The Seven Deadly Sins of S The Seven Deadly Sins of Sponsorship ... the deadly sins •Identify...

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Transcript of The Seven Deadly Sins of S The Seven Deadly Sins of Sponsorship ... the deadly sins •Identify...

  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Sponsorship

    By Chris Baylis of The Sponsorship Collective

  • About Me Chris Baylis is the President and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective, a boutique marketing firm focused exclusively on:

    • Sponsorship strategy

    • Inventory building and asset valuation

    • Sponsorship coaching

    Chris is a sponsorship and cause marketing expert who has managed the entire spectrum of the sponsorship process, from multi-million dollar campaigns to local event sponsorship….and everything in between. @CPBaylis

  • Goals and Structure

    • Uncover seven of the most common and expensive mistakes made in sponsorship

    • Expose how each of these deadly sins manifests

    • Identify solutions and best practices for each of the deadly sins

    • Identify actions you can take today to bring in more corporate dollars

  • When I say “sponsor” I mean people in these areas…

    • Brand management

    • Business development

    • Marketing

    • Product placement

    • Sales

    • Sponsorship

    • Communications

  • Deadly Sin #1 Thinking of Sponsorship as Philanthropy

  • Common Manifestations

    • Focusing on the cause vs marketing outcomes in a proposal

    • Trying to sell sponsorship to CSR or Foundation staff

    • CSR proposals containing “logo placement”

    • Using words like support and donation

    • Tax receipting sponsorship

  • The Solution

    • Know and define your audience

    • Track your web traffic

    • Define your social media followers and their interests

    • Determine the interests and buying power of your audience and ask “who cares about this audience” or “who cares about who you help”

  • Sponsorship Fact!

    “Sponsorship is never philanthropy!

    In fact, sponsorship is a marketing technique and success is measured through marketing ROI and so just being a great cause isn’t enough.”

  • Always This:

    Cause Audience Prospect

  • Never This

    Cause Audience Prospect

  • Deadly Sin #2 Lack of Sponsorship Valuation

  • Common Manifestations

    • Tiered sponsorship packages

    • Doing what you did last year

    • Starting with how much money you need

    • Shoulder shrug method

  • The Solution? • Make a list of every single asset you have to


    • Look at how much it will cost your sponsor to get the same exposure elsewhere

    • Determine the value of your tangible and intangible assets

    • Add a “bump” to the tangible items based on the value of your brand

    • Look to newspapers, digital media, social media advertising, a cross section of similar properties

  • Valuation Case Study

    • Two identical properties, different geographies…same sponsor!

    • Property A is giving away space for product and samples as a “value add”

    • Property A is afraid to charge for this as they fear they will lose the sponsor

    • Property B did a valuation and that same asset, to the same company for the same property goes for…

  • $50,000

  • Deadly Sin #3: Logos, Logos and More Logos!

  • Exercise Alert

    Raise your hand when you see the Honda logo…

  • TIME!

    How much do you think Honda is willing to pay for every person in the room who saw their logo?

  • The Reality

    • Logo placement is one very small aspect of cause partnership

    • It’s the most visible component to the public, which is why we think it’s the most important/only element

    • Logo placement is the least valuable asset you can offer

    • “Do you think there is a single person left in Canada who hasn’t heard of our bank? We don’t need you to build our brand.”

  • Deadly Sin #4 The Proposal First Method

  • Never go in Proposal First!

    The tale of 10,000 sponsorship proposals!

  • Common Manifestations

    • E-blasting sponsorship packages and “one pagers”

    • Writing emails longer than 2 sentences

    • Not meeting your prospects at least twice before submitting a proposal

    • Giving your board a sponsorship package with values and levels

    • Bringing anything but my patented sales technique with you to prospecting meetings

  • The Solution?

    • Talk to your sponsors

    • Understand that the only reason for the first meeting is …to get the second meeting!

    • Bring my top secret weapon to your first meeting

    • Use my top secret e-mail template

  • Steal My Email Template (my most controversial slide)

  • Steal this Template!

    Hey Dave,

    I saw on LinkedIn that you are involved in X, I would love to connect and ask your thoughts about a cool project I'm working on. Are you free tomorrow at 3:00?


    (no title here, just my name)

    …why does this work?

  • Why Does This Work?

    So short , they can't help but read it

    You flatter them and ask for advice

    You give them a date and time, changing the decision from yes/no to whether or not the time works

    It isn't a 20 page proposal!

    It’s focused on them, not you

  • When You go to the Meeting, Bring the Following…

  • When You go to the Meeting, Bring the Following…


  • The Following Things are not Examples of Nothing:

    One pagers


    Annual Reports



    Leave behinds


  • “When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they're saying here you throw this away.”

    ~ Mitch Hedberg

  • Here’s What Else it Does:

    You tell your prospect that you don't care about them or their


    You care about telling them something vs hearing something

    You have assumptions about what they want and what they

    can do for you, and what you can do for them

    Most importantly, it robs you of accomplishing the only goal of

    the first meeting: to get the second meeting!

  • Sponsorship Fact!

    “The best sponsorship package is no package at all”

  • Deadly Sin #5: No Activation Strategy (or Budget)

  • What is Activation?

  • What is Activation?

    • Doing what you said you would!

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your sponsor gets everything they paid for

    • Tickets? Ads? Logo placement? Press? Not only do you have to deliver but you are going to send them a report proving you delivered

  • Another Boring Photo Booth? …not quite

  • Common Manifestations

    • Not planning at least 10% of your budget for activation expenses

    • Not charging for this as part of your valuation!

    • Not coaching your sponsors to invest money in activation

    • If they have 10K to spend, don’t sell them a 10K package! Make sure they can activate properly

    • Ambush marketing

  • The Solution?

    • Get to know the needs of your sponsors

    • Plan for the expense in your valuation and charge your sponsors for it

    • Make sure they are aware of costs for travel, print, product etc.

    • Use a template to plan your activation strategy

  • Steal this Template!

    Asset Deadline Lead

    Design signage 1-Feb Elaine

    Logos from sponsors 1-Feb George

    Approval from sponsor 15-Feb Kramer

    Place signage at event 1-May Frank

    Order tent cards 1-May Estelle

    Approval from sponsor 15-Feb Babs

    Placement of tent cards at event 1-Jun Morty

    Get names of guests from sponsor 1-May Helen

    Add logo to website 1-Feb Jerry

    Add logo to invitation 1-Feb Elaine