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The Venus Factor is a diet and fitness system for the female body that help you lose extra fat fast forever.Let’s read my honest The Venus Factor Reviews ADD TO CART :

Transcript of The Venus Factor By John Barban

  • The #1 secret behind Venus Factor Ill tell you first what it isnt. It doesnt involve heavy machine lifting. It doesnt involve heavy cardio. You wont go on restrictive diets, and you wont be swallowing any latest berry pills that get promoted by celebrity doctors. Its a true, long term weight loss plan based on one most important factor: an underrated hormone. This hormone is a nasty little devil, if you dont get it right. When this hormone is high in your body, it burns more fat faster but when its low, it actually stores fat. Women have twice as much of this hormone as men, however they are 3 times less responsive. Which means, when you are low on this hormone, you gain weight twice as fast as any man! Go official website :
  • What you get from Venus Factor This is what makes up the Venus Factor program. It focuses on getting the right nutrition for you body, based on how the female body works because, as it turns out, women need a different approach than men when wanting to lose weight. Its a 12 week fat loss system, designed for every woman. Even if you have no time (too much work and family life to do), even if you think you have terrible genetics and slow metabolism, by using the nutrition plan inside youll be able to lose weight as fast as Lisa. The Venus Factor tells you what to eat and when. It also makes losing 10 lbs look like 20, because it focuses on where you visually need to lose it the most! You can even eat pizza, pasta, ice cream and chocolate if you want but only at the right time. You can do the additional workouts from home. Whether you want to strengthen and tone your body, or erase stubborn cellulite, the exercises are based on specific strategies for women. You actually do shorter, less intense workouts which means in less time and with less stress. Go official website :
  • Other women (who now affectionately call themselves Venuses) have tasted how great it feels to look good. They cant wait to get on the scale, cant wait to see how they look in the mirror and get praise from people all day long. Go official website :
  • The truth is: being overweight isnt that bad, but it isnt exactly pleasant either. You feel a little ashamed when you order food at a restaurant. You feel how you look affects every part of your life (and to a degree, it does). But the most dangerous part of being overweight is hating your own reflection in the mirror and that is a price too expensive to pay. I believe that every person deserves to live their best life, and Lisa is a fantastic example of that. ----------- Go official website :