The Valley - February 2011

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The February 2011 issue of The Valley. A free newspaper serving Mifflin County and the surrounding area.

Transcript of The Valley - February 2011

  • A free newspaper dedicated to agriculture, self-reliance, frugal living, and modern homesteading.

    ComplimentaryVolume 2, No. 2 The Valley, February 2011

    F R

    E E

    Serving Mifflin County and the surrounding area.

    The Valley


    STONE ARCH REAL ESTATE Hey whats new? Oh nothing much, Claire Shockey sold Stone Arch Real Estate...WHAT!!! If I heard that word once, I heard it a thousand times, WHAT!!!...and it was said with the three exclamation points behind it too. When a steady rock in the community changes hands, customers and the general public at large usually think of it as a change of course. BUT WAIT! Nothing is re-ally changing per se, just a differ-ent person is going to be responsi-ble for the logistics, and that about explains what all this means in the most simplistic of descriptions. Yes, Stone Arch Real Estate will still be the number one spe-cialty office in the area. Yes you are still going to b e able to find that perfect home, and if you are selling your home, you will still get the benefit of their marketing expertise. Part of the overlooked bonus of dealing with Stone Arch is the personal, caring, patient service they have always pro-vided. By being a specialty office their agents choose to work with fewer clients, thus giving them the ability to spend more time and

    marketing dollars for every client they serve. And the proof is in their great client testimonials! That is the foundation of Stone Arch Real Estate and the heart of the vision that Claire Shockey developed over 27 years in the business. When Claire opened Stone Arch Real Estate she wanted to develop a team at-mosphere where the number one prior-ity of everyone in the of-fice was the client. And Kim Rickert intends to continue to keep a high standard for service. In her new ven-ture, Kim intends to continue Stone Archs mission and try to innovate as well. Since they will still be a unique, specialty type of-

    fice, they have the extra time to afford first time home buyers the extra attention and explanation they might need. Everyone is a first time buyer onceremem-ber the fear of the unknown? Wouldnt it have been nice to be

    able to go to an office that can take the time a new buyer might need? With an eye on the younger buyer being added to the mission, as well as the continued excellent service of long time clients, Stone Arch has an extremely user-

    friendly web-siteits easy to navigate, and has infor-mation that is available when you are. With the wealth of informa-tion available there, you can have all the right questions and answers ready when you contact the office. With previous experience in running her own business, as well as time

    in the field of sales, Kim comes to the helm with plenty of know- how and a belief in the mission of Stone Arch as it exists, and what she hopes she can add to it. As an-other strong advocate of customer service, Kim expects a transition that is hardly noticeable to anyone on the outside. As a believer in strong community involvement, Kim hopes to continue to help the many local organizations she is part of. Whats Claire doing? Same thing she has been doing for the last 27 yearslisting, selling and showing real estate at Stone Archthat part is staying the same. She will also be available to lend Kim her years of experi-ence, but the late nights will now belong to Kim. I think I heard Claire say something about travel, so that may become part of her routine as well. Other than that, Stone Arch still stands for Quality, Service and the Customer. They are the folks that have the time to get to know you, where you are more than just another buyer or seller. Youll experience just how dedicated Stone Arch is to fulfil your Real Estate dreams. Yes, the torch has been passed, but there is no end in sight, just another leg of the journey ahead. Stone Arch is still Stone Arch, and Quality is still their highest priority. a

    Claire Shockey (right) is passing the torch to Kim Yoder Rickert (left) who carries the vision forward.

    The Quality Team at Stone Arch Real Estate (l-r) Stephanie Koenig, Claire Shockey, Kim Yoder Rickert, Bev Naylor and Teri Smith

    A Continued Commitment to Excellence

    100 Stine Dr. Lewistown 248-6400


    Kim is taking over as the new owner of Stone Arch Real Estate starting 2011, along with the help and guidance of founder, Claire Shockey.

    CLAIRE SHOCKEY, with her licensed assistant, STEPHANIE KOENIG, will continue listing and selling real estate and being of service to their clients, which is what she loves the most!



