down onto thebed. One sunny dayafter Carol's departure,Nora was in thebedroom with thenew housekeeper and David wasstanding in the living room.Hehada vision of anenormous bee,about 3 feet long,hovering abovethe carpet.David knew thiswasnota physical reality, such asthe peanut butter jars andtheegg 18 hadbeen,nor was it inthe seemingly poltergeist category,aswas themoving bedspread.Nevertheless, it was a visible entitythat he could walk around while watching the fastvibration of its wings and observe its 30-inch-Iong proboscis penetrating a flowerand sucking itsnectar.The trunk-like tubular proboscis moved inthree sections in separate rotational movements. Eventhebee's leg movements seemed to communicate something.Onitsback, lines of contrasting colors of itshair moved asthe bee shifted its body, echoing the waythat thethree lines of the proboscis moved. Then a snake curled around the bee. Black bars marked thesnake's back, and the creature was almost triangular inshape, with its tailnear its mouthasit coiled once around the bee.Further, a small piglet was being swallowed throughthe serpent's mouth.The undulations of the snake while swallowing caused its rings of dark coloring tomove ina motion similar tothethree-part proboscis. Bars of color on one part of thebee/serpent/piglet vision would open on one side and close onthe other,asrings along the snake worked inconjunction withitsmouthtocreate suction inrhythmic contortions - one, two,three, one,two,three.Vibrating leg movements of the bee alsotapped out the rhythm and workedtogether withits body's opposing movements. "Am I dreaming?" David wondered. However,heknew the scene hadappeared toteachhim something. The vision was making a sound much like "Kryptonique, Kryptonique." David had readabout Superman's adventures with kryptonand thought it odd that he washearing that sound. The new housekeeper heardhimrepeating it aloud, but when she came intothe roomshe saw himcircling around emptyair andtrying tomake sense of what hewas being taught about focus,making a vibrating noise, taking a breath. He realized that in-rushing air isalsovitaltothesystems of the flying ship. Andthenthere was the broken line of the proboscis.Later David would see a principle of how the ship's propulsion system worked.He would refer tothethree-part movement of lines vertically(to be describedlater inthisbook) asan"isotope line," althoughhismeaning of the word"isotope" is entirely different fromthe accepted physics meaning of the word.This was hisfinalapparition, clarifying his picture of themovement of thehuge cones inthespacecraft. He was stilla long way frombeing able torecreate theimmense forcebuilt up inthose cones inorder toaccomplish thetask set uponhisshoulders bythethree space people. The ships required tocarry thousandsof people off theEarth would operate ina manner sodifferent fromEarth's current technology thatthere was noone toteachDavidhow to build it.Insteadhe would beridiculed formany yearsashe learned throughtrial and error. His private terminology would include "butterfly," hisdescription of the fluttering,continuous falling-forwardmotionthatneedsnoresetting.His firstdemonstrations consisted simply of atumbling metal ball witha magnet onit,kept incircular motionona surface bythe wobbling 19 of a large hand-held magnet above it.(Again, theexperiments described in TheGranite Man and the Butteljly willbedealt with later inthisbook.) Acoffee shop waitress in whom David had confided telephoned the local Gazettenewspaper.Soon a headline read,"Introducing David Hamel- He RidesinFlying Saucers." The reporter,Glen Kask, wrote thatDavid knew thesecret of perpetual motion and was building a device toallow people toheat homes, power industries,and flyaircraft with technologydeveloped more than 3 billion miles fromEarth. "Hamel isconvinced of the reality of hisexperience,and local mental healthauthorities havenorecords whichcast doubt on hissanity." Although the reporter erroneously described thespacecraft's propulsion system assteam-propelled, most of the article wasaccurate. It noted thatDavid had an impressive collection of correspondence from learning institutions. "So farthe federalgovernment hasdeclined participation in the project." The article brought a man intoDavid's life who introduced himself asanex-priest and who took themicrofilm that David had dug out of hisown hand and returned with anenlargement of the picture. The stranger then disappeared with thepiece of microfilm. Seeing the photograph of the spacecraft reinforced David's conviction that his out-of-body experience hadnot been a dream. And although hisextraterrestrial visitorsdidnot return, they seemed toprod him mentally."Balance; it's allabout balance" was themessage asheexperimented with magnetic force. Finally hefelt readytobuilda small model of thepower generator he'd seen.Many of hismaterials came from junkyards, suchasbicycle rimsto serve asbases forhandmade aluminum cones and tohold magnets that hetaped on with electric tape.Working in a garage attached tohishouse,heplaced the apparatus inside a 45-gallon steel barrel ringed on the outside with magnets. When the components linedup,hescrewed down thecover on thebarrel, whichcompressed the apparatusand began thecontinualtumbling motion.Mter the wobbling circling motion reached a certain speed,thevibration stabilized.David went into thehouse tosharehissuccess and toattend toNora's needs. If themotion of theapparatus continued until thenext morning,hethought,he would bevery surprised."It'll never fly,but maybe I can learn fromit," hetold Nora. Approximately12 minutes after setting thedevice in motion,there wasa very loud bang.A red glow came fromthe direction of thegarage."Fire!" Nora yelled. The scene encountered inside the garage was dismaying. Hisdevicehad exploded out of the steel drum and was scattered allover theroom.Apparently the red glow had been froma buildup of energy of some typeasthe device had been operating. There was no fire,but his investment in ceramic magnets was destroyed. 