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  1. 1. The two great godsThe two great gods Demeter and DionysiusDemeter and Dionysius
  2. 2. CharactersCharacters Demeter is the goddessDemeter is the goddess of agriculture and harvestof agriculture and harvest Persephone is thePersephone is the daughter of Demeterdaughter of Demeter Hades the god of theHades the god of the underworldunderworld Dionysius is a demigodDionysius is a demigod who was the god of winewho was the god of wine and the son of Semeleand the son of Semele and Zeusand Zeus Dionysius and Demeter Persephone
  3. 3. PlotPlot Demeter was theDemeter was the goddess of agriculturegoddess of agriculture and harvest whoand harvest who became so miserablebecame so miserable because Hadesbecause Hades kidnapped and trickedkidnapped and tricked her daughterher daughter Persephone intoPersephone into becoming the queenbecoming the queen of the underworldof the underworld
  4. 4. Due to her sadness,Due to her sadness, there became anthere became an eternal winter and iteternal winter and it was only with thewas only with the intercession of Rheaintercession of Rhea that she finallythat she finally accepted aaccepted a compromise. She cancompromise. She can have Persephonehave Persephone back on the first nineback on the first nine months of the yearmonths of the year and back to theand back to the underworld for threeunderworld for three monthsmonths
  5. 5. Dionysius was a son of ZeusDionysius was a son of Zeus and Semele who met a tragicand Semele who met a tragic end after being tricked byend after being tricked by Hera. Dionysius grew up in theHera. Dionysius grew up in the same cave that Zeus grew upsame cave that Zeus grew up in and he became the god ofin and he became the god of wine and merriment. He hadwine and merriment. He had crazy women following himcrazy women following him around and by the time hearound and by the time he arrived in Thebes, the kingarrived in Thebes, the king who was his cousin wanted hiswho was his cousin wanted his arrest but his attempts were inarrest but his attempts were in vain because Dionysius is avain because Dionysius is a god. His cousin also met agod. His cousin also met a tragic end in the hands of histragic end in the hands of his own mother and sister whileown mother and sister while under the influence ofunder the influence of DionysiusDionysius Dionysius
  6. 6. SettingsSettings The story of DemeterThe story of Demeter happened in thehappened in the entire fields of Greeceentire fields of Greece and also in theand also in the underworldunderworld The story ofThe story of Dionysius happenedDionysius happened in the Crete and hisin the Crete and his journey towardsjourney towards ThebesThebes
  7. 7. ThemeTheme The theme of both storyThe theme of both story is the belief of theis the belief of the humanity in the idea ofhumanity in the idea of life after after death. There is also theThere is also the reminder that wine hasreminder that wine has two sides: the good sidetwo sides: the good side which is the merrimentwhich is the merriment and the bad side, the sideand the bad side, the side where we lose controlwhere we lose control and lose sight of who weand lose sight of who we areare A grieving child