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The Venus Factor - it's a 12 week workout program and diet plan that's designed not only to help women lose weight and for man. To Know More About this program click here:-

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Venus Factor Review

OverviewJohn Barban, an eminent name in the diet and fitness industry invented this program named Venus Factor which is designed specifically for women who want a genuine solution to obesity and have reached nowhere with the random weight loss plans. Venus Factor approaches the issue of weight loss differently. It focuses on reducing the quantity of Leptin in the body which is responsible for hunger and hence, weight gain.

What Comes With Venus Factor?1) Main Manual:- In addition to outlining the program, the Venus Factor main manual covers the following:

The main differences in women's sizes and women's body compositions.The role of Leptin to women's .The truth about sugar, soy, and artificial sweeteners to the diet.Good foods that you can eat versus bad foods that you can eat.Meal planning tricks and tips.How to avoid caloric deficits.The difference between being thin and being healthy.Workout ManualFew of the exercises that the manual touches on are:-

Bear CrawlsTruck JumpsPush-UpsMountain ClimbsWalkoutsBurpeesPlanksLungesSquatsSupermans

4Eating Guide:-Which Foods Should I Eat to Lose Weight?Oily FishEggsQuinoaThe next section of Venus Factor is the eating guide. he Venus factor diet plan is not about dietary restrictions. It is all about eating the foods that you like in moderation while combining these with foods that boost your overall metabolism.

5 Rules of Eating:-The 5 rules of this regimen will help you boost your level of energy and will help you reach and keep a healthy weight while improving your general health. The rules are the following:

Dont eat after dinner Finish your last meal of the day at least 3 hours before going to bed. Allow from 11 to 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.Have 3 meals a day Allow from 5 to 6 hours between meals. Steer clear from unhealthy in-between snacks.Eat small portions Finish your meal when you feel almost full.Have a protein-laden breakfast.Dont eat too much food full of carbohydrates.

Venus Factor works for a number of reasons that include:-Target WorkoutsEnhances MetabolismCuts Through the CrapNew Lifestyle

Pros Of Venus Factor:-Based on scientific facts and extensive research

Emphasizes on right shape besides mere weight loss thats the best way to focus on for women.Equipped with easy to follow manual and video tutorials for better understanding.Works for all women with any level of fitness.No need to spend on expensive gym equipment's and no need to sweat with exercises.Comes along with 60 days complete refund guarantee.Access to venus Factor community which helps to keep you motivated all throughout.No need to count calories; you can enjoy the food you like (but moderately).The success stories are highly inspiring and people have witnessed dramatic transformations in body.References are cited by Author that shows the credibility of every claim that program makes.

Venus Factor Review

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