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GROUP MEMBERS:Bernard Ling Ching Chiong 0301892Bong Hong Chun 0301017Chong Zohan 0302126

Tutor: Pn. Nor Hayati Hussain

Personal Profile:

Name: Koh Sheh-RenGender:FemaleAge:39Date of birth:13 January 1975Hometown:BantingReligion:ChristianEmail:[email protected]

Education:1998Graduated from University Malaya with BSc in Architecture1998PAM Travel Scholarship to Bath, United Kingdom2000Graduated from University Malaya with BA in Architecture

Professional Memberships:2007APAM (Ahli Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia)Experience:2 months practical experience with CSL Associates and 4 months working with C' arch architecture + design. Rejoined C' arch architecture + design Sdn Bhd upon graduation in 2000.

2010 - presentC' arch architecture + design sbSelangor, MalaysiaDirector2006 - 2010C' arch architecture + design sbSelangor, MalaysiaAssociate2000 - 2006C' arch architecture + design sbSelangor, MalaysiaGraduate Architect1998C' arch architecture + designKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaArchitectural Assistant1996CSL AssociatesKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaArchitectural Assistant

Other Professional Interests:1. Involved in a conservation research project sponsored by UNESCO (LEAP); Community Participation in Waqf Rehabilitation, Kapitan Keling Mosque and surrounding areas, George Town, Penang, Malaysia. 2. Involved as part of the research team and co-organised conservation workshops, exhibitions, building surveys, etc.

List of work:

Iringan Hijau - Desa Pahlawan, Kuala Lumpur

Iringan Hijau comprises of a collection of 26 large duplex & triplex residences in KL. Developing ideas on urban tropical homes, creating tall atriums which link and interact with spaces at different levels whilst encouraging natural ventilation using the stack effect.

The Mansions Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur

This development comprises 127 of 2 to 3 - storey strata homes within a gated and landscaped compound with a clubhouse, pool and other common amenities. The master layout plan was conceived to foster the ideals of community living and place making.

The Breezeway Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur

The Breezeway is a unique combination of 132 high-rise condominium units and 80 landed strata parkhomes in response to its strategic location in Desa Parkcity, KL. A central 160m facility deck provides recreational and social oppurtunities whilst forming part of the link between the commercial town centre and the parklands beyond.

Garden Manor - Sungai Buloh, Selangor

The typical Malaysian terrace house has a deep and narrow footprint, dictated by commercial pressures to maximize density. The limited external facades (front and back) result in a dim and poorly ventilated space at the centre of the house.This project challenges the convention with 2 primary moves. Firstly, a shallower (shorter) and wider (square) plan provides a brighter and more spacious aspect to each floor. Secondly, the insertion of open decks adjacent to each party wall creates an additional 3rd external faade for natural light and ventilation. The resultant faade presents each home as a detached unit.

Park Manor Sungai Buloh, Selangor

This is a private enclave comprising 41 villas within the exclusive Sierramas residential development. These elegant 3-storey family homes range from 5,600 to 7,000 sq. ft, with features that cater for multi-generations like a home-life as well as an annexe suite.

The Domain Cyberjaya, Selangor

Designed to provide accommodation for students and IT-workers in Cyberjaya. The Domain offers compact and innovative residences in the form of 550sf duplexes and 750sf apartments.

List of References:

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