The story of my biggest fear

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Transcript of The story of my biggest fear

  1. 1. my biggest fearwasnt always my biggest fear
  2. 2. i used to be just like youyoung and fearless ok, maybe not that fearless
  3. 3. but i was no scaredy cat (im not really a cat person to begin with)
  4. 4. as a kid, i was never afraid of those silly things like clowns being away from my parents monsters under my bedthe dark
  5. 5. yet somehow as a freshman in high schooli managed to pick up a fear even sillier than all the rest
  6. 6. not spidersnot heightsnot dyingnot going stag to prom
  7. 7. i know my fear is irrational, i really do
  8. 8. katieand i have a fear of squirrelsyes, squirrels
  9. 9. i googled cute squirrel and this image came up (this image terries me)
  10. 10. in fact, i see little reason why the words cute and squirrelshould ever be used in the same sentence .
  11. 11. i dont care how big it smiles
  12. 12. or how tiny and pink it is
  13. 13. onebecause in my mind there is only one squirrel
  14. 14. we were introducedone morning as i was getting ready for school
  15. 15. without warningor invitation
  16. 16. there he was arms spread wide caught in my window screen
  17. 17. when our eyes met, i screamedand ran faster than id ever run beforei made it to the bus stopa whoppingone hour early
  18. 18. it was the scariest 10 seconds of my life
  19. 19. you may not believe me
  20. 20. but you didnt see his stare
  21. 21. his beady little stare
  22. 22. if you didwed be starting a club this very minute:the squirrely scaredies the he-man squirrel afraiders clubnon-nutty squirrel haterade drinkers(ok ok well work out the name later)
  23. 23. and my biggest fear would be your biggest fear too