the passive voice secondary stage

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Transcript of the passive voice secondary stage

Active and passive

Active and passive Mr.Gamil Kassem Mahmoud 01065274048Mr.Gamil Kassem 010652740481Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 Active: My grandfather planted this tree.

Passive: This tree was planted by my grandfather. The hunter killed the lion.

The lion was killed by the hunter.Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048The passive is used when:the receiver (object or indirect object) is the focusthe agents are too many to listthe agent(s) is/ are unknownthe agent is not specific (everyone in general)the agent is secret .This hotel was built in 1997.

Nabil has been invited to a birthday party.Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048TenseActivePassive Present Simple He delivers the letters. The letters are delivered. Past Simple He delivered the letters. The letters were delivered. Future Simple He will deliver the letters. The letters will be delivered. Present Continuous He is delivering the letters The letters are being delivered. Past Continuous He was delivering the letters. The letters were being delivered. Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 Present Perfect He has delivered the letters. The letters have been delivered. Past Perfect He had delivered the letters. The letters had been delivered. Future perfectHe will have bought the money.The money will have been spent.TenseActivePassiveMr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048PassiveActiveTenseam / is / are / + s / esPresent simple am / is / are + being +ppam / is / are + v. + ingPresent continuous was / were + pp Past simple was / were + being + ppwas / were + v. + ingPast continuous has / have + been + pphas / have + ppPresent perfect had + been + pphad + ppPast perfect will / shall + be + ppwill / shall + Future simple Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048Simple modals will-shall-can-would-should-could-may-might-must-has to-have to-had to-will have to-neednt-ought to-used to-going toWe may find more oil.ActivePassiveMore oil may be found.Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048SUBJECT OBJECT I me You you He him She her It it You you We us Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048The Presidentis awarding three men with the medal of honor :Three men is being awarded the medal of honorThe medal of honor is being awarded to three men To vs for Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 : -He sent me a letter. -A letter was sent to me. - I was sent a letter.

- for :

buy / build / find / order / make / leave / save / get / keep.... He bought his mother a present. A present was bought for my mother.

to :

give / bring / lend / offer / pass / read / sell / show / write........

He passed me the ball. - The ball was passed to me.Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 + + + -Teacher made us work hard .

+ to+ + we were made to work hard .

I saw him steal the money. - He was seen to steal the money.

make / see / help / hear / notice / watch inf. to + inf. :to Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 + ing like/hate/ love/ dislikeI don't like people cheating me. -I don't like being cheated. being + p.p + -I don't like people to cheat me.

-I don't like to be cheated. to be + p.p + ActivePassivePassiveActiveActive12Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 People /They ( think say believe know suppose 1 = It + is + thought-said-believed-People say that smoking is bad for health.It is said that smoking is bad for health. 2 = / (am / is are) + p.p + to + + inf. Smoking is said to be bad for health.PassiveActivePassive Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048We know that the accident happened at 3 oclock 1 = It + is + (thought-said-believed-)It is known that the accident happened at 3 oclock 2 = / (am / is are) + p.p + to have + p.pThe accident is known to have happened at 3 o'clock Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 let Let + be + p.pHe let others laugh at him. He let himself be laughed at. any body , any thingThey didnt do any thing to help us .No thing was done to help PassiveActiveMr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 :It is possible = can be + PPIts impossible = cant be + PPIts necessary = must be + PPIts unnecessary = neednt be + PPIts probable = may be + PPIts improbable = might be + PPIts advisable = should be + PPIts inadvisable = shouldnt be + PPPassiveActiveMr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048 Choose the correct answer:The Mousetrap .as a radio play in 1947. (wrote -was written -has written -is written)

Millions of people all over the world ..the 2008 Olympic Games.(watch -have watched -watched -are watching) Agatha Christies books into more than 40 languages. (translated -were translating -have been translating -were translated)

Petra .by the Romans in AD 106. (is captured -captured -has been captured -has captured)

The Eiffel Tower Gustave Eiffel in 1889. (was designed -designed -have been designed -was designing)

The Cairo Metro by about two million passengers everyday. (used -is using -is used -was using)

Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048It is now known that Egypt .by increasing numbers of tourists last year.a- visited b-was visited c-is visited d-has been visited

it is believed that languages .to younger children at schools.a taught b-are teaching c-is taught d-are taught

It that archaeologists have found a new pyramid at Saqqaraa reports b-is reported c-was reporting d- has been reported

He is ---------------- to have suffered from amnesia.a think b thinking c to think d thought

A famous tennis player ------------- to be hurt in the accident.a is believed b are believed c is believing d are believing

Money ---------to bring happiness.a thought b will think c has thought d is thoughtMr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048A 78-year old man has been won this year's prize for crime fiction.

A famous tennis player is believed to be hurting after a city centre road accident.

A new pyramid at Saqqara has found by archaeologists.

A terrible thing was happened yesterday.

He is said too be a thief.

He is thought to have making a plan.

Her best books have published in over a hundred countries.

It believes that the terrorists escaped.It has known that smoking causes serious diseases.Find the mistakes in each of the following sentences then write them correctly:Mr.Gamil Kassem 01065274048