The World’S Clean Energy Aficionados

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This is an example of my Powerpoint presentation construction skills. I crafted this Powerpoint for a Business Communications class I was enrolled in last year. The subject matter is the clean energy achievements of Iceland.

Transcript of The World’S Clean Energy Aficionados

  • 1. I C E LAN DHayleyJensen

2. 1. Rich history2. Natural resources &geography3. Focus on environmentalconditions4. Government & social trends 3. Location: North Atlantic Ocean Reykjavik, Iceland- est. 1786 Settlers referred to the area as a Smoky Bay wherecolumns of steam rose from the ground Independence 1800s Population of Reykjavik: 200,000 Geography: Snow & glaciers, moderate coastal region 4. One of the mostvolcanic regions ofthe world Over 200volcanoes Iceland Plume Hundreds ofwaterfalls 5. GEOTHERMAHYDROGENHYDROELECT L ReducesRIC Makes use of Creates nopollution-only naturalpollutionemits H20sources of Power plants are Can be producedpowerless expensive toin many ways Renewableand in many build on certainplaces No fuel is scales Electrolysis canrequired Inexpensivebe performed Utilizes localwith renewableresources whenclean energyavailablesources Can be produced 6. There is no more active hot spot on earth than Iceland & nowhere a greater variety of volcanoes Dr. Gunnar Karlsson (Icelandic Historian)Geothermal Energy, hydrogen fuel &hydroelectric powerspread acrossIceland 7. Geothermal:5 major geothermal plants & growing.1% of energy from fossil fuels Hydroelectric power:Major hydroelectric plantsUse of clean electric cars Hydrogen Fuel:Plans to be 100% fossil-fuel-freePhase-in hydrogen project in 2003Cars, boats etc. run solely on hydrogen by 2050Hydroelectric cars made public in 2010 8. Climate Change Strategy in 2007 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and theKyoto Protocol. Increased carbon sequestration from the atmosphere Research and innovation Promotion of the exportation of Icelandic expertise Government preparation for adaptation to climatechange. Innovation initiated highly by citizens and government -public willingness to embrace new policies -government projects -free parking & low prices for clean cars 9. 82% of power needs met by clean energy Free of dependence on foreign fuel Reduction anthropogenic pollution The increase in Creation of specialized jobs manufactured products Low heating and electricity costssince the 1970s is mainly due to a few Acceleration of top industries:attempts to strengthen Aluminum smeltingthe basis of the Geothermal energyIcelandic economy by Hydropower utilizing hydroelectric power- Kirsten Hastrup Fishing Industry (Anthropologist for Oxford University) 10. 1st to be cited as green and ecofriendly by Greenmap System#1 in Worlds Greenest Cities of 2011 according to Green Buzz Magazine According to GE (General Electric), #1 Country WithCleanest EnergyRanked #1 out of countries meeting their set environmental policy initiatives in the World Economic Forum an index formulated by Yale and Columbia 11. Successful use of clean & efficientenergy Momentum towards a sustainable future Independent energy resources in theworld market Importance of societal andgovernmental commitment