The Right Thing to Do: Datamatics' CSR Way

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Know how Datamatics empowered rural women & transformed their lives. To know more about Datamatics’ CSR, Connect with us at [email protected]

Transcript of The Right Thing to Do: Datamatics' CSR Way

  • They SAY
  • Givea man a fish andyou feed him for a day
  • We we SAY
  • Teacha man to fish andyou feed him for a lifetime
  • We believe
  • CSR has to be much more than just donations
  • CSR is our opportunityto give back to the society
  • We wantedto empowerrural women to transform their lives
  • We wanted them to DreamandRealize it
  • It was a Tough ask!!!
  • i We brainstormed
  • i We heartstormed
  • &
  • Came up with a simplesolution
  • We decidedto Outsource some of our BPOWork To them
  • i The idea seemed absurd to many
  • They SAid
  • How can rural women do such high-end jobs?
  • we SAid
  • Have
  • The result was overwhelming
  • The experiment snowballed into Social Transformation
  • Direct Impact
  • Women became important contributors to the Family income
  • They learnt computers, written & spoken English
  • Developed More Confidence Self Worthiness
  • Improved SocialStatus
  • Some are even considered as RoleModels in their villages
  • IMPACT Indirect
  • There was a paradigm shiftin their thinking
  • Village girls delayed early marriages
  • & averted early pregnancies
  • More money was now availablefor Better HealthCare
  • We changed theMindset ofnot one Individual
  • But the entire village
  • They SAY
  • This is not Charity
  • we SAY
  • It is empowerment
  • Datamatics CSR Connect with us at [email protected] To know more about