The Torch #1 - Superheroes

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The first ever Torch SL Guide in magazine format

Transcript of The Torch #1 - Superheroes

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  • Join us in Tahitian Dreams

  • Abby herself in one of her own outfits

    Abbys homemadecostumes

    If you can find it...

  • Abby herself in one of her own outfits

    Villains At Work TooHeroes At Work


    Catgirl watching her pray Cybermen likes toboogie too

  • Candi Quick came a close second

    Stryder Kitlapha took the big win

  • The staff at The Volt

    The club with all its gadgets

  • Hostess and DJ working up a sweat

    This dancer is a real killerHeroes knows how to party

  • Torchette and C-Man

    Loads of heroes and villains showed up

    Wich side will YOU choose?

  • Late entries

    The club got packed Super Nun?

  • Golden Girls name was decided by the crowd

    Heroes (and villains)comes in all sizes

    If catgirl and batgirl could have a child...

  • Wisdom Aeon took second place andStephanie Feldragonn came third

    Norm Aftermath won the Ohana event

  • Hunts of the monthMenStuff Hunt

    June 3rd -July3rd Featuring over 150 of the grid's top designers.


    Her Style Hunt

    June 1st June 30th

    May brought you the His Style hunt, now its time for the first ever Her Style Hunt The Hunt Blog:

    Midsummer Nights Dream 2

    June 21st -July 28th

    A Grid wide brought to you by The Best Of SL Magazine

    Note: Give Hunt Gift Costs 1L$ Hunt Blog:

    Start logication: Group: secondlife:///app/group/b99da56d-533c-eba6-734c-c9244fd7ca0a/about

    Sand & Sun Hunt June 15th - July 15th

    Hunt Blog: http://sandnsunhunt.blogspot.comStart Location:

    Autism Awareness Hunt June 1st July 1st

    Learn more about austim while seeking out freebie across Second Life in this hunt

    Blog website: Group joiner: secondlife:///app/group/d1095b10-e220-98af-1763-a0423b53f444/about

    Start Location:

    Let Them Eat Cake June 1st -June 30th

    Start location:

    2 Hott For You Summer Hunt June 1st -30th

    Group Joiner: secondlife:///app/group/027ae208-ff5c-b11b-655e-a97f07dbca41/about

  • Hunt Blog: Location:

    Just Desserts June 1st June 30th

    Hunt Blog:

    Start Location:

    Group Joiner: secondlife:///app/group/3ae6b29b-abe5-305e-5737-569f902765ec/about

    ZombiePopcorn HuntJune 1st June 15th

    Start Location:

    Group Joiner: secondlife:///app/group/16f2efb4-1d15-e3d2-d4ce-e50a6e52c2be/about

    Other information:

    Personal Pleasure Hunt

    July 1st July 31st

    Blog : Joiner: secondlife:///app/group/3222e6fe-2c92-3dc3-51c5-e9aeb6260022/about

  • Mollie and Marcus

    We caught them on theGrand Opening

    A birds eye of Ohana



    g a



















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