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  • The Scottish Parliament and Scottish Parliament I nfor mation C entre l ogo

    Scottish Parliament Fact sheet

    Members’ Business by Subject and Party: Session 4

    24 March 2016

    Parliamentary Business: Historical Series

    This fact sheet provides a list of members’ business debates in the Scottish Parliament during Session 4. It is arranged by date, with the most recent date and link to the Official Report for the day of the debate appearing first. It also includes the motion number, name and party of the Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) and the subject of the debate. Members’ business is any item of business, other than a member’s bill, proposed by an MSP who is not a member of the Scottish Government or a junior Scottish Minister. This is generally a debate on an issue affecting a particular locality but could also be a debate on a general issue, or a procedural matter. A period of up to 45 minutes is set aside for such business at each meeting of the Parliament. By convention, the debate is on a motion, but the motion is not moved and the debate ends without a vote. Following the Reform of Parliamentary Business Inquiry, the number of Members’ Business debates increased from two to three a week. From 4 September 2012 Members’ Business takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons after Decision Time and after First Minister’s Question Time on Thursdays. Previously Members’ Business took place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons after Decision Time.

  • Abbreviations used:

    Con Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

    Green Scottish Green Party

    Ind Independent

    Lab Scottish Labour

    LD Scottish Liberal Democrats

    SNP Scottish National Party

  • Reference: FS4-35 2

    Official Report Date

    Motion Member’s Name Party Subject

    23 March 2016 S4M-15772 Alex Rowley Lab Water Safety in Scotland

    22 March 2016 S4M-15322 Rob Gibson SNP Bringing about More Local Control

    17 March 2016 S4M-15826 Alison Johnstone Green Scotland’s Food Future

    16 March 2016 S4M-15289 Mark McDonald SNP Schools’ Autism Awareness Week

    15 March 2016 S4M-15790 Margaret Mitchell Con Hamilton Accies’ Exemplary Community Work

    10 March 2016 S4M-15291 Dave Thompson SNP More Electric Car Rapid Charge Points Needed

    09 March 2016 S4M-15287 Linda Fabiani SNP Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal 30th Anniversary

    08 March 2016 S4M-15741 Cara Hilton Lab Childcare Costs Spiralling in Scotland

    03 March 2016 S4M-15486 Graeme Pearson Lab Support for Families Affected by Murder and Culpable Homicide

    02 March 2016 S4M-15422 Fiona McLeod SNP Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

    01 March 2016 S4M-15407 Kenny MacAskill SNP Caring in Craigmillar

    25 February 2016 S4M-15573 Jackson Carlaw Con Israel Needs Cultural Bridges, not Boycotts

    24 February 2016 S4M-15040

    Jayne Baxter Lab Fairer Fife Commission Report, Fairness Matters

    23 February 2016 S4M-15580 Dennis Robertson

    SNP Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2016

    11 February 2016 S4M-15408 Graeme Dey SNP The Importance of Local Newspapers

    10 February 2016 S4M-15275 Margaret McCulloch Lab International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

    09 February 2016 S4M-15404

    Tavish Scott LD Broadband and Mobile Phone Coverage in Rural and Island Communities

    04 February 2016 S4M-15261 Iain Gray Lab New Global Goals, Leave No One Behind

    03 February 2016 S4M-14678 Jim Eadie SNP Reinstatement of the Edinburgh South Suburban Railway

    02 February 2016 S4M-14991 Cameron Buchanan Con Keeping Litter off Streets

    28 January 2016 S4M-14761 Bruce Crawford SNP World Leprosy Day

    27 January 2016 S4M-15307 Claire Baker Lab 10 Million Missing Voters

    26 January 2016 S4M-15216 Stewart Maxwell SNP Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

    21 January 2016 S4M-15116 Christian Allard SNP Impact of UK Immigration Bill on Scotland

    20 January 2016 S4M-15036 David Stewart Lab Protecting Frontline Fire and Rescue Services

    19 January 2016 S4M-14914 Chic Brodie SNP HGV Driver Shortages in Scotland

    14 January 2016 S4M-15111 Stewart Maxwell SNP Protecting Children from Harmful Content Online|&DateTo=2/26/2016%2011:59:59%20PM&SortBy=DateSubmitted&Answers=All&SearchFor=All&ResultsPerPage=10|&DateTo=2/26/2016%2011:59:59%20PM&SortBy=DateSubmitted&Answers=All&SearchFor=All&ResultsPerPage=10|&DateTo=2/8/2016%2011:59:59%20PM&SortBy=DateSubmitted&Answers=All&SearchFor=All&ResultsPerPage=10|&DateTo=2/8/2016%2011:59:59%20PM&SortBy=DateSubmitted&Answers=All&SearchFor=All&ResultsPerPage=10|&D