The Republic of Argentine

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The Republic of Argentine

Martha BernalKaroline PereaEduardo PerezThe Republic of ArgentineLocationBoliviaParaguayBrazilUruguayAtlantic OceanChileThe drake passage

Population39 million inhabitants.

Population density is of 13 persons per square kilometer of land area.

EconomyPersistent fiscal and current account deficits.

High inflation.

Mounting external debt.

Capital flight.

2002: American dollars

Cultural dimensions


Brothels, bars and port areas of Buenos

By 2000 it was created the most organized, violent and respected Barra Brava.


Non verbal communication A handshake, nod = RespectStanding close when speaking O.K., thumbs = ill-mannered.Hitting the palm of the left hand with the right.Summoning a waiter by raising your hand with your index finger extende.Telephoning your hosts the following day to thank them.

Doing business in ArgentineRequest an appointment at least 2 weeks." Don" or "Doa"delighted" and then the proper name and company.Courtesy.

Gifts = unusual Argentine code label could be labeled as discreet and stylish.the Public Registry of Commerce.Foreign companies prefer to use a company SA.

Doing business in ColombiaIt is impolite to yawn in public.Two pointing fingers = obsceneSchedule business appointments in advance.Punctuality is relaxed.Relaxed conversation before business.Avoid putting your feet up on a table.

Let the host make a toast first.Colombians take a long time in greetings.Titles are important.Bullfighting is popular.


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