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Master Mariners Benevolent Association newsletter "The Shellback" June 2008

Transcript of The Shellback June 2008

  • The Shellback, June 2008, Pg. 1

    Since 1867 June, 2008 Ariane Paul, Interim Editor

    2008 Master Mariners Regatta

    Skippers and crew donned foul weather gear Saturday morning at Encinal, hours before the regatta start, just to be

    able to sit in their cockpits and make mental preparations for the day the cold, grey, wet weather made it a

    challenge. Fortunately the rain stopped before the start and the wind never backed due south, as the NWS

    predicted, saving the race committee the unpleasant task of shifting the finish line to Southhampton Shoal to

    eliminate an up hill finish for the Big Schooners and Gaffs. They still had their challenges. The moderate, variable

    wind and the flood current turned the leg from Little Harding to Blackaller into a tactical battle for the Marconi

    yachts. And a wind hole behind Treasure Island made for a crowded finish and some last minute place changes. As

    in past years, you just never know whats in store for a Master Mariners Regatta.

    Fifty-four yachts started the race all but

    one finished with fierce competition and

    close finishes in many divisions. After

    thirteen miles of racing there were only

    17 seconds separating the first two Bears.

    In the Marconi 2 division first and second

    was decided by a 50 second gap with the

    third place yacht only 25 seconds behind.

    The L-36 fleet had a similar finish with

    32 seconds between first and second with

    third less than 50 seconds back. The Gaff

    2 divisions close battle was for third place

    with three yachts spread over one minute

    24 seconds. And, after seventeen miles

    only 39 seconds separated the two

    Farallone Clippers that started in the

    Ocean 2 division. The top three finishers

    in each division were as follows:

    The most hotly contested perpetual

    trophies were the Dead Eye, won by Dauntless who had the best elapsed time for a Marconi yacht over thirty feet on

    deck; the Billiken, won by Brigadoon who had the best elapsed time for a Gaff over thirty feet on deck; and the

    Homeward Bound, won by Vixen, the fastest Marconi 3 yacht. See the full results posted on the Master Mariners

    website for the remaining trophy winners.

    The race committee from the Sausalito Yacht Club headed by Jeff Zarwell onboard the good ship Mercury did an

    excellent job officiating the race, as is their custom. Dick Wrenn was on hand to help identify yachts at the lines and

    took finish times as well, while Chris Newell had the task of compiling race results and identifying this years

    perpetual trophy winners. We owe them our thanks for another successful regatta.

    Everyone had a grand time at the Encinal raft-up; the food and both bands were terrific. There is something

    especially welcoming about the sounds of Dixieland at the end of a long day of racing. The awards ceremony went

    extremely smoothly thanks to the efforts of Trophy Chairman John Tucker, assisted by his wife Anne. In addition to

    a Strutting Cock pennant each first place winner had the great fortune of receiving a magnum-sized bottle of wine

    donated by Ted Hall and Long Meadow Ranch it pays to be first. Thanks go to Terry Klaus for taking care of the

    berthing and dinner arrangements and to Mike Douglas for procuring the bands. And thanks to all the skippers for

    making it another great regatta.

    John Vincent, Regatta Chairman

    Regatta Photos Inside

    The She l l b a ckThe She l l b a ckThe She l l b a ckThe She l l b a ck


    1st 2nd 3rd

    Big Schooner Lynx Gas Light Seaward

    Gaff 1 Brigadoon Aida Yankee

    Gaff 2 Black Witch Pearl Taihoa

    Marconi 1 Santana Elizabeth Muir Bright Star

    Marconi 2 Sunda Nautigal Saltana

    Marconi 3 Corsair Vixen Adagio

    Marconi 4 Eos Morningstar Kaze

    Ocean 1 Kate II Valiant Bounty

    Ocean 2 Ouessant Credit ---------

    L-36 Leda II Ole Papoose

    Bird Robin Widgeon Oriole

    Bear Magic Bongo Camembert

  • The Shellback, June 2008, Pg. 2

    From the Quarterdeck

    Where was the wind?!? The week before

    the regatta Stroma of Mey was out

    crashing around in 25 kts of wind

    practicing sail changes, getting to R4 and

    trying out recycled whisker poles. (Both

    Dean Gurke and Dick Wrenn took pity on

    me and loaned me their old cast offs.)

