The Old Germanic Animal Ornamentation

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A typologic study about Germanic Metallurgy from the IV. to IX. centuries, and also a study on Irish Ornamentation by Bernhard Salin. 1904. Translated from the Swedish manuscript by Johanna Mestorf, and translated from the German by Anne Beeche. This translation is a work in progress.

Transcript of The Old Germanic Animal Ornamentation

IMPORTANT! This work must be read with the figures given in the original work. Unfortunately I am unable to insert the images directly into this document at this time because it crashes my word processor. Here is a link to a folder containing the necessary figures.

The Old Germanic AnimalOrnamentationA typologic study about Germanic Metallurgy from the IV. to IX. centuries, and also a study on Irish Ornamentation by Bernhard Salin Translated from the Swedish Manuscript by J. Mestorf Stockholm K. L. Bechmans Buchdruckerei 1904 In commission for A. Asher and C:o, Berlin

The illustrations with a few exceptions by O. Srling, illustrator from the Royal Academy of Shining Sciences, History and Archaeology. The woodcuts mostly xylographed by W. Meijer and E. Hansen. The chemigrams and halftones by Justus Cederqvist's Institute. All Rights reserved.

Foreword. As I now commit this very work to the public, I would like to emphasize that in the study of ornamental phenomena, in this day and age, we must not let ourselves get caught up in aesthetic matters, as one seems prone to find on many sides. A phase of culture, which is suitable for the flourishing of animal ornamentation, is not so far gone in its development that one can place its handcrafted products on a purely aesthetic scale. We can probably bewonder the amazing sureness in chiseling, the imaginative versatility in the composition, however the failure of the ancient Germanics to separate the essential from the trivial, to subordinate the details to the whole, complicates the perception of their ornamental works and leads to these becoming mistaken for the next sort in the same generation of stationary peoples. Hence I will emphasize in advance that in studies of Germanic animal ornamentation, we must place the greatest importance in scrutiny of detail. We certainly maintain this to be more or less tiring, but since any truly rigorous study and only such can lead to helpful results, we must ground ourselves in the study of details. The descriptions in this work may thus seem rather dry to some of my readers, but scientific research is surely in principle no entertaining lecture. I have scooped the underlying material of this essay partly from literary sources, in part directly from prehistoric collections. One will find the literary sources mainly in notes under the text or given in the index of illustrations. More important than the literary studies were for me the visits and the research in museums and here it appears the evaluation of my work is of significance to me, to show how extensive the knowledge of the material is, on which the observations presented here are supported. Thus I give here a list of museums which I have visited in the years 1891, 1892, 1895, 1896, 1898. These travels encompass altogether more than two years. I have incidentally incorporated several museums in the list in which I encountered no material from the Migration Period; they are still of importance as they suggest the extent of my studies.Belgium. Bruxelles Lige Namur Muses royaux des arts dcoratifs et industriels. Muse archologique. Muse archologique. Denmark. Kbenhavn Nationalmuseum. Germany. Ansbach Sammlungen des historischen Vereins.

Augsburg Berlin " " Bonn Breslau Bromberg Cln Danzig Darmstadt Dresden " Elbing Frankfurt a. M. Frankfurt a. d. O. Greifswald Halle Hamburg " Hannover Hanau Heidelberg Homburg v. d. Hhe Ingolstadt Karlstruhe Kassel Kiel Knigsberg " Konstanz Landshut Leipsig Lubeck Mainz Mnchen " " Neu-Brandenburg Neu-Strelitz Nrnberg " Osnabrck Posen Regensburg Schwerin Sigmaringen Speyer Stettin Stralsund Stuttgart Thorn Traunstein Ulm Wiesbaden Worms

Maximilians Museum. Museum fr Vlkerkunde. Mrkisches Museum. Knigl. Antiquarium. Museum schlesischer Alterthmer. Provinzial Museum. Sammlung des historischen Vereins fr den Netzedistrikt. Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. Westpreussisches Provinzial Museum. Grossherzogliches Museum. Knigliche Prhistorische Sammlung. Alterthums Museum. Sammlung der Alterthumsgesellschaft. Stdtisches Historisches Museum. Sammlung des historischen Vereins zu Frankfurt a. d. O. Sammlung vaterlndischer Alterthmer der Universitt. Provinzial Museum heimathlicher Geschichte und Alterthumskunde. Sammlung vorgeschichtlicher Alterthumer im naturhistorischen Museum. Museum fr Kunst und Gewerbe. Provinzial Museum. Sammlung des Bezirkvereins fr hessiche Geschicts- und Landeskunde. Stdtische Kunst- und Altherthmer-Sammlung. Saalburg Museum. Sammlung des historischen Vereins. Grossherzogliche Staats-Alterthmer-Sammlung. Museum Fridericianum. Schleswig-Holsteinisches Museum vaterlndischer Alterthmer. Museum der Alterthums-Gescellschaft Prussia. Provinzial Museum der Physikalisch konomischen Gesellschaft. Rosgarten Museum. Sammlung des historischen Vereins von Nieder-Baiern. Die Sammlung der deutschen Gesellschaft. Museum Lbeckischer Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte. Museum des Vereins zur Erforschung Rheinischer Geschichte und Alterthmer; Rmisch-germanisches Central-Museum. Baierisches National Museum. Universitts Museum. Museum des historischen Vereins von Oberbaiern. Sammlung des Museums Vereins. Grossherzogliche Alterthums-Sammlung. Germanisches National-Museum. Museum der naturwissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft Sammlung des Museums Vereins. Sammlung der polnischen Gesellschaft der Freunde der Wissenschaften. Sammlung des historischen Vereins fr Wissenschaft und Kunst. Grossherzogliches Museum. Frstl. Hohenzollernsches Museum fr Wissenschaft und Kunst. Historisches Museum der Pfalz. Alterthums-Museum. Provinzial Museum fr Neu-Vorpommern und Rgen. Staats-Sammlung vaterlndischer Kunst- und Alterthums-Denkmler. Stdtisches Museum. Stdtsiches Museum. Sammlung des Vereins fr Kunst und Alterthum. Museum fr Nassauische Alterthmer. Paulus Museum. France.

