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the planet

Transcript of The Planet

  • 1. The Planet Perspective of planet earth

2. This is my story

  • Guatari that I read, and you aware of it, is my life and that you too are going to import.
  • my childhood was so beautiful and full of greenery such as hope, my heavens clear as a maiden's innocence

3. My years increased

  • My majestic beauty, my love pink, my first tenants admired my colors, I kept under my blanket of stars...... and so warm in the daytime

4. I get my adolescence underwent many changes

  • The first civilizations arose and began to use my resources and it is the gift of beginning to mourn in silence

5. Changes began

  • The time moves on and every day was worse, naturally began, however, many began to use chemical
  • My voda change greatly, and I had to accept
  • The industrial era came ..The great wars the beginning of my wounds.

6. Change my pure beauty, bright colors, a sad and dull 7. Notes see what my changes were my rivers, and they are now. Please do not mess are yours anyway. 8. Heaven one day with their parents fell in love it because of the great industries are no longer blue, are now dull gray and sad 9. Perhaps you're killing me so hard to understand. remember, it's your own mess house and leveled, you may not realize that.THINK AND KNOW AWARENESS 10.