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The Sales Manager's Guide to Recruiting on Linkedin v2091414

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2. IntroductionInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21052The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinIn addition to posting on job boards to find candidates, Sales Managers should take a proactive stance in finding talent for their teams. Dont just leave it up to your internal or external recruiter or your HR department. One of the absolute best places to proactively recruit for talent is on Linkedin. You dont have to have the expensive recruiting package theyll sell you either. Recruiting on Linkedin is just like prospecting for target prospects when youre selling. You need to:identify your ideal target,message the target,begin the interview process andConduct backdoor reference checks. It takes time and discipline to do this properly and the results will come.just like sales prospecting, online marketing and cold calling. 3. Identify Your TargetIndustryyou can select several hereLocationobvious right?Current Companynot mandatory unless youre sure you want to poach out of specific companiesFunctionSales and/or Business DevelopmentCompany Sizethis may not matter to you but usually I find that people at smaller companies are grittier and bit more resourcefulKeywordsPerhaps theres a specific skill youd like to see like Inside Sales or Market Research or RecruitmentOther Filters As NeededInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21053The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinThe first thing you need to do is to Identify Your Target. What does your ideal candidate look like?Click on the Advance link found on your homepage of Linkedin (make sure youre doing an Advanced People Search), then identify the following: 4. Save Your SearchInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21054The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinOnce you like your search and have Identified Your Target, click Save Search on the upper right.Give your search a name and it will email you either Daily, Weekly or Monthly, new people that meet your criteria.FRESH candidates delivered to your inbox! 5. Saving Profiles and Managing TagsClick the star to save them as a contactSelect a Tag you have already created or create a new Tag and hit SaveYou can also add notes to the saved profile.Pro Tip: Create tags that represented simple stages in the recruiting cycle to help you keep it all straight. Have I seen this candidate before? Sent them a message before?1 LA Salespeople2 Referral Email Sent3 Responded4 Not a FitInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21055The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinSo once you see a candidate you like, you can Save and Tag that candidate so you can go back to them.Tagging allows you to conduct different kinds of searches and keep the source of those candidates clear.You can find your saved candidates by going to the new Linkedin Contacts youre viewing a candidates profile do the following: 6. Message Your CandidatesEither send them an InMail which costs you money orSend UNLIMITED free InMail to group members (this is the way to go)First, check out the profile of the person you're interested in.Next, scroll down and check out which, if any, groups they belong to.Now, join one of those groups (if you dont already share groups with them)You can (and should) join up to 50 groups. DO THIS NOWGo to the group you share and search and locate the person (member) you want to connect with,See the Send a message link? You know what to do next.Nail the Subject LineUse their first nameUse a Call to Action in the Subject LineKeep the message as brief as possibleiPhone sizedIt will get deleted if its a five paragraph essayBe specific about what youre looking forInclude short links toCompany InfoJob Description (where they can apply)Company VideosEtc.Ask for a referralyou or somebody you knowInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21056The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinKeys to the Message you Send 7. Sample MessageInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21057The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinSubject: (First Name, Can you help me please?) Hi FirstName, Can you help me please? I'm looking for strategic and consultative OUTSIDE sales candidates that have sold market research to end clients. Ideally sales experience selling to Brand Managers, Shopper and Consumer Insights Managers at CPG and Retail companies. Our mobile solution is hot and I need to hire another person to handle the opportunities. Product info here: Job description: Would you or somebody you know be interested in talking further about this role? Can be located anywhere in US. Thank you. 8. What If I Cant Find the Candidate in the Group Because I Cant SEE Their Last Name or ANY Name?Inside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21058The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinOnly shows Christopher G. What do I do?Google searchesUse Sales ProspectorGo to the Group and search for First Name and Company Name What if the name reads LinkedIn MemberSearch Google for the Title and Company Name and Location 9. Backdoor Reference ChecksInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-21059The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinDuring one of your phone screens, ask who they reported to at their PREVIOUS jobs and if you have their permission to contact them for reference checks.If you get a NO to this stage, time to move on. This is a HUGE red flag Pro Tip: Nobody has time for the 30 minute reference check. And we usually get BS responses because former bosses are covering their asses.they dont speak the truth. So do something different. Send their previous bosses (that youve received permission to contact) the following two emails or inmails. Do these right after one of your phone screens if you liked them and wish to move them forward in the interview process and spend more time with them. The emails are sent in two steps and the second allows the former boss to NOT respond if they have nothing good to say (which protects them). A NON-RESPONSE means move on to another candidate and youve saved yourself a ton of time. 10. Backdoor Reference Check: Email #1Inside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-210510The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinSubject: BOSS, can you help me please RE: CANDIDATE?Hi BOSS,Happy Monday to you. Im interviewing a candidate for a potential role at our company and I spoke with CANDIDATE today. He/she indicated he/she used to work for you at FORMERCOMPANY. May I ask you two yes/no questions about him/her via email? 11. Backdoor Reference Check: Email #2Inside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-210511The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinWhen you get a positive reply to Email #1, reply with the following:Thanks (past colleague),I am considering hiring (candidate name) for the role of (name of role) here at (your company name here). If youre like me, the last thing you have time for is a reference call. Therefore, unless you found (candidate name)s work to be EXCEPTIONAL, please just disregard this email.That said, can you please answer the following two questions about (candidate name):1. Did you find (candidate name) to be an exceptional employee, in the top 10% of the people youve worked with, and2. Would you hire (candidate name) again?Again, if you found (candidate name)s work to be less than exceptional, go ahead and disregard this message and have a great day. Ill assume that if I havent heard from you by the end of business tomorrow, youre disregarding this message.From one manager to another, thank you for your help on this! 12. ConclusionInside Sales Recruiting, Inc. | | 818-275-210512The Sales Managers Guide To Recruiting on LinkedinI never said this was easy but if you dedicate a little bit of time each week and tweak your searches and messaging, youll find that this process becomes easier and easier.Youll then have a nice big bench upon which you can recruit!