20 Broken roofing shakes on thegarage andthe mess of metal was also discouraging, but David saw that hecould indeed build something that demonstratedthe power of the principles involved. Inthe summer of 1977, David experimented with a second model, thistime built on atwo-wheeled trailer.When set inmotion, it created unusual energy effects, suchasaffecting photographic filmand ruining the reception of nearbytelevision sets.Meanwhile,healsoworked ona larger model,using a magnetic principle instead of a falling ball tokeep it inmotion. The new model would betested outdoors inorder tosave the shed's ceiling fromanother accident. The next summer hebuilt a10-foot raised plywood platform infront of hishouse, on theedge of hisalready-crowded propertyinMaple Ridge, BritishColumbia. The high platform not onlyhidhis work fromthe view of anoseyneighbor,it also isolated the model electrically, forDavid's safety. Neighbors laughed, called him "Frenchie," and joked about his tower andthe contraption on it.David ignored them.He was certain that theenergy technologyhe'd been shown could eliminate energy wars andallow people to live in harmony. What importance was anuntidy yardincomparison? Working at night,hehoisted pieces of the machine fromthegarage upa16-foot ladder and onto the platform. When completed,the model was more than7 feetindiameter atthe bottom, andbetween 3 and 4feethigh.He hadalready spent several thousand dollars on materials. Figure 1-3.Photograph of elevated ship At 11o'clock one night, Nora was inside thehouse andDavid was out working on the machine. It was timetoput onthe cap - agarbage can lid witha magnet attached.Bythetimehe finishedscrewing it down,he feltaglow fromthemetal. It was changing color underneath wherehisabdomen touched it. 21 He jumped back quicklyand slid down the ladder.On the ground,hepulled back the ladder so that no one could climb it andbe injured. A rushing of wind around or inthemachine onthe platform told him that it was seriously in motion.(See theexplanation byRobert Thomas.) David ran into the house,where Nora told him that the television set had gone dead. "Never mind the TV;where's thecamera?" David snapped.Suddenly a power failureplunged the neighborhood into darkness.He groped forthe camera where hehad placed it near thetelevision.Ashe rushed out thedoor,heclicked andadvanced the camera filmmanually a dozen times,pointing the lens toward hismachine. The blue-grey glow became greenish. The machine had become a flyingcraft, heading westward asit rose. It glowed increasingly bright,and the light surrounding the craft became yellow and,finally,bright red. When hismachine disappeared fromhis view,David ran back into thehouse andtelephoned the airportsinMaple RidgeandAbbotsford,asking if their radar could see anunidentified flying object. The people ondutycould not see themachine within their radar corridor. Three thousand dollars worth of magnets flying off into the sky!David stomped around in frustration. "All the time ittook tobuild thething ... " Several weeks after thenight theneighborhood lost electricityandDavid lost his working model, RoyalCanadian Mounted Police officers came tohishouse and searched inside and outside.Finally one of the officers called out,"There's nothing here!" "There's nothing here,allright,"David muttered."I just lost the damn thing." Whenthefilmfromhiscamera was developed, the results supported the theory that strange energy fieldsor radiationarecreated by"flying saucers." The first shots were exposed asa bright light over the whole film.Others looked likea double exposure.But a half-dozen shots turned out,showing the receding glow. 22 Figure 1-4.Photograph of ship departing David regained his philosophical attitudeabout thedifficulties of learning anew technology. "You have tolearn tocrawl before you can walk." He continued tobuildmodels, working up to18 hoursa day inthesummertime.Over the yearshe wrote tonumerous universities and officials inanattempt toget help withthe project. Perhaps not allof the letters were filedinthe"crank file"(the waste baskets),because he didget an unannounced visit froma car fullof men who barged into thehouse flashing badges, identifying themselves asemployees of the Boeing aircraft companynear Seattle.One of themenusedhistelephone andDavid heardhimsay, "He doesn't have anything." They left asrudelyastheyhadarrived. "Wait untilI get my 5-ton machine built," David said tothe retreating automobile.Hisnext plan was tobuild anexperimental prototype whose body wasmade of concrete sothat it would not flyaway.He hoped it would demonstrate theconversion of energy. Inthe following years he experimented doggedly while dealing withchallenges - being surrogate parent totwonative boys, caring forNora,and moving toOntario. These adventures aretold inThe Granite Man and the Butterfly. David continued to build larger models, despite a shortage of money and a surplus of visitors.No quitter,heisdetermined tomeet hisgoal- A,On,and Arkan's expectation that hewillbuild anark-sized spacecraft. 