Amiens Muse de Picardie. Angers Muse d'antiquits. Bayeux Muse scientifique et archologique. Besanon Muse archologique. Blois Muse scientifique et archologique. Caen Muse de la socit des antiquares de Normandie. Chambry Muse scientifique et archologique. Dijon Muse archologique. Lille Muse d'archologie et Jules de Vicq. Lyon Muses (au Palais des Arts.) Nantes Muse d'archologie. Orleans Musehistorique de l'Orlanais. Paris Muse du Louvre. " Muse des Thermes et de l'Hotel de Cluny. " Bibliothque nationale. Rennes Muse archologique. Rouen Muse dpartemental d'antiquits. S:t Germain-en-Laye Muse des antiquits nationales. Tours Muse de la socit archologique de Touraine. Vannes Muse archologique. Great Britain. Belfast Cambridge " " Dublin " " Edinburh " Glasgow Liverpool London " " " " Oxford " York Museum. University Museum. University Library. Corpus Christi college. Museum of Science & Arts. Trinity college. Royal irish academy. Nationalmuseum of antquities. Museum of Science & Arts. Kelvingrove Museum. Free public Museums. British Museum. Guildhall Museum. South Kensington Museum. Lambeth Library. British Museums Library. Ashmolan Museum. Bodleian Library. Museum. Holland. Leiden Utrecht Rijks Museum van Oudheden. Museum van Oudheden. Italy. Belluno Bergamo Bologna Brescia Chiusi Cividale Como Este Firenze " Imola Museo civico. Biblioteca. Museo civico. Museo civico. Museo civico. Museo di Cividale. Museo archeologico. Museo-Euganeo-preistorico. Museo nazionale. Museo archeologico. Museo civico di storia nazionale.

Lucca Milano Modena Monza Napoly Orvieto Padua Palermo Parma Pesaro Ravenna " Reggio niell' Emilia Rimini Roma " " " " " Siracusa Torino Treviso Udine Venezia Verona

Pinacoteca. Museo archeologico. Museo civico. Die Schatzkammer in der Domkirche. Museo nazionale. Museo civico. Museo civico. Museo nazionale. Museo d'antichit. Ateneo pesarese. Museo di Classe. Museo nazionale. Museo Chierici. Museo civico. Museo preistorico etnografico e Kircheriano. Museo capitolino. Museo nazionale romano. Museo vaticano. Museo lateranense. Sammlung Castellani. Museo archeologico nazionale. Museo d'antiquit. Museo Trevisano. Biblioteca. Museo civico. Museo civico. Norway.

Bergen Kristiania Trondhjem

Bergens Museum. Universitetets Samling af nordiske Oldsager. Videnskabsselskabets Oldsamling. Austria-Hungary and Bosnia.

Agram Buda-Pest Graz Laibach Linz Pilsen Prag Salzburg Sarajewo Spalato Triest " Wien "

Kroatisches National-Museum. National Museum. Johanneum. Rudolphinum. Museum Francisco Carolinum. Stdtisches Museum. National Museum. Museum Carolino-Augusteum. Das bosnische Landesmuseum. K. k. archologisches Museum. Naturhistorisches Museum. Museo d'antiquit. Naturhist. Hof-Museum. Kunsthist. Hof-Museum. Russia with Finland.

Helsingfors Moskwa Petersburg " Abo

Statens historiska Museum. Kais. Russisches Historisches National Museum Alexanders III. Ermitage. Die Ausstellung der archaeologischen Commission fr 1896. Historiska museet. Sweden.


Karlstads lroverks museum.

Lindkping Lund Stockholm Uppsala Ystad rebro

stergtlands museum. Lunds universitets historiska museum. Statens historiska museum. Uppsala universitets museum fr nordiska fornsaker. Ystads lroverks museum. rebro lns museum. Switzerland.

Basel Bern Freiburg Genf Lausanne S:t Gallen " Zrich

Historisches Museum. Historisches Museum. Historishes und Kunsthistorisches Museum. Muse Gosse. Museum fr Alterthmer. Stifts-Bibliotek. Naturhistorisches Museum. Schweizerisches Landesmuseum.

That this work appears in the German language, I owe Frulein Professor Mestorf, museum director in Kiel, who had always devoted keen interest to my studies. She responded to an inquiry on my part if I shall have my work published in the German or English language with the offer to undertake the German translation of the manuscript, which I naturally accepted thankfully. It is not the first friendly turn of this kind, which has delighted the Scandinavian archaeologists on the part of Frulein Professor Mesto