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  • 1.Hamish Renton Associates Cost eec,ve Social Media Campaigns Creativity Insight Delivery! 1 Creativity Insight Delivery

2. About!Hamish Renton Associates!Background: Retail - Head of Own Label for Tesco & Category Buying Manager at Argos. FMCG - board member at both St Ivel and Milk Link (Marke,ng & Innova,on Director) Industry - Gold Awards Judge, write for The Grocer (logo) & Dairy Innova,on (logo) Professionally Member of Chartered Ins,tute of Marke,ng & Market Research Society Associate. Bou5que agency focused on food and drink: small team of blue chip specialists. Marke5ng strategy, research, branding, packaging & New Product Development Ge;ng & keeping supermarket lis5ngs category analysis, sell in & promo,ons Workshops product brainstorms, strategy & sales genera,on Wri5ng & Research crea,ng Books, Ar,cles & Apps about Food & Health. Current clients: 2 Creativity Insight Delivery Delivery 3. What is cost eec,ve marke,ng? Consignia (2002) - 2m logo redesign. Sponsorship of The River CoXage series- c250,000. Product sampling in UKs largest 80 Tescos for a weekend - 92,000 Crea,on of A4 press adver,sement - 20,000. One A4 page inser,on cost in Observer Food Monthly magazine or Olive - c5,000 3 Creativity Insight Delivery 4. How not to useTwiXer McDonalds, Feb 2012. Campaign aimed to highlight the origin of its food with the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers Whilst McDonalds tweets were at the top of the search, the majority were nega,ve. Real tweets from consumers: My father used to bring us to McDonalds as a reward when we were kids. Now hes horribly obese and has diabetes. Lesson learned #McDStories #McDStories Take a McDonalds fry, let it sit for 6 months. It will not deteriorate or spoil like a normal potato. It will remain how it was. I once ate at McDonalds. Never, ever again. #McDStories #truestory Lesson = regardless of the care taken to plan a social media campaign, detractors will inevitably chime in. 4 Creativity Insight Delivery 5. Watch out.. Social Media is always on Keep a clear focus on the product & customer service. In a now famous incident, Southwest airlines kicked famous Kevin Smith o of a plane because he was too large to t into just one seat. He got angry & tweeted about the incident, and the event became an instant scandal. In this age of instant, it is more important than ever to have a posi,ve company mission and treat clients respeciully. Lesson = all your customers have megaphones, not just the loyal and happy ones. 5 Creativity Insight Delivery 6. Social media cost eec,ve way to: 1. Research - listen and learn from your consumers about their needs & wants. 2. Adver5sing build brand awareness & followers. 3. Brand building create posi,ve associa,ons and personality. 4. Inuence power to form and change consumer opinion. 5. Sales - channel to sell directly & drive trac to other channels 6 Creativity Insight Delivery 7. Driving VALUE in your social media V Video A Ac,vate L Lifestyle U Understand E Evaluate Key is integra,ng social media channels to drive value. The BIG 3 are Facebook, You Tube & TwiXer all can be used very eec,vely for free ! 7 Creativity Insight Delivery 8. V is for Video You Tube is free, wildly popular mechanic for bringing your brand, and its story alive. Most consumers watch the rst 30 seconds. Supports your Google ra,ng (SEO). Done well, is powerful combina,on of sight and sound. Allows product features, associa,ons & personality to show. BeXer a short, well constructed 20 seconds than an "epic" 5 minutes. is higher quality alterna,ve (also free). 8 Creativity Insight Delivery 9. A is for Ac,vate Your goal is to drive web trac to your website, impel consumers to DO something or lead their conversa,on. Consumers trust social media recommenda,ons, its a key tool to drive sales which is why likes and recommenda,ons are important. Over 190m tweets every day - make sure your brand has something to say. Giving a personal touch to your brand is best done through TwiXer, you can tweet jokes, pictures, links to your website. TwiXer is also very eec,ve in providing 24/7 customer service. Be professional, but informal and make it true to your brand and story. 9 Creativity Insight Delivery 10. Number of followers 6000 5000 Number of followers 4000 3000 2000 1000 0 10 Creativity Insight Delivery 11. L is for Lifestyle If you are not talking to your customers where and when they work, rest and play, your brand is missing out. What leisure ac,vi,es do you your customers enjoy - sports, entertainment, the arts or cooking? Then incorporate that leisure ac,vity in your tweets. The more you can be part of their total life the stronger your brand loyalty will be. TwiXer is adding nearly 500,000 new accounts per day 90% are consumers driven by their interests. Your brand has a great story behind it how and where will you make this relevant? 11 Creativity Insight Delivery 12. www.hamishrenton.comExamples of Facebook ads 12 Creativity Insight Delivery 13. U is for Understand To establish, or regain trust, you need to show your brand understands its shoppers. E.g. Social media mandatory for youth brands - 48 % of 18 to 34-year-olds check Facebook immediately upon waking up. Facebook polls - quick, immediate and accurate way to gauge opinion. Use survey monkey (free) to design a 10 ques,on survey and tweet the link (use a prize draw). Invite consumers to post, email or tweet their sugges,ons for new avours, recipes and product usage 13 Creativity Insight Delivery 14. E is for Evaluate Growing Facebook fans isnt just about winning a popularity contest; it can actually have an impact on your companys boXom line. Average fans spend $71.84 on products they like.. On average, fans are 28 percent more likely to con,nue being loyal users. The average fan is 41% more likely to recommend the product or service to friends. What is that worth to your business? Set targets for each month - followers on TwiXer, Facebook and You Tube. Measure your progress to get a sense of momentum. Sign up on Google Analy,cs to look at how your website is performing. 14 Creativity Insight Delivery 15. www.hamishrenton.comEngagement on Facebook Page (non adver,sing period) - make mine Milk Engagement of Facebook page over Oct/Nov. This includes likes, comments, shares and picture views (between 15/10/11 12/11/11) 4000 Number of people engaged with page 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 15/10/11 16/10/11 17/10/11 18/10/11 19/10/11 20/10/11 21/10/11 22/10/11 23/10/11 24/10/11 25/10/11 26/10/11 27/10/11 28/10/11 29/10/11 30/10/11 31/10/11 01/11/11 02/11/11 03/11/11 04/11/11 05/11/11 06/11/11 07/11/11 08/11/11 09/11/11 10/11/11 11/11/11 12/11/11 Date 15 Creativity Insight Delivery 16. Caveat Email and direct mail arent dead! Neither is the phone! Email marke,ng allows you to send messages when you want, and consumers to respond when they want. You arent interrup,ng! Consumers have given you permission to contact, so they want to hear from you! Electronic newsleXers allow you to add colour, depth, personality and humour to your brand story. Create and keep a database of interested consumers (even if they dont buy) using free/low cost tools like Constant Contact 16 Creativity Insight Delivery 17. Summary Geyng followers, fans, likes, pins and the rest is not why were on social media. Were business people and were using social media apps to help to build our businesses. Facebook, TwiXer & You Tube are all free. Take these channels seriously and nd a process to gradually build your presence. Benchmark where you are now: followers, likes & page views. Set objec,ves and measure yourself against them. Dont stop all your other marke,ng its a mix of channels that will get you results. Make social media the responsibility of one person in your company and start now! 17 Creativity Insight Delivery 18. www.hamishrenton.comAny ques,ons ? Further informa5on: Find a PDF copy of this presenta,on on For a free report into how to op,mise Social Media, drop me an email. Contact Oce: 01803 203387 Mobile: 07740 840071 in t 18 Creativity Insight Delivery