    Stroma was set for the race. I even had a

    secret weapon on board, Jocelyn Nash. She was my guarantee of placing if not winning. But the morning of the

    Regatta was grey, drizzly and cold. There was no wind; the flags barely fluttered. Even with a picture perfect start

    and no mistakes on the race course, Stroma was at the back of the pack. There was just not enough wind. It was a

    year for lighter boats with spinnakers. In spite of all this, the crew on Stroma had a great time. The sun came out,

    the sailing was gentle (nothing broke no one got wet), and the scenery was like eye candy. It was fantastic to see

    all these wonderful old boats out on the race course. I marvel at how we all manage to keep these boats going and

    looking so good!

    The party and awards ceremony at the Encinal was once again a success. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. As

    the night progressed, the festivities moved down to the docks near Lynx and Dauntless. The crew on Lynx was so

    ecstatic that they won; they celebrated into the wee hours of the morning singing sea shanties and passing around

    bottles of rum.

    Many hours of hard work on the part of volunteers goes into a successful regatta. We owe a special thanks to all

    those who made it this years regatta such a successful and enjoyable event:

    John & Carla Vincent - John was our Race Chairman and Carla spent many hours helping him

    Dick Wrenn & Chris Newell on the Race Committee Boat

    John Tucker for managing the trophies

    Ariane Paul for bringing in the Sponsors

    Terry Klaus for setting up the Sponsors Luncheon at the St. Francis Yacht Club and the Regatta Party at

    the Encinal Yacht Club

    Barbara Ohler & Dean Gurke for hosting the Sunday night pot luck barbeque at their house.

    St. Francis YC for the Sponsors Luncheon

    Sausalito YC for providing the Race Committee Boat and Race Officials

    Encinal YC for the Regatta Party

    Plus all of Sponsors

    Speaking of volunteers We need more people to become involved and share the work load. There will be three

    openings on the board in the upcoming elections at our Annual Meeting. If you think you might be interested,

    please dont be shy or wait to be asked. Speak to myself or Jeff Stokes. Besides new board members, we also need a

    Secretary and event coordinators for the Petaluma wooden boat cruise-in to celebrate Petalumas sesquicentennial,

    the China Camp barbeque and the Drakes Bay Oyster feed. Volunteers are what keep this organization running.

    There was one sad note during the Memorial Day weekend. Chairman Bob and Eventide was missing To honor

    Bob Griffiths memory, the board voted to donate $350.00 to the Master Mariners Benevolent Foundation. The

    money is to be used for a scholarship to send a kid on a tall ship this summer or a girl on the Girls Tall Ship

    Semester at Sea.

    Our next event is the MMBA barbeque at the Spaulding Center on June 28th. There will be plenty of food

    including oysters, hot dogs and hamburgers ably cooked by the master chef, Tom List. I know Tom will also bring

    fiddle and play with any other musicians who show up. This is a great chance to socialize, listen to music, see the

    progress of Freda and find out what else is happening at the Center. Show up around noon and enjoy.

    Dee Dee Lozier, Commodore

    2008 Master Mariners Regatta Tom Welsh

  • The Shellback, June 2008, Pg. 3

    BARUNA TROPHY TRANSFORMATIONS There were no more spaces on the Baruna Trophy base after the 2007 Regatta. Steve Hutchinson of Hutchinson

    Marine Services donated and built a new and enlarged base which will take care of about 40 more regattas. Since

    the Baruna no longer travels to the winner's yacht club the MMBA has ordered a "Traveling Baruna." Terry Klaus

    donated a nice silver trophy won by Brigadoon in the 1990 lighted yacht parade. John Tucker polished off 18 years

    of oxidation and varnished the new base donated by the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center and created from a beam of

    Iroka wood by Michael Wiener, Boatworks Manager.

    John Tucker, Trophy Steward

    DID YOU KNOW Caleb Whitbeck, our great friend and marine artist who creates our annual t-shirt designs each year, now has a web site where you can find out more about his great body of work and experience. Please visit w w w . c a l e b w h i t b e c k . c o m and enjoy samples of his other paintings.

    Spaulding Wooden Boat Center / Master Mariners 2008 BBQ Saturday, June 28, 2008 Foot of Gate Five Road, Sausalito, CA 94965 (415) 332-3179, RSVP if attending:

    Wooden Boat Show Corinthian Yacht Club

    43 Main Street, Tiburon

    Annual Members Meeting, Election & Dinner Party Saturday, July 12th

    Boat Show MM Benevolent Foundation Fund Raiser Sunday, July 13th

    10:00 am 4:00 pm, $10.00 admission, children under 12 free

    Makani Kai