23 Chapter 2 The Seven Hermetic Principles Inthischapter, I will attempt toshowthe connecting link between David Hamel's "Zero-Point UFO Technology," ancient structures such asStonehenge andtheGreat Pyramid, andthe fundamental principles contained within the Torah inGenesis chapter1. The GenesisModel mathematically defines therelationship between God and Man.God istheStar of the pentagram and is the perfect0(phi) generator. Manand all of creation isthe seed. As creation expands throughthedivine spark attheneutral point of thecycle (initiation), it evolves fromthe Seed of Life totheFlower of Lifeandthentothe Garden of Life andsoon.Each progression brings it that much closer tounitywithGodand perfection. Creation's advancement isdefined bytheFibonacci progression wherebycomparing theratio of successive termsapproachesthe0ratio.Creationisperfect,but it reaches perfection atinfinity when thisratioequals0. The ancient structures also describe mathematically this0progression, asdoesthehuman body. David Hamel's propulsion system isalsoaCreation Model fortapping intotheneutral point.These subjects are alldefined bytheCreation Model. The difference isintheapplication. I willpresent certain mathematical proofs tohelp define the model. It isn't necessarytofollowthe math, but greater insights into theconnectiveness of allthings canbe obtained bydoing so. The designof theSeed of Life isdefined bytheHermetic Teachings encompassing the Seven Hermetic Principles. The Hermetic Teachings are the keys toopening upmany doors into the mysteries of theBible andtogaining a greaterunderstanding of their deeper meanings. These principles were received fromHermes, the scribe of thegodsof ancient Egypt. Nearlyevery major religion, whether its followers recognize itor not,hasthese lessons asits foundation. The word "hermetic" means sealed. This information can be foundenclosed withinthe Bible if one knows what tolook for.The Kybalion wasthename given forthesebasic doctrines. These seven principles are thebasis forunderstanding theStory of Creation inGenesis. "The Principles of Truthare seven;hewho knows theseunderstandingly, possesses theMagic Key before whose touchalltheDoors of the temple flyopen." TheKybalion The sevenHermetic Principlesare asfollows: I.THE PRINCIPLE OF MENTALISM II.THE PRINCIPLE OF POLARITY III.THE PRINCIPLE OF CORRESPONDENCE IV.THE PRINCIPLE OF CAUSE AND EFFECT 25 V.THE PRINCIPLE OF RHYTHM VI.THE PRINCIPLE OF VIBRATION VII.THE PRINCIPLE OF GENDER A brief explanation of each principle isgiven below. I. The Principle of Mentalism Everything that exists isa part of theMind of God. It isthe mind that controls allthat which is contained within the Universe.Our mindsarea part of God's; wearen't separate. It may seem so at times because our lower mind canuseblocks toavoid receiving and feeling a part of the greater intelligence. There arecertain laws that God's creation must follow.They arethe remaining six Hermetic Principles, directed bythe first.These principles can explainhow one can,through themind,control all reality, including manipulation of the physicaluniverse.One can literally move mountains mentally if one has the know how. II. The Principle of Polarity "Everything is dual;everything haspoles;everything hasits pair of opposites; likeandunlikearethe same; opposites are identical innature,but different indegree;extremes meet;alltruthsarebut halftruths;allparadoxes may be reconciled." The Kybalion Some examples of thisduality foundinnatureare: 1.Scientists havediscovered that every matter particle hasitscorresponding anti-matter particle opposite. 2.Each of theplatonic solids, whichare thebasic building blocks of nature,hasan opposite. This willbediscussed later. 3.Some say that the left side of thehuman bodyis positively charged, while the right side is negative.Our minds have bothanobjectiveand subjective element. 4.The Earthhasbotha north and south pole. Athirdparameter isformedfromtheinteraction of theopposites,that isa unifying or connecting factor.For example, a batteryhasa positive andnegative pole,and when theyare connected througha load, thethird factor of current formsa bridge or connects the two poles. III. The Principle of Correspondence Asabove,sobelow, aswithin, so without. There isalwaysa correspondence between thedifferent levels of consciousness or states of existence, thephysical being the lowest.Byknowing one of them,thereare certain things we can know about them 26 all.First, allsevenHermetic Principles are inexpression at alllevels of being.Anexample of Correspondence arethe frequenciesof the pitches inthe musical scale. Anoctave contains sevennatural pitches:A,B,C,D,E,FandGand the eighth isa repeat of thefirstat double the frequency.Everypitch corresponds withits loweroctave at twice the frequencyor itshigher octave at one-half the frequency. This tellsussomething about these different octaves evenif theyarebeyond our abilitytohear with our own ears. At the atomic level,the way electrons rotate aroundthenucleus cantellussomething about how the planets rotate aroundthe sun, or our sunaround theMilky Way Galaxy. IV. The Principle of Cause and Effect "Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has itsCause; everything happens according toLaw, Chance isbut aname for Law not recognized;thereare many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law." TheKybalion This law isinagreement withNewton's Third Law of Motion:"To everyactionthere isalways opposed an equal reaction." V.The Principle of Rhythm "Everything flows,out and in;everything has itstides;allthingsrise and fall;the pendulum-swing manifests ineverything; the measure of the swing tothe right isthemeasure of