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  • 1. The water treatmentIf we want the water to be clean there are different steps to take !

2. There are seven steps to follow

  • 1) Water entrance and thinning
  • 2)Elevation
  • 3)Dosage of reagent
  • 4)Sand elimination degreasing
  • 5) Primary movement
  • 6)Biological reactors
  • 7)Clarifiers

3. Water entrance and thinning First the water arrives at the sewer then it gets collected at the water treatment to be purified before being rejected into the rivers 4. Elevation

  • The second one is elevation .Two submerged pumps elevate the water to a height of 8,28 meters. It's so high!

5. Dosage of reagents

  • The third one is dosage of reagents. We have to use pumps with automatic dosage of reagents. Reagents are toxic products. Reagents are used to push the waste like sand and grease into a machine.


  • when water reach this area , it is loosing a lot ofspeed because it's getting wider so it's makingthe grease float.

7. Primary movement

  • the fifth of the water treatment is destribued the water in four decanters of 40m diameter and 3m of height,a decanter contien approximately 3.700 m3

8. BIOLOGICAL REACTORS Four reactors of 5.200 m3 unitary volume that have four units type turbine of 189 C.V., two of them of double speed. When water is here, the micro-organisms, which are grown up in this phase, fed on all the biodegradable particles that there are in the water. 9. Clarifiers

  • The water stagnates so thatrubbish goes down, before being rejected the water in the rivers.

10. This project is directed by:

  • Aymerick
  • Thomas
  • Lucas
  • Sophie
  • Pauline
  • Chlo
  • Caroline
  • Guillaume