    Teri Smith, 994-3908 25 yrs experience

    Bev Naylor, 250-4530 12 yrs. experience

    Our staff is ready to help. Deb Yetter & Aimee Dillon

  • The Valley, February 20112

    In this IssueContributingWriters

    Editor/PublisherWayne Stottlar

    The ValleyPO Box 41 Yeagertown, PA 17099(717) 363-1550

    E-mail: [email protected]:

    Contact Info

    Editors Corner Adventures in Homesteading--Dave and Ginger Striker

    Woods, Water and Wildlife--Bob Sleigh

    Roads Less Traveled--Lynn Persing

    Understanding the Constitution--Dave Molek

    Thots on...--Lydia

    Adventures on Our Nourishing Journey--Sue Burns

    LZ Swanson--Shawn Swanson

    Grosze Thal Nachbaren--Jeptha I. Yoder

    Looking Out My Back Door--Mary Anna Chenoweth

    The Mushroom Guy--Bob Sleigh

    Ask Julie Mac--Julie MacConnell

    Modern Energy and Alternate Heating--Curt Bierly

    Recipes, Crafts and Gift Ideas--Debra Kulp

    Memories of a Dairy Princess--Rebecca Harrop

    More Frugal Living--Rick Hanson

    The Chicken AND the Egg!--Mike Flanagan

    Homeschooling on the Homestead--Andy Weller

    Veterinary Clinic --Dr. Joe Ewaskiewicz --Dr. Beth Ewaskiewicz

    Frank About Business--Frank Cunningham

    Contentment Quest--Joanne Wills

    February is when that inner clock starts ticking louder telling me I need to plant something now! I have fortunately realized after all these years that some-where back in my ancestry my in-ner clock never got synchronized with the real planting time for my area. Hence, there have been thousands of plants started way too early over the years as I tried to rush the season. This usually resulted in less than prime plants to set out in the garden, This year I am waiting...until at least March 1st before I start anything indoors--and I mean it...I think. February is also the heart month, when you show your sweetheart how much you care with a box of chocolates, flowers, a nice dinner out, or some other token of your affection. Why not all of the above, and while your at it, do it local. All of the above mentioned items can be obtained right here in

    The Valley. While you are making your partner aware of how much you care, you neighbor will reap the benefits and the happiness quotient of the whole area ticks up a few notches. Supporting our advertisers enables us to be able to print this paper. Let them know their ads are being seen, even if you arent buying that particular day. The first of our reader submit-ted stories can be found in Con-tentment Quest by Joanne Wills. She will take you on a journey of introspection that few of us may have ever considered. The news is still bubbling to the surface of the change in posi-tions at Stone Arch Real Estate. Claire Shockey, after building a

    prominent real estate com-pany in the area, is handing over the reins and responsi-bility to Kim Rickert. Claire now will list property, be there for advice and carve out a little time for one of her loves--traveling. The transition is expected to be seamless. Getting back to seeds, plants, and dirt, and all of the other soon to come outdoor activities, next month is the time most of us in this area will start actually putting a few seeds in the dirt and pots on the heating pads. Then, from there to the light rack...What?...You dont have a light rack? You use the window sills? Next month we will show

    you an inexpen-sive light rack that you can build at home in a day on the weekend and save hundreds on buying a similar rack. Of course, having to build another for the story means that when finished, I will have another rack, and be able to start twice as many plants this year. A new adver-tiser this month, Brian and Derrick, the wood guys, have been treating me right for a couple years now, hard working honest guys--give them a try. Thank you for your continued interest and kind words that we receive almost every day. It means a lot to us. a --Wayne

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  • The Valley, February 2011 3

    Random Frugal Living Thoughtsfrom Downeastwith Rick Hanson

    The most important animal on Earth? I would like to discuss with you the most important animal on my homestead. Must be a pig, goat, chicken, or cow, right? Those are all great guesses, but for this discussion well be travel-ling just a wee bit down the old food chain. Im talking about worms. EEEWW! You may say. Worms? Im glad this paper is freahhcomplimentary! Ah, but worms are very, very important on my place. I dont use many soil amendments besides worm castings. Now youre prob-ably thinking... Worm castings? You makin a homesteadin movie there, Rick? Worm castings are what them EDJOOCATED folk call worm poop. Theyre so SMAHT, aint they? They get SMAHTAH by these pieces of paper they pay lots of money for.

    Must get kinda hot in them fancy colleges, seeing as they always tell ya how many degrees they got. I get my best education w