The power of a dolla

“ Power of a Do lla” Mass Media COM 102

Transcript of The power of a dolla

  1. 1. Mass MediaCOM 102
  2. 2. When you see a homeless person what doyou assume? Most people assume that they deserve to be intheir current position. That theyre either a drunk or drug addict.
  3. 3. Comprehending The Truth Is one who is more fortunate given the right to judge ones suffering?
  4. 4. The Reality Education teaches us what we are supposed to LEARN. Would you pick up KNOWLEDGE from the streets? Do you do anything to LISTEN to a homeless person? Would you consider switching ROLES for a day? Prove it, Accept the Challenge!
  5. 5. Making a Change Drop some loose change into a cup! It takes a few minutes to learn someones story. Listen to what they have gone through. Try to understand it, it will mean a lot to them.
  6. 6. Be GenerousDonate old coats, sweaters or anything you do notwear anymore.Offer them some food or a drink.
  7. 7. The Guilt Trip Be more considerate for what you have! Even a homeless person has dreams and aspirations.
  8. 8. You hate your life,while some people dream ofhaving your life.
  9. 9. Make a Difference Help a Homeless individual Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen Help by talking about it! Think! Its Not Illegal Yet. Professor Nina Arimah Show them respect and be kind
  10. 10. Each One, Reach One, Teach One Lets be less naive and more informed. It is our responsibility to become and stay a life long learner.Professor Nina Arimah Lets assist instead of assume. Lets love instead of hurt.
  11. 11. Power of a Dolla Please click on the link below to see the video.