The pursuit of happiness—your happiness

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Discussion of attainability of human happiness

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  • 1. The Pursuit of HappinessYourHappiness Presented by Richard JunkerLions Club Waterloo, IA June 7, 2010

2. Today I propose to examine several facets of the question of HUMAN HAPPINESS:1. Reason to HOPE for the future2. The obtuse nature of the human mind in pursuing happiness3. Alternative Avenues to Pursuing Happiness4. How in the world are we doing? 5. Necessary but not sufficient: health and long life6. Healthy, Wealthy and WISE7. Question And Answer 10/8/2012Richard Junker 3. Richard Junker 10/8/2012 4. The cure for the ills of health care financinglay in the following simple, commonsensesteps for individuals to take on morepersonal responsibility for their ownwellness: i. Dont smoke. vi. Buckle up.ii. Avoid habit-forming drugs. vii. Exercise regularly.iii. Stay lean.viii. Sleep soundly.iv. Monitor blood pressure andix. Drink responsibly.cholesterol. x. Manage stress.v. Eat sensibly. Your body: your best investment$400k for lifetime heart disease costs; $300k for diabetestreatment; 5. The Wages of Exercise is Life. Richard 6:23Put a price tag on the savings you will realize fromavoiding major degenerative diseases in your primeyears of life. Say $500,000.Assume you exercise 30 minutes a day for 50years, doing exactly what Deepak Chopra and Dr. Oztell you to do to be healthy.Thats 180 hours a year, or 9,000 hours of exercise inyour adult lifetime before age 70.Your hourly rate of pay for exercising comes to $55 perDecision Point: What make at work? with yourhour. How much do you should you donext free hour-- grub some more assets withmental work, relax with Homer Simpson, or headto the gym? Richard Junker10/8/2012 6. Adopt a Live-Clean Diet and Exercise Thirty Minutes a DayNext after smoking, lifestyle behaviors mostthreatening our health are poor diet and inadequateexercise leading to obesity.Obesity is becoming the new smoking.In the early 1960s, the Surgeon General classified only13 percent of U.S. adults as obese, i.e., (BMI)exceeded 30.By 2005, more than one-third of all adults met thiscriterion.Without JunkerRicharda reversal in this trend, obesity could lead to a10/8/2012decline in U.S. life expectancy for the first time since 7. 6. Healthy, Wealthy and WISE:John Woodens Pyramid Power