The Science of Creating Must-Click Content on Twitter

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Is your content going as far as it could on Twitter? In this webinar, you'll learn how to create irresistible Tweets – with a little help from science and Buffer's own recent research. By the time you leave, you'll know the words, format, timing and frequency to make your posts stand out – and have a game plan for A/B testing your own content for proven success. Presented by Buffer and Twitter on April 30, 2014

Transcript of The Science of Creating Must-Click Content on Twitter

  • #tweetscience The Science of Creating Must-Click Content on Twitter Courtney Seiter Jimmy Hang + @courtneyseiter @jimmyhang
  • #tweetscience Todays Agenda Writing Great Tweets Timing It Right Measuring and Testing
  • #tweetscience Why Buer & Twitter? Your audience looks to you for multiple kinds of content on Twitter. Buer can help you plan, post and analyze the results. Source: Twitter
  • #tweetscience Twitter is Growing Fast There are 255 million active Twitter users More than 500 million Tweets are generated every day 76% of active users access Twitter via mobile device Link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with Tweets Sources: Twitter, Salesforce
  • #tweetscience Unlock the Value of Twitter for Your Business Source: Twitter + DB5 Research Study
  • #tweetscience Establish Your Business Personality Be authentic. Tweet like you would talk to a good friend.
  • #tweetscience Writing Great Tweets
  • #tweetscience The Most Shareable Phrases Source: Buer, Dan Zarrella
  • #tweetscience Formatting Your Posts Source: Conductor
  • #tweetscience The Science of Hashtags Source: Salesforce
  • #tweetscience The Science of Tweet Length Source: Track Social
  • #tweetscience Images and More
  • #tweetscience The Power of Images Source: Buer
  • #tweetscience Twitter Promotions
  • #tweetscience Direct Response
  • #tweetscience Lead Gen Cards
  • #tweetscience When Should I Tweet?When Should I Tweet? #tweetscience
  • #tweetscience The Science of Timing: Weekends Source: Salesforce
  • #tweetscience The Science of Timing: Weekdays Source: Argyle Social
  • #tweetscience The Science of Timing: Daytime Source: Salesforce There is a 30% greater engagement rate when Tweets are published during the day (between 8AM-7PM).
  • #tweetscience The Science of Timing: Afternoons Source: KISSMetrics
  • #tweetscience The Science of Timing: Mobile Source: Compete
  • #tweetscience How Often Should I Tweet?
  • #tweetscience More Frequency = More Engagement Source: Track Social
  • #tweetscience But Pace Yourself Source: Dan Zarrella
  • #tweetscience Try a Content Calendar Download the kit
  • #tweetscience Measuring and Testing #tweetscience
  • #tweetscience Measurement Follower growth: How many new followers you get every day, week or month. Follower quality and engagement: How many users interact with your account. Reach: How many users favorite or retweet your Tweets. Clicks: How many users click on your links. Conversion: How many users sign up for your service or buy your product.
  • #tweetscience Testing: Timing
  • #tweetscience Testing: Headlines
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  • #tweetscience $50 Twitter Ads Credit!
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